January 9, 2019 Rumors

Hearing that season 3 of The Girlfriend Experience is in pre-production in case any of you were worried the show was canceled. Like the first season, this season will be 13 episodes and have one storyline, following one main character. There should also be a lot of nude scenes like season one.

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Is this her only nudity in it?


Explicitly “nude” yeah. But there’s a major scene with her in a see-through outfit, and she has great pokies throughout most of the film.


The shots of her in the see-through outfit are full frontal with bush btw.


This *fingers crossed*


Does her character have any nude scenes in the book?


Somebody gave a vague description of Alice Eve in Replicas a few posts ago. I can do a more detailed one.

A couple brief sideboob flashes (I'm talking half a second) as she's getting dragged out of a water tank. These didn't even strike me as intentional. Her tits are just so huge that you couldn't help getting them in frame.

She's then placed on a table, on her side, facing away from the camera. Nice long shot of her ass as she's lying on the table while Keanu and Middleditch have a conversation. Her ass has been darkened with CGI so it's difficult (but not impossible) to make out detail. It's possible this was a body double, as she was technically faced away from the camera, but I seriously doubt it. This movie was so insanely low budget and the CGI was badbadbad.


Yeah, I'll just watch her scenes from "Crossing Over" again.


First part with the sideboob


Unfortunately the bit with the ass was cut out of this HD release, for whatever reason. It is in a lq cam recording but it's very hard to see anything.



2 comments: 1) someone get me a link to the source and I'll do a great job brightening this for us all 2) Of course Keanu and the Silicon Valley guy enjoyed rolling her naked ass covered in oil, despite it being cut from the movie. I worked on a few movies and it was common for the director to initiate a spontaneous 'nudity clause' for an actress to sign so the crew (and some important actors) could see her naked, closed set or not. On one shoot, the lead actor and the day-player girl, who did a random nude scene that wasn't in the script, disappeared together for a few hours. When they came back, we all knew what went down.


Even if we never get an un-darkened shot of her ass from this scene, them's some great thighs.


The actual frame is bigger than that cam video. You get a more complete shot of her on the table instead of half of her getting cut off. I think once somebody gets a rip, it can definitely be brightened up nicely.


Recapped removed My Days of Mercy from its Nude Releases Calendar. 🙁


i don't think there a confirmed release date yet... just some time this year


anything in the new season of Future Man?


there looked like a shot of Eliza Coupe in Ep. 10.


Very quick shot, two seconds at most, and maybe some pasties are implied, but she's definitely nude in the shot.


Speak of body doubles, this made me laugh:


I love her so much.


Bel Powley in "Ashes In The Snow", as mentioned on the calendar


Anything on Black Monday? First episode says it has nudity, I haven't checked the rest. Casey Wilson maybe?


First episode already available to watch. Didn't see anything.


Haven't we already determined that it wasn't her.


Jimmy2times is correct. Increase brightness on the full frontal shot and you can see they've digitally blacked out the face of the body double.


And if someone still has doubts, just look at her feet...


Aimee Lou Wood @ "Sex Education" s01e01



Here's the one vagina shown. It's supposed to be a picture of Mimi Keene's character, but I would be incredibly surprised if it wasn't a body double.

Mimi Keene in Sex Education (1x05)



that looks like something from a Guellermo Del Toro film


Aimee's quickly turned into a real favourite



She is hot.


Nice boobs on a cute girl.


Only 1 scene on entire series??
No nude scene from pink haired girl?


No nudity from Emma Mackey 🙁 First disappointment of the year.
Buy the second episode I was 99.9% sure we are not getting anything from Emma.
We are not so lucky with Emmas.


I'm going to take a wild guess and say it has more penises than boobs.


Nope. I watched the whole show, there's two sets of tits shown (both posted here), one penis shown hanging from behind someone's legs (it's a plot point that he has a gigantic dick so it's probably fake), and there's a close up photograph of a character's hairy vagina shown a few times.


Didn’t see any penises in this one actually


So I take it the guy must be gay right?


"I'm going to take a wild guess and say it has more penises than boobs."

Lol what?
What an odd leap to make after just seeing two different sets of boobs.


