July 22, 2018 Rumors

Barret Swatek might have a nude scene on Wednesday’s Yellowstone.

And Amara Zaragoza will be naked yet again on Thursday’s Strange Angel. Seems like she’ll actually have some dialogue this time however.

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A Skin-scout said Emma Stone goes naked in ‘The Favourite’ too. I know we all heard she does, but just thought I’d mention this anyways


The Favourite Too? there's already a sequel? And she gets naked again?!?!

Man, what a week!


If you're referring to the podcast, it had literally the exact same wording as 123testing's original post.


To be honest I kinda tuned out after hearing Skin scout as I already heard the details, but if that's the case and he didn't credit testing123 that's kinda scummy. Anyways, thanks for clarifying 🙂


The film Parallel was shown at some festival over the weekend.Is there any news on possible Georgia May King nudity?


Yellowstone renewed for a second season. Shocking that exposed tits don't drive away audiences. I feel I've been lied to.


Anyone know when "Hollow Body" comes out starring Allie gonino? Also anyone know if she has nudity in it or any future projects?
She is my #1 crush atm


Recapped, is it possible for you to add a little note about My Days of Mercy and I Am Not a Bird at the bottom of every new post you make? Maybe doing that will stop people asking about it every... single... time
Honestly, I enjoy female nudity as much as most members of this site, but it’s starting to sound like some people are actually wanting to plan their life around a nude scene.


It’s annoying, but what’s even more annoying to me is when people ask for clips of nude scenes that they can easily get themselves.


They are. These are the people who takes it as a personal affront when a show like Game of Thrones has less nude scenes. I don't really understand anyone who watches a show for the purpose of the nudity...just watch clips on the internet when they pop up! Watch a full show if you like watching it for the show.


you're on the wrong site then.


As much as I don't want to hear any news about I Am Not a Bird until I see it (hopefully I can catch it at a festival before anything is put out), that might be the best solution at this point. lol


Well you can probably cross Toronto off your potential festival list - it’s not on their initial batch of screenings


I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it to Toronto this year.


For this film only, im actually going to avoid all reviews and caps and wait until it comes out on DVD. More exciting watching it not knowing what you're going to see.


any news from The Deuce season 2 ?


Any news on my days of mercy release date?


This ain't funny guys. @Yimmy The movie will be released on 31th September...


32nd July 2018 is the date


Wow, just 20 more days!


No, 32 july it s i m not a bord 😉


Wow the day i was born!


What news? We already know it's expected to be coming out in October. Why would there be more news now?




Really? Or are you messing with us?




why no upvote for a weekly question?


Recapped, any word on if HBO's Euphoria pilot will get picked up to series? They finished filming on June 23rd, so we should hear something soon I imagine?


Going by Westworld and The Deuce, there’s usually a 3 month turnaround. Hopefully we’ll know more around the end of September.


What i wanna know is where you can watch the pilot


The cockpit, but I doubt they'll let you in, on a commercial flight anyway.


I was watching a bit of Poldark earlier and thought to myself which 'Ginger' I'd most like to see do a nude scene - Eleanor Tomlinson or the equally gorgeous Sophie Turner????? Genuinely have to toss a coin on that one.


Eleanor all day every day - which is good because her nude debut will be in cinemas in September!


Has there been an actual conformation of a nude scene?
All I can find is she's done a "raunchy sex scene" in Collette, which could end up being little more than heavy kissing and a close up of her back while riding a guy.


Thanks for that.
Brief as they might be I can't wait to see those scenes.
Just her heaving bosom in Poldark is enough for me lol.


Any context for the potential nude scene? Is it a sex scene, shower scene, etc?

I find it strange that Paramount chose a show like "Yellowstone" for TnA to be a common feature.


Probably because since it's a prestige show with a major actor, it was a good place to test the waters on content. It's classy with Kevin Costner so they have more leeway. Probably figured the extra snap with the nudity might get people talking about the show more too.


I haven't watched yet (I plan to binge because everything Taylor Sheridan writes is great), is it actual nudity? Like nipples and stuff? That's so weird to me because none of his films have nudity and the show isn't on premium cable.


They have shown breasts(including nipple) and ass on the show.


Following up the question in the last post about Lili Simmons in USA network's"Purge" series - it does look like her in the threesome scene but hard to be certain from that quick glimpse.

View post on imgur.com



it is on usa network there will not be nudity other than maybe a butt since she has hit the big time she is shying away from nudity as she is a huge feminist and part of the #metoo movement


what are you talking about?


It makes no sense why they wouldn't have this as a premium cable show when the movies are rated R.


Why? The movies are rated R mostly for violence and in American media they show R rated violence even on broadcast TV. USA network also allows F words now and fingers crossed maybe they will be the next channel to break the female nipple barrier.


Thanks, one vote in. Hope Recapped will have some confirmation closer to premiere.


Just watched Habit with Roxanne Pallet and Jessica Bardem - no nudity from either, just random strippers in a sex scene


Jessica has a brief nude scene coming up in “The New Romantic”, which should be released in the next few months. Roxanne said in a recent interview that she’s not going to be doing the nude/sexy roles anymore.


This post is from the future.


Phoebe Tonkin already had her one off on The Affair, but I'm curious as to what next week's nudity entails, even though it's unlikely to live up to the one-two punch of her and Emily.


Based on the preview clip, it might be Maura Tierney and Emily together



Oh snap. That might be worthwhile.