July 14, 2018 Rumors

Kelsey Asbille might have another shower scene on next Wednesday’s episode of Yellowstone.

And yet another repeat as Amara Zaragoza is probably going to be topless again on Thursday’s Strange Angel. Allegra Masters might also be topless while making out with a likely clothed Elena Satine.

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Now that UnREAL has officially ended I would love to see Shiri Appleby do some more nudity. The only nude scene she’s done was on the HBO show Girls. She had some hot scenes on UnREAL however it was on Lifetime so nudity was a no go.


Girls showed she is up for anything...she got her ass eaten out and had a guy blow his load on her chest.


Tessa Thompson is ridiculously hot in Sorry to Bother You. No nudity, but as close as you can get without showing the goods.


The Spy Who Dumped Me rated for graphic nudity. It's American comedy so it probably means lots of male nudity but there is little hope after all. Quote "Starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, the movie promises fabulous representation of women, Jews, and queer people"


Did Michelle Pfeiffer show her ass in Where Is Kyra, like Recapped said last year? The movie is supposed to be out.


No, she did not. We saw this in a dark theater and were mistaken.


Terrible editing in this nude scene.


Emma Roberts @ "Billionaire Boys Club" (No nudity)



It's only a matter of time...


Just skipped through "Billionaire Boys Club." No nudity but some good "almost" moments. Good ass shot of Suki in a thong.


Any more info on Anne Hathaway in "Serenity?"


1/1 movie is out tomorrow on VOD, Lindsey shaw it seem to be naked, I can't read all the nudity review on MrSkin. Anyone can put here??


(0:02) Lindsey Shaw sitting on the bed in her panties.

(0:11) Lindsey Shaw and Danna Maret begin making out in the backseat to fool the cops.

(0:18) Lindsey Shaw in her panties in her bedroom

(0:22) Buns and breasts on WOMAN riding a guy and being screwed. (There are a ton of extras listed but haven’t been able

(0:26) Breasts on Lindsey Shaw on top of a guy making love. See some left rump riding him,


Nothing out there yet? Not even a screenshot?


It's available to rent for a few dollars if you're interested. Go see for yourself.


Any updates on the short film "Pink Lemonade" ?


No nudity in 2nd Episode of Sharp Objects? What a shame!


No nudity from Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. Just a couple pictures of naked people that flash by.


Will this show even have female nudity?


No. Amy Adams will continue to use her male body double that we saw last week.


With new president HBO became the most prudish network from USA (when it comes to female nudity)


I was hoping that she would give us more than Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies, but I have a feeling that we might get rickrolled on any nudity from Adams.


Unless nudity was promised, and I missed it, that's not how rickrolling works.


does anyone know what the other episodes rated for nudity are?


Episode 1: Nudity (July 8) - Sunday

Episode 2: Nudity (July 15) - Sunday

Episode 4: Nudity (July 29) - Sunday

Episode 5: Nudity & Strong Sexual Content (August 5) - Sunday

Episode 6: Nudity (August 12) - Sunday


And last two episodes (7&8) have brief nudity.


I have no idea what HBO considers brief nudity if episode 2 was considered nudity instead of brief nudity. All there was was a one second flash of a blurry polaroid picture of a breast.


Did anyone see Wij yet? Is it as explicit as reviewers say or are they exagerating?


Yeah, I saw it.

- Pretty much the entire film is about sex, so obviously there's a lot of it
- All of the main girls and two others are naked at several points in the film, some more than others.
- There's one notable scene where the girls and guys film a porn, which includes explicit penetration and blowjob shots. They definitely used body doubles though.


I read in an interview with the director about 3 years ago or so, that he was planning on using body doubles but I was hoping he wouldn't go through with it.

Can you please give us a description of the sex scenes? And also, are there any lesbian scenes as well?

Many thanks 🙂


Okay, the porn scene. They go into the house of the dad of one of the boys, under the pretense of a 'school project'. They take out masks because they don't want to be recognized by parents, teachers, classmates, etc online (also makes it very easy to have body doubles) and take turns having sex. There's at least a close up shot of a blowjob and a very clear shot of penetration. I don't think further detail is necessary, right?


Actually, the nudity in the movie is not in the sex scenes. The sex scenes are almost all part of the plot where the kids set up a prostitution ring where they sell the girls to older men in town. We never actually see them having sex with these men except from a distance (one scene is in the trailer, where they look through a hole in the wall to the girl and the man having sex).

