Jessica Brown Findlay Flashes Her Boobs in Albatross

Happy Downton Abbey day! To celebrate the US premiere of series 2, here is Lady Sybil, Jessica Brown Findlay, nude from the film Albatross. In the clip, Jessica flashes her cute inverted nipples in order to buy booze. Don’t think the Earl and Countess would approve of that. Stream or download the entire scene or just an edit of Jessica’s boobs in HD 720p below.

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Lord Grantham is gonna lose his shit when he sees this


Why would ANY bloke watch Downton Abbey...unless they is faggots in which case why are you watching this. This slut is HOT!!! I'd chuck 1 up her, for sure!!


What a moron you must be Nige. I am a bloke who likes Downton Abbey and I am most certainly not a "faggot" as you put it, you ignorant excuse for an unevolved simian.


haha dt abbey is for fags agreed!


At least they are still real...The best things in life are natural.


Hey John thanks for the spoiler asshole. I come looking to see tits I get a nice spoiler for a show I just started watching.


nice pointed young sultry boobs


Awesome tits wanna fuck them


what a great girl she is. downton wont be the same without her