January 5, 2019 Rumors

Rumor is January Jones will be playing the mother of Kaya Scodelerio and Willow Shields on Spinning Out. We’ve also skimmed some of the scripts and Kaya’s character does have several sex scenes.

On the topic of Netflix shows, we also skimmed a few scripts of The Society and Kathryn Newton has a sex scene near the end of the first season.

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Margaret Qualley might also be nude in IO which is coming to Netflix this month

but official site says it's rated TV-14


Bare ass (non-sexual) is a possibility with TV-14 (perhaps even non-sexual context brief tits). She's also seen naked from the shoulders up in a shot in the trailer. So the opportunity is here.


Anybody knows if Eva de Dominici is nude in her new film Sangre Blanca?


My Aussie fave Margot Robbie is starring in a live action Barbie movie. I hope we get to see if she's anatomically correct.
All kidding aside, this is going to be a test for me. I'd honestly watch her in anything, but this may be pushing it too far.


At least it isn't Amy Schumer


Dang I’d love to see her naked, tho it’d be a little weird since I know her from the Narnia movies. Emma Watson for example has been famous most her life, but she started at like 11 and I’m almost her exact age, but Georgie was like 5 or so and substantially younger than me. A hotties a hottie either way, and she’s grown up real well, but still lol


Well maybe Georgie will be an in for Anna Popplewell to get on the show as well, and bring us her Popplewells...


So the blog that broke those news a couple of weeks ago was right about all three. Impressive.


the amount of cuts just to avoid any slight areola or nipple....i mean jesus. maybe it would have gotten better ratings if they just showed the damn boobs.


She was 17 when it was filmed, so be glad with what you got.


filming started in sept 2017, she turned 18 july of 2017. so no, she was 18.


Was she wearing pasties or did that lucky bastard get yo see full on tits


That brief jiggling at the beginning of the second clip...


I smell a 15 year tease here


I’ve been saying, she’s definitely down for nudity. She just isn’t French so she has to ease in to it, instead of going ffn right out the gate. I’d bet before she turns 23.


If you're right, I hope the same is true for her sister.


Maybe in "The Act" - a bit of slaphead and tickle


Hey guys any more info on the sex cult the FBI arrested. Here in Blighty we have heard very little about it. From what I can gather Alison Mack, Kirsten Kreuk and Grace park were involved. Although Ms Kruek denies it. I was wondering do you think the leader made tapes of his celebrity conquests and if so I was hoping if a nice FBI person would leak them as in the frapping case?


New movie on Netflix later this month. Not likely but maybe we'll get something from Vanessa Hudgens or Kathryn Winnick.


Hell, even if there's no nudity, it should be worth watching for Mads being a badass.


Kathryn is about as likely as the Lagertha invading Rome.


Any info on Mchelle Williams mini series Fosse/Verdon?


It's on FX, that should answer your question.


Is there any upcoming nudity with sydney sweeney?


Literally the post before this one confirms it.


Short HBO preview for 2019. Show a little bit of Euphoria and Zendaya. Looks like they have high hopes for it lumping it in with those other huge shows coming up this year.


Dammit. Can't wait.


I'm in the same boat. Kate just does it for me.


Yeah. She's sexy as Hell. I met her once when I was in the US. A very lovely woman.


That is beautiful. Simply beautiful


what is Heartless, and who is that? And why "can't wait" ? 🙂


Lol its Kate Mara and her golden globes at the golden globes. He can't wait for My Days of Mercy.


Sex Education sounds like it could be good. Reviews mention a sex scene in the very first scene, seems to be involving Aimee Lou Wood (on the right in the pic). There could be more from Emma Mackey (the female lead - on the left) and also Tanya Reynolds (Outlander, Delicious).

There is also a fair bit of male nudity, which will probably divide opinion here:


If male nudity keeps the female nudity flowing, then the more the merrier.


Do reviews mention female nudity? Just because the show has a bunch of male nudity doesn't confirm there will be female nudity.


Any news on Freya Mavor in The Emperor of Paris?


Nice to see that there are Courtney Eaton fans. Here's a rare photo of her till she does some screen nudity.


Thank you so much! She's one of the cutest girls in Hollywood!


Hoooooly shit, thank you for this


Anyone please tell me where I can watch or download 'My Favourite Fabric' movie?


I wouldn't be surprised if Willow Shields ended up being the first mainstream American actress born after the year 2000 to do nudity. It might not be on this show, but I feel it's coming. She's barely dressed in multiple social media posts and clearly enjoys showing off.


Willow put this on Instagram not long after this post lol. Wish her mirror was cleaner though...


