July 18, 2018 Rumors

I was at “The Favourite” test screening on Thursday in LA, and I can confirm that, in addition to a couple of very slight sideboob glimpses, there is one shot of Emma Stone topless in bed with one full breast clearly exposed. The scene came after I was convinced all we were going to get was the slight sideboob, so it was a pleasant surprise. I can’t swear there’s no CGI involved (although I don’t have any reason to suspect there was), but it’s a shot with the head and body in the same frame, so it’s not a double.

Thanks to “testing123” who posted the above in the comments section. We did some digging and all seems to check out. There was a test screening at The Landmark last Thursday. Another source confirms there is a scene with Emma Stone in bed with an exposed breast. This takes place shortly after a scene where Emma pleasures Olivia Colman under a blanket. The Favourite is playing in Venice and Telluride in the fall so we’ll probably get more confirmations then.

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No comment!!!! They show James nudity And Not Heard nudity


when London Field will be in theatres? There is only Amber Heard nudity?


Possibly Cara Delevingne topless sex scene, according to Mr. Skin.


Already confirmed no real nudity from Amber Heard.


Hey Recapped, have one question: in new trailer for Purge tv series, there is glimpse of a threesome, and maybe you know if one of these girls is Lili Simmons? Cuz hot threesome with Lili... wow, that would be something spectacular!


It’s not premium cable, though.


Doesn't metter - it's Lili Simmons! If there would be possibility for a hot girl-on-girl action (with butt show or even with just implied nudity) with Alex DD it wouldn't be relevant to you too.


For anyone who has seen Mektoub my love, is there any nude or at least hot scenes of Lou Luttiau? Also does anyone know anything about the sequel to this movie?


Ophelie Bau from Mektoub (i had to cut to actually squeeze three & a half minutes into this)




That's one of the most amazing nude scenes I've seen in years. That girl is simply stunning. Thanks, mate.


that is indeed an Amazing Body... Learn Hollywood Learnnn.. I am in Love with French Movies..
Blue is the warmest Color
Chronicles of french Family
Love 3d and now this

Amazing Asf


Thank you very much!! What a body!! That's what a woman should look like, not the skinny ones!!


new rule, this is how all nude scenes should be, for all big named actresses.


Meanwhile in France...


That ass is ridiculous!


Wow. Happy Bastille Day everyone.


I'm not a fan of these artsy Euro porn movies so I wasn't really interested in this movie but I had no idea the actress in it would be this sexy. My favorite is that ass shot of her lying down at 7 secs, wow.


the asses on these chicks are unreal


DAMN this chick is hot. Thanks for the post.


Thanks a lot, man! Could you share with us both clips (with sound), please?


this is gonna get so many minuses but - im not that attracted to thick girls. She should loose 7kg and then that olive complexion and tan lines would really be hot. loving the fact that u guys are so into the scene, though!


I wouldn't down vote you even if I could.....everyone deserves the right to be wrong. That ass is splendid.


Too each their own. That is what there are so many different types of people.


Son, that's no girl. That's a woman.


There are no more down votes on this site but I wish I could down vote you. I don't care if you don't like thick girls but saying this beautiful curvy women needs to lose 7kg to be sexy is why you deserve down votes.


jlaw worked her ass off and ate only chicken breasts to have a toned and for gere slim body and this is the message u guys are sending to the world - its sexy to be fat???

This kardashian/black trend has totally destroyed the standar drs for some people. ofcourse the women who really want to attract men will work out for a toned body. and they do.

and she should loose more that 7 kg, btw.


If you're comparing that ass to current Kim K, that's a joke, right? Current Kim K is cartoonishly big and not attractive at all IMO (aside from the plague that her family is on humanity), though some will disagree. But if you're comparing her to Kim K of 10-12 years ago....yes, they are similar. And incredible.


So? This is not Jennifer Lawrence. You can easily find skinny chicks, who only eat chicken to satisfy you. Why are you even commenting on this? Also, post a picture of yourself so we can judge if you deserve a thin girl.


So? You can easily find skinny chicks. Why are you even commenting on this? And how do you look yourself?


Dammit, no edit/delete button ...


I don't know whats your definition of fat. Look again she is not fat.
She is one hell of a sexy woman who has given us an awesome jaw-dropping
nude scene.


What an amazing ass.


Wow.... Stunning woman


Now, THAT is a Phat Ass White Girl. GODDAMN!!! Yeah, fuck those jealous assholes with their "Male Gaze" bullshit. They are jealous as shit of her. Mad that her body would make dicks explode nut harder than a Mossberg 12 Gauge. Work it, bae. WORK IT.


The "male gaze" stuff isn't specifically about this sex scene (even if it's seen by the main character who's a peeping Tom gazing over his childhood friend). The entirety of the movie is seen from the point of view of a somewhat shy male character who is quite into asses, but isn't able or willing to get any action.
The sex scene has a narrative purpose in the film, but there are a lot of moments in the next two hours where the camera lingers on Bau and on a few other actresses just because the character wears Daisy Dukes, while the main male character isn't even in the scene. That's what some critics labeled as exploitative, and the result of a "male gaze".


Yep puts the shitty nudity by American actresses to shame


Thats i wanted to see for long long time ! Ophelie Bau is Hot AF!


There is a mid quality version of Papillon on some websites and as expected: There is no nude Eve Hewson. A great cleavage scene and a bed scene where we can see her back (no ass).


Anything from Amy Adams tomorrow?


No nudity listed for the episode, so unlikely. Next two weeks have nudity listings though.


Recapped -- anything from Eloise Smyth in the remainder of Harlots S2? Can't see her going nude based on her earlier scene, but more like that would be good.


That scene is just wow.


Thanks!! I can't get a VPN working yet. The suspense is killing me. How's the scene with Ophelie?




Wanna be a hero and rip it or at least a screen shot?


french vpn is working here