July 28, 2018 Rumors

We’re going to start posting more updates with less content rather than wait to make larger posts. And the first of these updates is that Euphoria with Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and Maude Apatow has been officially picked up to series by HBO.

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Worth noting that Zendaya's character is 17 in Euphoria. Are you allowed to show nudity from an actress that is over 18 if her character is being portrayed as under 18?

Also seems weird that Euphoria finished filming its pilot around the same time as Watchmen's but has has already been picked up to series whereas HBO's president recently said he won't even see a cut of the Watchmen pilot for a few weeks.


Thora Birch was 17 playing a 16 year old in American Beauty. Though, given her age and the way that scene was shot through the window panes, with plenty of vertical and horizontal lines for special effect voodoo.......I've always had my suspicion that it wasn't legit.


Wtf?! That was like a decade before nudity was ever done via CGI, and it wasn’t a semi-big controversy since she wasn’t underage - you need to come back to reality


Thora Birch's nude scene in "American Beauty" was shot while the actress was indeed under 18. Her parent(s) had to give written permission for her to do the nudity and I believe I heard that child social workers or something had to be on set while it was being filmed, so you can bet the boobs did, in fact, belong to Birch.


Yeah, I remember everyone who would know saying it was the real deal, and it probably was. Just the skeptic in me I suppose. Though given her parents occupation, their approval probably wasn't difficult to get.


Didn’t appear to be a problem for Bel Powley in Diary of a Teenage Girl.

And I’d imagine the Watchmen pilot requires some CGI work, which the Euphoria show would not.


She wasn’t underage in that, she just looked young - use google before saying weird things


Laura Wiggins in Shameless


Any nudity in the latest season of OITNB?


No - check comment section for previously post.


Jessica Green Roman Empire S02


That is not Jessica Green. This some random extra. Jessica Green plays Cleopatra in the show and she does not get naked.


Zendaya!! Easily the best one of the bunch but hoping to see them all.


Couldn't agree more!


dude i love her, shes never shyed away from nudity, and she is so sexy. What great little breasts.


Sydney Sweeney is also getting nude in Big Time Adolescence, which is filming now.


If they stick to the version of the script that was published a few years back. If they don’t shoot it as just implied nudity. If they shoot that scene at all. Many ifs.


Or if it makes it out of post in tact. They could cut it out. They could darken the shot so you don't see anything or more.


Considering a few weeks ago I had no idea who Sydney Sweeney was, this has become one of the nude scenes I’m looking forward to above most others. That little appetizer in the “Vikes” clip has me looking forward to the main course. Too bad Maude Apatow isn’t getting nude though.


Sam, I had never heard of her until Recapped posted about the Euphoria pilot. One quick search later and I was very intrigued.


Was it ever confirmed that Zendaya's character was getting naked?


I just hope in todays current state of nudity/edits and cuts this doesn't get burried with it too, im not getting my hopes up


From that list, only Sydney Sweeney worth it to me.


Seeing Sydney's tits is more than enough for me. Seeing Maude Apatow, undressed or not, without her decidedly unfunny mother for a change, will just be the icing on the cake.


Yeah after that Vikes side/backboob I'm ready for this.


Lulu Antariksa in What Still Remains?


I am dying to see the warlocks on Sydney Sweeney. So hot.


anything on Lizzie release date?


If you mean the Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart film, then its out Sep 14 in US cinemas.


Great news! So assuming this is 10 episodes and they shoot right after Spider-man wraps, we could see this as early as Summer 2019. Likely Fall 2019 however.