July 26, 2018 Rumors

On Sunday’s The Affair, Emily Browning and Maura Tierney enter a tent while having a convo. Emily the proceeds to remove all of her clothes except for her panties and lounges on a bed for a bit. Emily then puts on a flimsy dress which she wears for the rest of the episode.

A little later, Emily and Maura have sex in the tent but nothing is really shown.

Finally, Maura maybe shows her breasts briefly as she gets out of a sensory deprivation chamber.

Apparently that’s all the nudity for this season of The Affair except for an implied nude sex scene with Sanaa Lathan in a future episode. They just announced that the show is coming back for one final season and Emily Browning is rumored to be back so there’s something to look forward to.

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In the New Years rumours post, it was mentioned that Aisling Franciosi ("The Fall", "Clique") possibly has a nude scene in an Australian film called "The Nightingale". It is screening in competition at Venice, end of August/beginning of September, so hopefully some definite confirmation and details then.


Aisling is a sultry, sexy little honey and I rather hope the nudity news is positive.I also hope it is EPIC on a legendary scale.


Emily and Maura lesbian sex scene? Can't wait for that.


Altered Carbon renewed for 8 episode second season. Likely with mostly new cast.




The only nudity I noticed was some shower nudity in episodes 2 and 12, and the one is 12 is not pretty.


Pretty disappointing since Jenji Kohen’s other series, Weeds, upped the nudity as it went along. First two seasons of OITNB were amazing nudity-wise, but has become basically skin-free except for random extras in the shower. What a bummer.


Any chance we get more Kelly Reilly? She was absolutely stunning a couple weeks ago! (Also would love more info on Sharp Objects! Thought we'd get something noteworthy from Amy Adams by now!)


Someone asked about an HD release of “Katie Says Goodbye” - it’s out on iTunes in the UK on Monday.


Here's an HD preview of Olivia Cooke:


Where did you find this?


Can you describe the sex scene in a bit more detail Recapped ?!? Need to know what can be expected


Is this some sort of medical emergency where you need this information now instead of waiting a few days for it to come out?


He was probably jacking off and needed the image to cum. You've never been in that situation?


Nice. More Emily.


so there'll be no more Phoebe Tonkin nude scene...expected ass nudity for her in this episode...SAD.....


Well im still happy with what i got , its way more then i expected ....


Seemed pretty clear her role was a one off. We did see some butt crack from her, though.