Considering she's named Willow, her twin sister is Autumn, and they have a brother named River, she clearly comes from hippie stock. Nudity problem isn't going to be a huge problem for her going forward if the role is worth it. This role however, just screams "little sister who is just kinda there with not much to do" and that's not really the kind of role you just rip off your clothes for. But, I say that as someone with no knowledge whatsoever of the show, so I could be completely wrong and she's actually got lots to do, including taking her top off.


Such day as today, 5 years ago, Alexandra Daddario's scene in True Detective was leaked in pics.


All time great scene! Hard to find a better one. People who were expecting Season 2 or even the upcoming Season 3 to top it are foolish. I like Lili’s scene too, but no where near Alex’s.


If Adria Arjona would went naked in season 2 she would have easily beat Alex.


I’m not so sure about that, but I’m all for healthy competition!


Not easily. Maybe about equal. But that wasn’t going to happen. Adria, unfortunately is probably not getting nude.


And even if she had gotten naked, it probably wouldn't have been as clear cut as Alex.


Well you know, as I said below, for me even that Lili's scene is a better one. And about Adria - give her time. If I would get 1$ for every girl I thought never will get naked, and then she did, I would be a millionaire today.


There was a lot online speculation and theories throughout 2013. I was hyped even before the leaks. One of the very few times a nude scene lives up to its potential and arguably even surpasses it.


In terms of screem nudity, it was as good as it gets for me - A beautiful actress with a fantastic body at the peak of her beauty with well lit close ups showing oif that incredible bod.
It could only be equalled by Alex doing a hot lesbian scene. I think that could even top it.


You know what I think is underrated? Lili Simmons’ nude scenes from the same show. Brightly lit, long shots of her ass and boobs as she rides a dude, moaning and everything. That’s the right stuff. Better even than her nudity in Banshee, if you ask me.

Alex DD’s nude scene was so good that it overshadowed Lili!


I know I will be in total minority here but for me Lili's scene is much better than still great Alex DD's. Or at least more sexier. But I'm saying it as a biggest Lili's fan out there so you know.


The nudity in Banshee was some of the best on tv. Lili outdid her little True Detective scene five times over. In one scene, completely gratuitously, she's just laying on the bed in panties and masturbating. It gets no better!


I did NOT know that. I'm happy with the way everything turned out, but damn, that would've been hot, too. Hopefully LGaLH will not disappoint.


Do you know Alex originally auditioned for Lili's role? I would have preferred she finally had got that character. That scene with Daddario would have been incredible.


And hopefully we'll get good shots of Alex DD doing in Lost Girls what Lili did in True Detective.


Yes, I love Lili Simmons riding a guy way the fark older than her and moaning very loudly.


Now that The Big Bang Theory is ending, hopefully Kaley Cuoco does a nude scene soon. I doubt she will though


Uhh..in case y'all have forgotten, she's set to produce and star in the series called "The Flight Attendant", the premise for which sounds promising at the very least.


she do it on the airplane?


She owns 1% of the show, so she get $10m+ per year from the backend alone. The friends stars each own 2% and make $20m+ per year still.


She'll definitely try to transition into movies, but will end up doing forgettable comedies that bomb. I can't see her ever attempting a "challenging" role.


After the millions she's earned I doubt she'd 'have' to do one for talent exposure, it would have to be a fairly artistic choice and so far I haven't seen her try to sway that way at all. At least you have the leaks I guess...


nazanin boniadi is actually a nudity dodger...IN current episode of COUNTERPART their was a sex scene and she could have been nude in that scene but she didn't. only a scene of removing her bottom, that too camera angle from side. HBO is a bust nuditywise....


Nice topless scene from Krissi Bohn in the beginning of this week's Counterpart.


Nazanin Boniadi was on my wish list for awhile, but she’s gone out of her way to avoid it enough times that it seems like she philosophically objects to it, so I lost interest.


My mistake ??.. it's on starz....


beside the fact Counterpart is on Showtime.


No, it's Starz.


of course, you are right


Actually, it's on FX.


Maybe in some countries but it's a Starz show and that's where it airs in the US.


Newton or Shields will do too.Both beautiful


I love how recapped is teasing us.


Courtney Eaton nude?


Holy shit I hope so someday, don’t care how/why!


Do you have some info about a specific project or are you just asking a general question?


just a general question


We are waiting short term waiting for: A Private War(february 5th, but a dvdvscr would do for now), Never Look Away(Heads up - its releaseing january 24th on dvd and bluray in Italy as Opera senza autore, maybe someone could fetch it even before that), Wij(unknown date), Margaraet Qualley in Donnybrook!


Wow, maybe something from Kathryn Newton.


Thats Kaya's sex scenes look promising.


Not necessarily. She had a lot of sex scenes in Skins and nothing close to nudity.


Hopefully said sex scenes involve actual nudity, finger's crossed.


That's.... promising....