January 29, 2019 Rumors

Some other brief Sundance recaps. There are some random strippers that are topless briefly in Honey Boy. Nothing interesting in The Death of Dick Long, The Hole in the Ground, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, and We Are Little Zombies.

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Anything on “To the stars” yet? if anyone has seen it is there any nude or kissing scenes?


Any Charlotte Vega pics from Provenance?


Biggest news. I just read that My Days Of Mercy has been picked up by a German company. Releasing it potentially in May. Bluray months after. Hoping the peeps at Recapped can confirm this and give fuller details...


old news
from november 7 comments - "My Days of Mercy has been picked up for distribution in Germany by Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH, with no release date being given as of this moment."
jan 1 comments update - Email to them says “No start release until April 2019"


Trailer for The Wedding Guest released...
It stars Dev Patel and Radhika Apte.
There should be nudity in this..


Has there been any report of nudity from Radhika in this movie?


I find nothing related to her nudity news in that movie..but one thing I know that she has got an amazing ass...love to see that ass in a sex scene riding someone...


Has there been any indication that the upcoming Natalia Dyer movie "Yes God Yes" will have any nudity male or female?


I doubt there'll be any explicit nudity but the movie is literally about Natalia's character discovering masturbation, so there's definitely going to be good content.


You would THINK a movie like that would require some kind of nudity, but with some of the choices you see in movies who knows. But I guess it also depends on what age they make her character.




These type of scenes are always so ridiculous. She's holding onto her breasts like she's afraid they're going to drop and fall into the bathtub.


anything from sarah hay in this?


Disappointingly brief, but not as disappointing as the rest of the movie.


With the news of the L Word sequel being picked up and supposed to come out by end of the year, any casting info on new characters?


Showtime is bringing The L Word back for an 8-episode run. Hopefully they haven't gotten why about nudity.


Don't get your hopes up...the rumors are that there will be multiple transsexual characters.


Anything from Alia Shawkat in Animals?


Only implied nudity from Natalie Martinez in Into the Dark: Down


Looks like more than a few sex scenes in the Glass Room with Carice van Houten and Hanna Alstrom.


Don't you mean between?


I said "with" to remind folks of why the movie's on our radar, namely Carice and Hanna, not to describe the sex scenes themselves. But yes, from the trailer there are sex scenes between the two women and also between their characters and men. Whether they'll be nudity though, who knows. But I'm optimistic. Maybe Recapped knows? We'll see.


Have we heard anything about "L'empereur de Paris" or "Cellar Door"? Granted, the latter has only been in theaters for about a week, but the former has been out for a little while.


Freya Mayor is topless in L'Empereur.


Nice! Have you seen it? Thanks.


Have you seen it yourself? Any details?


looks like Doom Patrol has both male and female nudity in it....


Anything more than bare butts?


I'd love to see April Bowlby's bare butt. If we get a body double in the dark again, or random extras I'm out. I'm not optimistic about any nudity because they keep hiring women that don't do nudity (first time for everything though of course). DC should definitely use female nudity because Marvel almost certainly will not.


i'm only passing on information i've seen from TV people on twitter, they just said nudity from men and women. nothing more than that


If Netflix superhero shows are getting nudity, I'm crossing my fingers that applies to The Umbrella Academy too.


Brenda Song is rumored to have been cast as one of the leads of the new Kat Dennings show Dollface. Stay tuned as there are two more leads to cast apparently. The show has been ordered to series by Hulu.

Brenda confirmed, along with Lex Scott Davis.


is it said to include nudity?


How the hell should I know? If a show or film gets mentioned here, particularly if it gets its own post, I add it to the list.


Is that Jill Hennessy at around 0:33?


Holy shit, Hollywood can't get over their obsession with Boston soon enough.


Shit that looks good


Sad news: oficially there is no nudity in the whole season of True Detective.
A consolation prize from HBO: upcoming episode of Crashing will have nudity and strong sexual content.


To be honest I'm not that disappointed, would have been nice but I can live without it because at least this season doesn't suck like S2.


Season 1 really was lightning in a bottle: Alexandria Daddario, Michelle Monaghan, and Lili Simmons...


Even the one audio drama I listened to with Simmons in it got her naked, heh.


Come onnn Lauren Lapkus!


will it be Jamie Lee?


Probably Madeline Wise


Are there any nude scenes in the Portugal film Carga


Short interview with Kelli Berglund, from 7:30 she talks about nudity, seems there's a topless pool wrestling scene and some naked scenes with her boyfriend


Pretty crazy if she does deliver to go from Disney to nude scenes at 22 years old


Seems like that's the way a lot go though to try to break away from the Disney image


Hopefully Zendaya follows suit.


Isabelle Fuhrman might have something in her upcoming film called Tape. It was shot last spring and they are doing ADR for it now. She mentioned shooting naked scene for it on her Instagram at the time.