In a previous post, someone mentioned lauren jauregui being nude in some song video. Shes naked in the album cover (with pasties) but still looks hot. Any info on the video


This is an Indian film releated in 2017.
It has nude scene from an Indian actress Mrunamayee Godbole. I am unable to find any clips or full movie (to watch or download) online.
Please help!


Been 2 years since release but we dony have anything


even i'm waiting for the dvd or vod release...but can't find anything....


There is also a movie called Gauraiya with multiple nude scenes but can't find that movie either


lol just look at that guys grin he knows those breasts
are his to play with:}


Got a good feeling about Sex Education. If we get boobs from Emma Mackey, Aimee Lou Woods and Mimi Keene (pictured) I'll be happy


You’ll be happy.
Aimee Lou is topless in the first 20 seconds.


There is some brief ass from the Asian lesbian in Episode 4 but unless I missed something that is pretty much it.


That's Alice Hewkin, she made her topless debut in The Crown last year, incredibly beautiful actress.


Sadly unless I missed something that is pretty much it.


Tanya Reynolds(i think) is topless in episode 3.


Yes at 30 minutes in. I just found the scene.


I don t thinhk it's anything from Emma Mackey.


Doesn't it come out tomorrow?


Jesus fckn christ I did not realise Mimi Keene was in this.


She has a story line about a leaked nude photo


Any details on Velvet Buzzsaw? Rated R for some sexuality/nudity. Cast includes Zawe Ashton and Natalia Dyer. Out on Netflix Feb 1.


Any info yet on parental ratings for Zendaya in Euphoria yet?


If you talking about tv-ma, there won't be any until the month show will premiere. So, unless we will get an early nudity review, we have wait till June.


They haven't actually finished filming yet - Sydney Sweeney posted on IG that she's back on set again - so any ratings and reviews will be a while.


I don't think it even has an official release date yet, so I doubt there is any yet. But, considering the nudity that's supposed to be in at least the first couple episodes and the fact that the plot seems to revolve so heavily around drug use, I'm guessing it won't be TV-G.


Is the nudity rumored to be Zendaya?


I doubt it's going to happen. She and her dad are very conservative. Yes, she's an adult now but I can't see her upsetting her father. Also, she's very flat chested as seen in her nipslip pics.


Someone from brightened the extremely dark nude scene of Tessa Thompson from the Westworld finale.



Someone should do the same with Minka Kelly's Titans scene.


This has got to be fake. Knowing that nudity would be obscured with shadows it is unlikely she was completely naked for the scene. She likely had pasties and bottoms on. The only way she would have been fully nude for this scene is if they originally planned to show her full frontal but then producers decided to edit out her nudity with shadows in post production. I find the latter unlikely because I don't think Tessa would agree to a full frontal scene.


Now that I rewatched the original scene and read some of the comments here I think it was body double on set nude with her face CGI'd. I think the original intention was for the scene to be full frontal Lena Heady Walk of Shame style but then producers decided to obscure the nudity for whatever reason.


"I think it was body double on set nude with her face CGI'd" That sounds incredibly, unnecessarily, expensive for a shot that's obscured anyway. Whoever did this After Efx'd some boobs and bush here. It's not in sync with her movement.


I really only care that they used to fake shadows to shroud her nudity. I think it's her for the record but I care less about it being a possible CGI/BD thing compared to the really fake shadows.


This is interesting because, it seems to me this footage was NOT video captured from TV or a Bluray. I say that because I tried to brighten it myself and it's not possible to make the HDTV video captured file this bright and detailed. Totally impossible. So I wonder if they got a hold of some unprocessed/uncorrected raw footage. IMO, that's what this is.
Regarding it being CGI. I compared, actually overlayed, this shot over the shot from Sorry to Bother You where she's standing naked on stage. She is standing the exact same way in that shot as this one. The body is pretty much an exact match. Hard to tell 100% because in the shot from Sorry to Bother You, the camera was positioned lower, hence throwing the perfect match off just a bit. I'm about 80% sure it's her doing the FFN.
If it is a body double, it's the best body double match I've ever seen. It's almost identical. Throw in the fact that she shows her ass just before the FFN. Thus, overwhelming odds have it, it's her.


The body is hers, the nude body parts are what is likely CGI.


It's from a bluray - specifically an uncompressed "remux" of the 4K UHD release.

