July 30, 2018 Rumors

Rumor around town is that Sophie Cookson has been cast as the lead in the mini-series The Trial Of Christine Keeler. The script contains some nudity but since this will air on BBC One, it might not make it to the final product. Still, it might be of interest to some since Sophie gets requested so often in the comments section.

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HBO have given a straight-to-series order to a new adaptation of "The Time Traveler's Wife", which is promising based the source material. Not sure though that Steven Moffat, who is scripting, has ever written a nude scene.


casual just dropped every single episode of its last season.any nudity?


All eps are TV-MA but only 1, 3, and 8 have the additional "S" designation.
Skimmed those eps and only saw a brief sex scene with Michaela Watkins in 8.
Scene was really dark and don't think anything was shown though.


About it airing on BBC One - there is no rule that they can’t show nudity. Several shows this past year have contained some, to varying degrees (Rellik, Troy, etc). It depends really on the individual producers.


Hi there, I just read in a previous comments section that you're seeing 'Killer Joe' (lucky) and will try to get pics of Sophie nude. May I ask when?


18th August, closing night. I will try if the opportunity presents itself, but I've been in that theatre before, it's very compact and so discreet recording would be difficult. There's also the fact that Orlando is looking out at the audience during Sophie's strip and he has proved to be rather observant.


your the hero we need, but definitely not the one we deserve.


Legolas and his fucking elf eyes.


dude i dont think ive ever laughed out loud to a comment on here before, well done, caught me off guard.


You can try the ol' hide your-phone-behind-the-pamphlet trick. If you're in a good spot you can keep it close to yourself and still get the stage.


He's only observant if you're pointing a freaking ipad at the stage.


No worries at all - if it helps her scene is towards the end of the first act. Hope you enjoy the play 😀


The screenwriter for this, Amanda Coe, also wrote the BBC adaptation of Room At The Top with nudity from Jenna Coleman and Maxine Peake.


Nudity or not, the Christine Keeler story is something i'm looking forward to watching. She was just a good time girl out for fun and got caught up in something way above her head and left its mark on her for the rest of her sad life.
For those that haven't seen it, check out the movie Scandal. The story of the Perfumo, Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies affair. Enjoyably told with excellent performances from Joanne Whalley, Bridget Fonda and John Hurt.
Shame there was no nudity from Whalley as she was truly stunning back then.


Anything from Mia Serafino is "Electric Love" ?


Upload Amazon TV serie contains nudity?


More sophie news - her next film “Red Joan” is due to premiere at TIFF in September. The storyline has some potential.


"Sharp Objects" is like "True Detective" except boring and no gratuitous nudity.


You didn't True Detective was boring? That was the best thing about it.


he meant Sharp objects is boring not TD


Totally. It’s almost like it wasn’t made exclusively for teenage boys.


True Detective wasn't aimed at such. And having beautiful nudity isn't for teens only ether.


Way to get the point there, rocket scientist.


What was the point? Original commenter never even said the show was boring because it didn't have nudity.


Here's hoping one of these mini posts is about 'Newly Single' & Molly Quinn LOL


That’s my number one hope!


Sorry but there is nothing from Molly in "Newly Single"


Any news about Medici - The Magnificent?


From October 23 will be aired in Italy, i try to keep you informed if is possible.


Does anyone know how behind-the-scene finances work in the movie industry? Like, why would a movie that's done not be released? It seems like, if a movie can't find a distributor or whatever, the studio could at least release it on iTunes to recoup some profit.

Yes, this is a subtle post about Viena and the Fantomes and all the other interesting movies that mysteriously never got released.


Don’t give up hope of seeing Viena


It could be that the movie isn’t any good. It could be that buyers don’t find it marketable. The delay may have helped it in that some of the cast are now bigger names than when the movie was shot (2014?). Jon Bernthal, Caleb Landry Jones, Evan Rachel Wood and Zoe Kravitz have all had career boosts since then. That might make it more of an attractive property now.

But some indies do end up on iTunes as a last resort. Gozo (with Ophelia Lovibond) was shot back in 2011. Dumped on iTunes this year cos they couldn’t secure a distributor.


Because some movies, like Vienna and the Fantomes, aren't made by studios.


But the same principle applies, no? Money was spent to make Vienna and the Fantomes. If they don't release the movie at all, the people who put up said money won't be able to recoup their investment. Putting it on a streaming service gives them a chance to limit their losses or even make a profit.

I just don't understand the concept of shelving a completed film.


What are these other interesting movies?
Only one I can think of is Hippie Hippie Shake which is never coming out.
Other movies like Halo of Stars haven't been in limbo that long.


You should watch Entourage...it would give you quite a bit of insight, plus its a great easy watch.


I don't think anyone has ever said someone should watch Entourage for the insight lol. The only thing I got from it was "It doesn't matter how much bad shit you do or how much bad shit happens to you, at the last possible moment, a great director will call you out of the blue and cast you in his movie."


To be fair, it’s based on Mark Wahlberg’s life and that’s pretty much how stuff works out for him.


i get what youre saying, he does end up getting lucky a lot because ari is such a beast, but hes not wrong, i actually got a lot of insight into the behind the scenes stuff with movies and film festivals and actors and such from that show.