View post on imgur.com



I would absolutely LOVE to see this...however I have a feeling that there will be no female nudity. The plot is about women getting revenge on a lecherous movie producer. Something about a #MeToo murder fantasy film doesn't exactly suggest naked women. Hope im wrong


I know the (provisional?) rating for The Protector isn't promising for T&A, but I still hold out some hope for more nude Emma Rigby



Implied only... massive opportunity missed!


Any news about potential Zendaya nudity in Euphoria? What we got last week was based on the script of the pilot episode, but that can always change and "nudity" can be done without showing anything too.


still filming, so might be a while for any news other than what was said about the pilot at New Years


Provenance was released in Japan. Any reviews on Charlotte Vega's role?


I did rent it the other day, she has two scenes where you can see her breasts and one where you can see her butt (its the skinny dipping scene from the trailer), but they are fairly short and a bit underwhelming.
If I have the chance I'll screenshot it later.


Just over two weeks until Margaret Qualley in Donnybrook!
Let's call it a perfect belated Valentine's.


pajiba.com Review: Hulu Into The Dark "Down"

And yet Down subjects us to the tedium of these two getting to know each other through bland exchanges, twee portrait-drawing time, and randy sex stories. They have no chemistry and their banter has all the sex appeal of the Weather Channel. It’s only after the pair have sex in a public elevator that contains a pee thermos that Guy reveals his true nature.


"The sex appeal of the weather channel", and a "pee thermos"? Now I'm stoked. Hope the really explicit stuff, like gravel fetishes, don't die in the editing room.


From THR review of Now Apocalypse - really looking forward to seeing Kelli

The big image changer, at least from what I can tell, is Berglund, whose biggest early credit is Disney XD's Lab Rats, and who gets to go aggressively raunchy and badass here, probably permanently jettisoning her Disney Queen status with dirty cam talk, bathtub masturbation and a hilarious scene of uninterested sex turning into very interested S&M. She's a feisty pleasure.


Where did you find a copy of the movie? Can you share the link please? Thanks!


A bit underwhelming but at least it wasn't completely censored like the NT Live Salome.


Is this available online?


Yes. On the proshotmusicals subreddit (even though it's not a musical).


Frustratingly framed and edited! Typical!
I had the biggest crush on Sienna Miller from the moment when she burst onto the scene in Alfie.
Maybe even earlier with Keen Eddie.


I understand why the officially-filmed version of the play would hold back like this. But for no one in the audience at any point in its run to take advantage of some of the better angles available during her full frontal bit...that's my real disappointment. Not that there's any shortage of Sienna Miller nude images...but as with any evergreen angelic actress who loves showing the goods, more is always merrier.


Anyone seen cellar door yet? Any nudity or sex scenes?


Anything about Geraldine Viswanathan in Hala?


Doubtful since Apple bought it for their streaming service


Is there any nudity in the show Too old to die young?


Can you confirm that To the Stars has nudity?


Any details on Trine Dyrholm & "The Queen of Hearts" ?


No info on Judy and Punch?


Any male nudity of those movies?


Would love to hear some good news about Jenny Slate in The Sunlit Night.


ok then - voila!

(0:04) POV of Jenny Slate being screwed and her left breast sneaks onto the screen.
(0:06) Jenny Slate in a bikini showing right pokey.
(0:17) Jenny Slate pulls down her pants revealing her panties and some leeches on her legs.
(0:34) Jenny Slate panties putting on pants.
(0:41) Jenny Slate in a sweater and panties.
(0:43) More of Jenny Slate in the sweater and panties.
(0:50) Right breast from the side on Jenny Slate in the shower.
(1:16) Jenny Slate strips to her bra – showing pokeys – and panties.
(1:25) Left breast on Jenny Slate having sex with a guy. Visible buns from a distance through the paint blanket they are wrapped in. Close to seeing some bush as she turns around.
(1:31) Jenny Slate lying in bed in her panties. Her nipples can then be seen through her top.
(1:32) Jenny Slate strips full naked to go into the ocean. We see her left breast from the side, buns and then distant breasts.
(1:33) Full frontal breasts and bush on GROCERYGIRL. We see buns too as she poses for a painting.
(1:36) More breasts on GROCERYGIRL.


I must be getting old. Who is GROCERYGIRL?


That's just how Mr. Skin writes the names of minor characters in their reviews.


I love when SNL ladies get naked. The nude beach scene in Mr. Roosevelt with Noel Wells is one of my favorites.


Thanks! Now that's a great news!


Not much from Lily or Kaya in the Bundy movie.

"Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile"

(0:22) Lily Collins stripped to her bra and panties.
(0:29) Lily Collins in the tub naked and crouched. Looks like her chest area has been darkened so we can’t see anything.
(1:13) Buns on the photo of a VICTIM. (May be an actual photo.)
(1:16) Flashback to Lily Collins in her bra but we see some new angles.
(1:20) Right thigh on Kaya Scodelario being screwed by Zac Efron.