July 2, 2018 Rumors

Kelly Reilly is rumored to be naked on next week’s episode of Yellowstone. Kelly supposedly strips naked and bathes in a water trough. Then Kelly gets out and walks naked to the house in front of a bunch of people. Wendy Moniz might also have a nude scene of some sort in this episode.

In casting news, hearing Taylor Russell from Netflix’s Lost in Space has been cast in Waves. There’s supposed to be several nude scenes in the movie. There’s another female role that might have some sex scenes and that’s rumored to goto Alexa Demie from HBO’s Euphoria.

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Anyone know anything about nudity in OPEN WOUND - the über-movie?


There will definitely be nudity. But I have no idea when it will come out. Can't wait to see it. Leila Lowfire is gorgeous.


interestingly enough, I saw her (Leila) on Tinder the other day haha - I live in Berlin.


Phoebe Tonkin from the preview of the next week's episode of The Affair.



Next Sunday can’t come soon enough.


what about sharp objects?


Skimmed Sacred Games.
Think Rajshri Deshpande is topless in ep 6 and 7.


Anything from Surveen Chawla..?


Kubra sait nude tooo.. in ep 4


Kubra sait please


Bro ..can u upload kubra sait scenes..?


Thanx a lot abc


2 nude scenes by Rajshri in short period of time then and both with Nawazuddin


no one other than her getting naked ?...pretty disappointing news(nudity wise)..really hoped for any other actress to get nude...


I know its probably too early to know anything, but do you know if Judy Greer will show anything in Kidding on Showtime?


Any one plz post full video of this video of mrskin uploaded tomorrow (Top 50 Sexy Bikini Scenes) coz I don't have account on mrskin


Just sign up for a free trial and then cancel


You want someone to upload fifty different clips for you because you’re too cheap to get a membership?


May there can be some problem in my account also!!!


You just said you didn't have an account, so that seems unlikely.


new Wij trailer. some nudity scattered around in what might be the "real teen nudity flick of the year". like hussons Bang Gang, but this might be even more fre roaming in terms of nudity. There is a scene at 1.48 where they lift up their skirt and show their pussies. i think theres a hihger def trailer on vimeo so someone could make a nice screen.

overall, expecting a lot and gotta love the crazy Dutch!


Are we going to get a preview for Sharp Objects? It's not on the calendar but it seems like episodes 1, 2, 4-6 all have nudity.


I'm just hoping Madison Davenport shows some skin.


If it's fine to share the hotel scene here, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1mxpsl657gcc3k6/DisobedienceHotelScene.mp4/file

If not, can someone delete (or not approve) this?


Great ass


"We the Animals" rated for strong sexual content and nudity.


what about "Sacred Games" Netflix....
I think it has Nudity ...



according to this article, the show does contains some nudity or may be some nude sex scenes..but i hope the nudity will come from other actresses (except Radhika Apte as we already seen her goodies)..Finger crossed..


Radhika Surveen Rajshri Deshpande have all done nudity.I expect a nude scene if at all there is from either of three.
I can be wrong


If u are taking about the movie parched, Surveen Chawla is not nude in it...and it's a body double....in the lake scenes..


we don't know that..we barely see an ass from all the 3 lead characters in PARCHED(it's too dark to recognize who's whom).. Surveen is quite beautiful but i may take it as butt double from her...


The scene is pretty dark..can't see her face..


And where was it ever mentioned that it was a Body Double??
She herself mentioned that she don't have problem with nudity while referencing to Parched scene


Yvonne Strahovski had a breastfeeding scene on the latest episode of Handmaid's Tale. It was filmed from the top but that's the most nudity from her since Manhattan Night.


Some have suggested the real mother could have been a "boob double." Not sure though.


It's hard to say. With how massively out of focus Yvonne is in the shot, it seems a little out of place. I'm leaning toward thinking it was a double, especially with how she dodged nudity in her S1 sex scene.


I thought Waves was a musical. Some interesting nude scenes if so.


From how the press release describes it, it seems to be a musical in the sense that Baby Driver was a musical, meaning that while the characters themselves aren't doing the singing, the movie is still heavily synced up to the soundtrack.


Always wanted to see Kelly Reilly nude since Brittannia


She's done nude scenes many times already.


In her younger years.... not after she has become all milfy


At the very least True Detective s2 should've featured a nude scene from her. Her characters entire motivation was wanting to get pregnant, the cast an actress comfortable with nudity and still no fucky fucky.


I wish for a ginger bush scene reminiscent of Julianne Moore in Short Cuts. I'll take tits and/or arse.


Damn, I thought the Yellowstone scene was this week but I forgot about 4th of July. I don't know why they chose the premiere date they did when they have to take a week off after only 2 episodes.

Is there any chance of Yellowstone showing breast nudity again, specifically in these 2 upcoming scenes?


Anyone hear anything about an indie feature coming in two weeks called 1/1? I heard a long time ago Lindsey Shaw was naked in it. It looks like she is topless in the music video released for it.


I’d like her to tell her Ned's Declassified costar Christian Serratos to follow in her footsteps and get Nude


She hasn't problems with nudity.
I almost sure it will be a topless scene in movie...


Zendaya seems to have a great body , I hope she'll be full nude in Euphoria , hope Sydney Sweeney too !


Any news/rumors on Shiri Appleby in Season 4 of UnREAL or upcoming future projects she may be working on?


Hopefully we actually see some skin from Kelly! She's absolutely beautiful.


Thanks for the update on Yellowstone but there is not a new episode this week. The next episode airs Wednesday July 11


sad to wait another week for the next episode..the series is quite impressive imho...(n also sad about the nudity part).


Taylor Russell was the only good thing about that boring disappointment so let's hope the rumor is true. It took real willpower to finish that show.


Taylor Russell is stunning. Let's hope she makes her nude debut. Thanks for the update recapped!