It's not totally impossible to do this - Mr T is just a wizard, that's all.


It should be specifically noted that 4K Blu-rays are encoded in HDR, and in the case of Westworld, Dolby Vision which is 12 bits. While SDR sources have 32 shades of grey between 0 and 1 nit of brightness, Dolby Vision has 528 shades of grey between 0 and 1 nits of brightness, meaning you have a TON more shadow detail you can extract.


Very impressive work he did!


I’ve seen this shared before. Not to be annoying or anything, but in my opinion, this is a “Lena Headey in GoT”-style CGI job. It’s pretty bad, but because the original scene was so dark, they weren’t counting on people finding ways to brighten it up without washing it out like this. I mean, look at how blurry her body below her head is compared to her head, and look at how her body isn’t moving compared to her head. Maybe I’m wrong, though.


The explanation from the guy who did the editing is that, because her body was so much darker than her face, it looks a little strange. It could certainly be CGI, but it seems unlikely they would have had a body double and used such a dark filter. Why not just show her naked if it was someone else's body?


The way the body looks like a still image that doesn’t move with the rest of her makes me think that this was a CGI job that they never thought would see the light. We’ve seen brightened scenes reveal things before, albeit imperfectly, but it’s never been like this. I also highly doubt that Tessa Thompson, who has stuck to butt nudity in the past, would do full-frontal nudity like this.


"Why not just show her naked if it was someone else's body?"

Because they wanted the full body shot to show it was Thompson's character naked and match the angles of the person she was talking to. If they used someone else's body and brightened it to show her naked, we'd get the clunky job we got now but by darkening it AND using using a double it allows range of motion for the camera (without the awkward cuts we have come to fear) and Thompson to not reveal all.

BTW based on that gif it's definitely a body double as noticeable by the last few seconds - zoom in and look at what moves, the camera has a slight motion and Thomspon's head moves with that motion but the body doesn't.


Well maybe someone should just ask her on Twitter. Remember when she corrected recapped for saying she used a body double?



No, you're not wrong. They definitely CGI-ed her head on someone else's body.


The body matches an instagram shot of her nude she posted as well (which was also coincidentally very dark, but also possible to brighten up)


So... whose body? Because she's hot.


Anything from Sophie Nelisse in "Close", it premieres in a week on Netflix, also starring Noomi Rapace and Indira Varma. Looks like a Girl Power flick but you never know...


If Noomi’s in it, odds are she’s taking her clothes off.


It doesn't seem likely to me, but for what it's worth, the trailer had this bit with Sophie.



Yeah, when I watched the trailer my first thoughts were "Maybe she stands up" and, more optimistically, "Indira and Noomi loves to play lesbian roles..."


According to Mr.Skin:

(0:07) Bare back and a little distant right sideboob on Sophie Nélisse.(0:25) Noomi Rapace in her bra putting on deodorant.(0:27) Sophie Nélisse sitting in bed in her bra and panties.(0:29) Sophie Nélisse sits up in bed in her bra.


Oh god (of nudity) oh please let it be Lili Simmions. And if it can't be Lili, let it be Shelley Hennig.


I hope they maintain lesbian action like they did in the previous seasons.

And of course, *I* hope it's Alex DD. 😉


Hopefully Shelley's friend Phoebe Tonkin can talk her into trying out for this kind of role.


Any blowjobs?


Is anything known on Russian Doll?


guys i think we had disappointing 2018 in terms good quality movies, i hope we get to see some real quality this year
( excited about Mr.Glass) .
guys according to you in which year we had great bunch of movies


M. Night Shyamalan fan complaining about the lack of good quality movies. Dear god, kill me know.


Any chance for anything from Lana Condor anytime soon?


Doubt they will have any nudity on Deadly Class.


yes! i bet she has a nice rack.


Yeah, I imagine they're big and beautiful like Cristina Tiberia's tits. Just look at them.


This is pretty fantastic news as far as I'm concerned. Season 1 and the good half of season 2 GFE had great nudity.


Any news on Crypto?


Anything from Taylor Schilling or Brittany Allen in "The Prodigy?"


Unfortunately no, describing the nudity would be a spoiler, but it's nothing special from no one noteworthy.