January 25, 2019 Rumors

The Sundance Film Festival started yesterday. There is nothing interesting in Give Me Liberty. About an hour into Native Son, Margaret Qualley prances around in some black lacy underwear. There are then a couple of other scenes of Margaret in the same lingerie.

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someone was asking about Charlotte Vega in Provenance, well is out in dvd and amzn on Japan


Charlene deGuzman brief butt in Unlovable


Sunita Mani, who plays one of Alex DD's roommates in Can You Keep a Secret, was at a SAG event over the weekend and I gotta say she's got quite some cleavage. Hope she does some nudity in something.


You know those titties are coming out. Only a matter of time?


I rechecked the book and her character does have a comical nude scene where Alex DD's character accidentally walks in on her having sex in the bathroom.


does AD's character have any interesting scenes in the movie?


I brought it up in previous posts. Her character does have a nude scene in the book with Tyler Hoechlin’s character.


Hala premiered in Sundance festival. Any news about it? It's stars Geraldine Vishwanathan. And it's adapted from a short film with great nudity.


Agree. That and infiltrators I’m waiting for reports on.


From a review of “To The Stars” - Maggie is Liana’s character, Iris is Kara’s, Hazel is played by Adelaide Clemens

Later, Iris is bathing late-night in her secret place, a pond treated by the town as haunted because a woman committed suicide in it. It’s the perfect respite for Iris. As she floats in the water in her evening gown, Maggie enters, naked, happy, and free.

As Iris blossoms, Maggie grows frustrated with her own repression, and like splintered wood, she frays in directions she can’t control. She winds up in bed with fellow closeted lesbian Hazel, but when one of her frenemies sees the two women making love, all hell breaks loose in town.


Anything about Nina Dobrev in her upcoming film "Run this Town" ?


Tonight is Fox's live performance of "Rent." Wonder how they'll handle the character of Maureen's (played by Vanessa Hudgens in this version) mooning scene during "La Vie Boheme."


There's no mooning scene. The guy just slapped her ass. I''m more curious about Hair Live but not expecting much either but they seem to be hinting there will at least be some partial nudity but there's no cast yet.


Kinsey Wolanski in Slasher Party (2019)



How about Paradise Hills at Sundance? Anything with Eiza Gonzalez, Emma Roberts, Milla Jovovich?


Heard there are lesbian scenes in it? Can anyone confirm and tell what and who there with?


Emmy Rossum in bathroom bathing, Emmy Rossum running on towel but.....................


A quick flash from an actress named Maddie McCormick in Shameless tonight as she changes shirts.


Frankie Shaw is nude in a bathtub in episode 2 of SMILF


Lilycollins in the extremely wicked?


Any chance of Wendi Mclendon Covey in Imaginary Order (premiering tonight at sundance)?


Yasemin Allen shows sideboob + nipple in strike back s07e01 iam really surprised ill post the clip later. no nudity in episode 2 and 3 according to the cinemax schedule no info on episode 4-10.


To The Stars was supposed to premiere tonight, should I hold my breath for Liana Liberato?


I just learned this movie is in black and white. That detracts from the nudity quality for me. I was really excited for this one too but I prefer to see colors and details.


Color is always better but B&W isn't always a death sentence. Cybil Shepherd in The Last Picture Show is an all-timer topless scene because of how well-lit and framed the scene is. I'm not expecting the blogger lady that directed this to be the next Peter Bogdanovich, but I'll reserve judgement until the scene gets leaked.


Someone in 4chan: Just seen Kara Hayward's D cups bouncing around. Holy shit.
About Liana: Nothing they ballsed up the skinny dipping scene


a few hours ago


Her name plzz


Kara Hayward, I think.


Has some resemblance to Daddario... crazy eyes, big boobs. Not bad.


Damn, Lianna was the one I really wanted from Sundance. Shame that short recapped mentioned a few years ago disappeared


Well it’s 4chan, so that’s not really worth anything.

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no actual nudity - even if it’s just Hayward in her underwear I’d probably be like “holy shit”, because uh ... some things have ... changed ... since we last saw her. But I’m not trusting any description until recapped says something.


Sundance premiere audiences post on 4chan now?


the 4channer also added this

We see Kara's breasts when she angrily takes of a dress in her bedroom


Nudity on Strike Back Episode 1


Alex Daddario was in a podcast today and she said that she has three movies coming out this year: "Can you keep a secret?", "We summon the darkness" and "We have always lived in the castle". Nothing about "Lost girls and love hotels". She talked about filming in Japan, but nothing more.


Love Alex, so many thanks for posting the video.


I'm kind of looking forward to "We Summon the Darkness." The original script did not contain nudity, but it wouldn't be the first time they added in nudity after revisions. I think lesbian kissing during the party scene is a little more likely, however. A major draw for me is seeing Alex play a full-tilt villain.


Yes, I'm also looking forward to seeing her as a baddie. Love watching her in anything, except cheesey rom com's.
Great to see she's getting loads of work, got the perfect life balance between working & chilling out and that she's happy with her lot.
Lovely woman!


What if Can You Keep a Secret has the nude scene from the book?


When the movie has an official release date, she'll probably mention it.


Or festival premiere.


Anything on Crashing this weekend? I can't find tv MA rating reason on it


Tvma says: brief nudity.


Thanks 🙂


Anything from Mia Wasikowska in Judy & Punch?


Anything about Ivana Baquero or Alana Boden in Feedback?


any word if Lauren Lapkus or Lucy Hale will get naked in the Unicorn? the movie is about a couple trying to have a threesome so thats a good set up for some nudity


Why would there be nudity in a movie about a threesome? Don’t be silly!


no nudity, confirmed by mrskin review


That's off my 'will check it out' list