Anyway, from what I remember:

- There's a scene with the blonde girl in a pool, one of the guy kisses her and she tells him that it's okay to feel. No actual nudity that I remember, unless there's a nipslip in there.
- The scene on the bridge which is in the trailer where all the girls show they vagina's
- A scene at the parent's house of one of the girls where one girl takes nude pics of the other (also in the trailer)
- The homemade porn scene
- There are two scenes with a game the gang plays where they stick various objects in a girl's vagina and the girl has to guess what it is. No explicit shots or anything, but there is naked butt.
- There's one scene where everyone runs naked through a field (which is also the poster of the film)
- There's a scene where two new girls join the group and one of the girls asks them to take off all their clothes, everybody then undresses and the rest of the scene both the guys and the girls are full frontal nude.
- In that scene one of the girls also sticks iPod earplugs in her vagina, which could be an interesting fetish for some people, I guess?
- There's a particularly disturbing scene where one of the dudes physically and verbally assaults a girl and then pisses on her, I don't remember if this one contained nudity or not.
- There's some dialogue about which of the girls has the tightest pussy.

There's no obvious lesbian stuff, but I'm pretty sure there was at least one shot of girls kissing. After all, it's all about sexual experimentation.


Excellent breakdown! I was hoping for a detailed description of the porn scene actually, but the info you provided is more than sufficient 🙂


Awesome! Any memory of the sex scene at 1:43 in the trailer? Looks pretty hard humping but unsure on nudity. Thanks.


That scene is actually completely non-nude. It's the girl and one of the guys practicing positions and 'performance' for when they get around to film the porn. The only action happening in that scene is fully clothed, simulated sex and moaning.

I highlighted the nudity I remembered one post up.


nice! when the trailer shows their pussises u know its gonna rock. someoneshould really put a vimeo hd screen of that flash scene in the trailer.

btw, the main girls are four right? who are the two others? someone named liselotte siddiki? how nide? thanks


Four girls, yeah, and later in the film some of the guys find two additional girls to join their little prostitution scheme. Yeah, looking at IMDB the two actresses who play the girls that get added later are Lieselot Siddiki and Gaia Sofia Cozijn. Both have a full frontal nude scene.


Thanks so much for this mate. Any idea when there might be a streaming or VOD release?


Can someone please post the full Mr. Skin description of Amber Heard in London Fields?


You can see all the reviews with a free account, just need an email address.

(0:01) Amber Heard gets out of a car in an amazing dress. Left thigh and inner cleavage as she approaches another car.
(0:08) Amber Heard cleavage in a black dress.
(0:09) Close up shot of Amber Heard's cleavage in the black dress.
(0:12) Billy Bob Thornton notices Amber Heard in lingerie through the crack in his ceiling.
(0:15) Amber Heard in panties in just a shirt.
(0:19) Amber Heard in a bikini top.
(0:23) WOMAN topless on a magazine. Then Amber Heard disrobes showing right sideboob and thong panties. (0:39) Amber Heard in a bikini outside then coming downstairs. An amazing look at her.
(0:41) Amber Heard in bikini bottoms.
(0:57) Amber Heard cleavage lying in white dress.
(1:03) Amber Heard in black lingerie.
(1:11) Amber Heard dancing and we can see her panties under her white cover. More leg shots while under Billy Bob.
(1:16) Breasts on a GIRL then Amber heard appears in her panties as a sexy police officer. She has her top open to reveal her bra.
(1:18) Look for a possible right nipslip on Amber Heard.
(1:21) Amber Heard bra, panties and stockings.
(1:27) Amber Heard in bed wearing nothing, but covered.
(1:29) Amber Heard in a white dress showing cleavage.
(1:33) Amber Heard walking in her amazing dress from the opening scene.
(1:34) Leggy Amber Heard in the silver dress sitting at the bar when Johnny Depp spots her.
(1:44) Amber Heard in her silver dress in a repeat of the opening scene.
(1:47) Slight panties on Amber Heard as she is dragged across the floor.


wow that's a long list of Nothing .... damn 🙁


Sure is.

Amber Heard is a strong 10, no doubt, but why be so committed to casting her if you want nudity in the film and she won't do it? It's not like she's an Oscar caliber actress. She's pretty. She's eye candy. Those are the rolls she gets and those are the rolls she takes. I'd understand if you're dealing with A list talent in A list projects. Working around it would make sense. But no one says "Amber Heard was so fantastic in that roll!" They say ""Damn, Amber Heard is hot."

Why be so committed to a 10 that won't do nudity if you want it when there are probably a ton of 8's that would jump at the chance and are at the very least, as good an actress as her, if not better,


Perhaps the producers were trying to forge a relationship with Depp? Via Heard they got him to cameo in the movie. The movie was shot back in 2013. The only 'name' to fetch financing was Billy Bob Thornton. Being able to say they have Depp in the movie could help get the movie made.


Where's the ass shot from the trailer?


I believe the original film had her in a thong and then they CGI air brushed it out. From a THR article on the matter:
"After reading the script, she insisted on specific restrictions about nudity and sex scenes in the film as a condition to agreeing to appear in the Movie. Hanley ... expressly agreed to Heard's terms, and they were memorialized in the Nudity Rider to her contract."

