Jodi Balfour Nude in Eadweard

You will soon see Jodi Balfour naked quite a bit in the upcoming Cinemax series Quarry. You probably won’t see her full frontal nude like you can in Eadweard though. Unfortunately, there is no real nudity from Sara Canning in this movie but there is lots of female and male nudity from others.

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Britt Robertson in S2 of Casual -- any chance?

Hoping she'll pull an Addison Timlin in Californication and surprise us. Or how Coupe did last year in Casual. She might try and shake off the wholesome disney kid image she had to maintain for World of Tomorrow and get back to her Ask Me Anything style.


She's already had a cpl brief toplese scenes.



Midway through the movie, after Roman suffers a breakdown rather masochistically designed to give Lucy the freedom to leave town, she spends the last of her savings to charter a plane and visit him in a rehab clinic, where they have urgent, animal-like sex in a spare room. For a romance that’s full to bursting with the grand, over-compensating demonstrations of ardor that young lovers make — and would therefore be of greatest interest to teen audiences who earnestly believe in such gestures — the sex scenes feel altogether too raw, too honest and ultimately too sad to belong to the same film.


Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany


Oooohhh niceeeeeeeee


SUNDOWN(2016) has been released on 13th may in selected theaters(USA).any news on camilla belle nudity ?


I can't read the whole thing, but here's Mr. Skin's review.


Anything new on nudity in Westworld (HBO)? They just wrapped filming for season 1 and I think they're gunning for a release in the Fall. I believe the orgy scene is supposed to take place in episode 5.


I'll be amazed if "Westworld" even makes it to the air. The show was supposed to have debuted at the end of last year, but it's had major production problems.

Unless HBO announces a definite premiere date, I wouldn't count on anything.


If it wasn't going to air they would have scrapped it when they took a hiatus instead of making changes and starting up filming again. There is ZERO chance it doesn't air eventually after all that $ has been spent. Could it suck? Sure, maybe. But to say it won't air at all is delusional.


Nothing on tonight's Rogue.


Nope nothing tonight but possible sex scene and/or nudity from Sarah Carter in the Season Finale week. She is shown kissing her ex-partner at someones home.


Any news on upcoming episodes of "Penny Dreadful"?


Obvious merkin is obvious


The NYDN review of Manhattan Night has my hopes up. This is a quote from the review, "a seductive widow (an uninhibited and unclothed Yvonne Strahovski, known for “Chuck”)."


Just read that review 5 mins before I came here and saw your comment. No matter what these guys say, I still have hopes that Yvonne might deliver.


Could you paste the review here, please?


0:27) Adrian Brody catches Yvonne Strahovski in the shower masturbating. At first we can't see if behind the shaded glass but as we get in closer we do get a somewhat look at her breasts behind the glass and her hand down over her crotch. She gets embarrassed when she notices him watching but then comes out in a towel and says she was thinking of him. As she starts to walk away her towel drops giving us a few of her buns. Then they begin to make out. The towel comes completely off and we see a full-bodied look at her though with his hands over her breasts. Then she turns around towards the wall and we see her right breast from the side. About a three-minute scene overall.(0:35) On a video Yvonne Strahovski enters the room in just a shirt. Hard to tell if she's wearing panties or we see some brief buns but she is grabbed by Campbell Scott on the couch showing off her great legs.

(0:48) Yvonne Strahovski is stripped to her bra by Adrian Brody as they begin to make out. Cut to them in bed together naked. We see her buns as she is spooned up behind him.(1:18) Yvonne Strahovski is in her bra and panties in the bedroom with Steven Berkoff as he tells her about his sexual problems. It's a long dialogue scene.

(1:23) Yvonne Strahovski in her bra and panties spreads her legs for Berkoff in order for him to "kiss her in a very special place." Then we see Adrian Brody fast-forward through the video to see her get up and get dressed.


so its just brief butt nudity :/ better than nothing


I have a message for the person who ridiculed me in the previous posts for even expecting Yvonne to get nude - Suck It!!!!!!!


Thanks so much, bro!


Mr.Skin already posted nudity review and according to it Yvonne shows butt and brief one breast.


Has anyone seen Papa Hemingway in Cuba yet?


Thanks for the heads-up on Jodi Balfour. Too bad about Sara Canning.

Any idea if there's nudity from Shelley Hennig or Bailey Noble in " Summer of 8 "? I know it was shown at the Newport Beach film festival April 26 & 27.


Billie Piper in Penny dreadful body double?


Will there be any male nudity in Quarry?


Alexandra Daddario/Kate Upton in "The Layover"?

Alexandra Daddario in "Baywatch"?

Stefanie Scott in "I.T."?

Selena Gomez in anything?


Kristen Stewart is naked in Personal Shopper:

“Stewart said she had no qualms about appearing topless or performing any of the film’s more explicit sexual scenes. Because her character is undergoing an identity crisis, Stewart said she felt the nudity was integral to her performance.

“I will do anything,” she said. “I wanted to be the most thoughtless, present, naked version of myself that I could possibly be.”

“The only way to do that is to get naked and reveal yourself,” Stewart added.”


"At the film’s press conference today, one reporter expressed surprise that a Hollywood actress like Stewart would go nude twice in Personal Shopper"


"She is lying on her side topless while a doctor inspects her then she stands up still topless.After a while, she is prompted to try the clothes of her model boss, so she strips down only wearing a thong and starts trying on some clothes (Butt in thong, no bush).When she wear them, she sits on the bed and masturbates.Both scenes are quite long and revealing while also happening in as good a lighting as you can ever wish."


Nice! How long does it usually take for these movies to transition over to regular theaters?


Imdb has listed October for a few countries.


Thank you


Wow, this is amazing news. Thank you so much for this post and this video.


Thanks for the update!


Thanks! Bang Gang is supposed to be out today. Anyone know how explicit the nudity is?


Lots of nudity but not very explicit, and mostly from extras. Daisy Broom shows breasts during a sex scene and maybe in a tub later. Marilyn Lima shows t&a briefly during 2 or 3 sex scenes. Marilyn then has a nice brief full frontal scene near the end. Then during the credits, Marilyn and others are naked running on a dark road.


Sweet. Thats not that dissapointing to me. I love these kind of mass nude scenes.

Btw, one of the nude "extras" is Mathilde Carthoux, which was naked in a music video.

She's also ffn in a still from the movie along with others,but i can't find the photo. Will post when i find again, cuz it's superb.


this is it.but there was a gorgeous hd version somehwere which I can't find, If anyone does, please post.


Better version:


Certainly has some great nudity. 😉


supossedly the nudity and sex are great. Lets hope we see the clips soon. 🙂


news for next episode GOT ?


We should have some info in the next couple of days.


Sophie Turner first topless confirmed !


Great to hear. Keep up the good work!


There doesn't appear to have any nudity for the remaining GoT episodes until 10. Unfortunately


That's not true, we just don't know - there is still no tv ma for episodes 5-9.


Oh okay. Was just going by the post on b4n


Now the HBO Schedule confirms there is nudity in the episode. It's just a matter of who it will be.


maybe the new red priestess, Ania Bukstein


i am hoping for atleast 2 to 3 nude scenes(from lead characters) from ep 5 to ep 9..

hope HBO won't let us down..