The article goes onto say:
"According to Heard, she conferred with Cullen about the sex scenes, and the "Director's Cut" complied with her deal. But Hanley allegedly took the film into his own hands and fired Cullen and rather than pay those who worked on the movie, Heard says funds were used to create a "Producer's Cut" that included unauthorized sexual images and vulgar scenes.""

"The Hanleys also caused to be filmed secretly several additional nude and sex scenes with a body double for Heard and included them in the 'Producer's Cut' — also in violation of the Nudity Rider," states the cross-complaint. "The secret filming of this body double footage was not on the schedule that had been provided to Heard and was shot with a skeleton crew only after Heard had completed filming and had left the set. The body double footage included an explicit pornographic sex scene that Heard would never have agreed to do herself. ... The body double footage was designed and intended to leave anyone who saw the images with the distinct impression that it was Heard.""

That was reported back in March 2017. I believe a compromise was arrived at between all the parties, so the movie could be released. The body double stuff was cut, but in return the thong would be air brushed away.


“Then Amber Heard disrobes showing right sideboob and thong panties.“

So either the skin scout imagined panties when they saw this a couple of years ago, there’s a different version of that scene or there have been CGI shenanigans.

My guess is option 3 - either they added in panties for the earlier reviewed cut or they digitally removed them for the trailer version.


Any updates on "London Fields". Trailer looks promising.


What you saw in the trailer is what you get. The full description is over at mr skin.


Garcelle Beauvais @ "Power" s05e03 (Butt only)



What a lame scene from the normally much better “Power.” Fortunately “The Affair” came to play this week.


this chick was in playboy


How much did she pay to be in there?


Who fks with a bra on Lolol so lame....


Amber Blank. Albeit for good reason.


lela loren's nude scene in this season is still pending...hope that'll come next week coz in today's episode she got engaged in a hotel room with a guy..n after that nothing has shown about her...so finger crossed for next week..


Me too... Waiting for it.
I think there is gonna be a scene of ghost and her. Coz he has been txting and calling her.. And also tommy and keisha..


For those of you that have seen The Miseducation of Cameron Post, is there any tongue in the kisses from Chloe?

Also anything from Malese Jow in the upcoming season of Casual?


hey i heard from someone on hear that Amy Adams might be full frontal in Sharp Objects can anyone confirm this


Well we get another shot at it in an hour. Here's hoping.


Phoebe Tonkin @ "The Affair" s04e05


Emily Browning @ "The Affair" s04e05



Thanks Santa. Keep up the good work


You, kind sir, should be recommended for sainthood after making this post. A thousand thanks!!

That was easily Emily's best scene yet, and Phoebe looks better than I imagined. Just.... wow


Very nice, one of the best nude scenes of the year so far.


We get a little butt crack from Phoebe as well.


well that wasn't disappointing ... lets hope Phoebe Tonkin keeps it up.


love emily browning, such great nips, dont really know phoebe but great nude debut, wonderful tits.


Been eager for a long time to see Phoebe Tonkin's tits. I never had certainty she would get them out, but she did and it was well worth the wait.


Tonkin's nipples are so lovely n of light pink color..i'm an ass lover, but her boobs r perfect to get me hooked..waiting for a clear shot of her ass in the 7th episode...after that i can die peacefully...perfect nude debut for her.....




Better than expected!


Probably a long shot, but is there any chance of nudity in Carly Craig's new series "Sideswiped"? It premieres on YouTube Premium later this month. The show's being likened to Sex & The City and one of the articles previewing it referred to the lead actresses appearing in "various states of undress." That could be an exaggeration, of course. I don't know what kind of content restrictions YouTube has for its original programming.


I do know that Rooster Teeth's Day 5 had nudity and was exclusive to Youtube Red


Any word on any nudity for season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Specifically Rachel Brosnahan.


I don’t have any word, but if I had to guess, I’d say that the nudity in the pilot (which was released way ahead of the rest of the series to gauge interest) was just bait. I don’t remember there being anything else in the first season and shows usually do less rather than more nudity as they age.


Any word on nudity in Weetzie Bat? The book is full of sex scenes and Anya Taylor-Joy has just been cast as the lead.


Unfortunately, I really doubt it. The book was aimed at pre-teens so the movie is almost definitely going to be PG-13.


Oh man, I would love to see her nude -
I've had a major crush on ever since seeing The VWitch.


Have any pics of Sophie Cookson naked in ‘Killer Joe’ come out yet?


Very doubtful if the past is any indication. Mae Whitman when fully naked and zero pics leaked.


Hopefully someone will post some pics eventually.


this is what we need


Hey Recapped, do u have any knowledge that u might be sitting on about Bella Heathcote delivering nudity in Strange Angel? The more I see of the show the more I doubt it. Can u cheer up a disappointed little horn dog?