July 31, 2018 Rumors

It is unlikely there is any nudity on tomorrow’s Yellowstone. Hearing that Kelly Rohrbach may have been cast as a major character for season 2 though.

Also don’t think there is anything on Thursday’s Strange Angel. Both shows might have nudity next week however.

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Best nudity scene of 2018 so far?


Without seeing My Days of Mercy , i have to go with Phoebe Tonkin. Even if it was brief, it was well lit and showed those perfect beauties straight up without any "artistic" crap. Also its one of the more rare-er scenes where they don't just show you a flat boob from the side while someone is on her back.


I might be forgetting some but so far Lucy Hale in Dude, Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow and Betty Gilpin in GLOW. Those are well-known celebrities, though, since Ophelie Bau and Paulina Gaitan both had amazing scenes.


Mara/Page in "My Days of Mercy" - I know it premiered last year so it's really a 2017 film, and it's not had a wide release yet, but I saw it this year and nothing comes close.


Kate's always been a favorite of mine, so that's one debut I'm hugely excited for. And I'm more than okay with Ellen getting naked again.


I envy you so much.


I haven't seen it yet, but I will be shocked if it isn't my number 1 of the anything since AD in True Detective.


Ophelie Bau from Mektoub My Love....and it's not even up for debate.


Agree GaryG. Not close right now!


I’m with you!


right which part of a fat girl getting some is hot?

jlaw by faaaar. shes also prone to excessive weight as most females. guess what - she worked her ass off, ate only chicken breasts and shed her nicely toned body and gave us the sexiest scenes of thia year.


ophelie is like watching a black porn scene qith thoae huge booties. its not what a female body is suposses to be.

toned has to be the norm!!!


do u guys imagine that serial supermodel collector Leo would be interested in someone like Ophelie? no waaaay


Good scene, but may as well just pick from softcore porn if you are including that.


The appeal of celeb nudity (at least for me) is seeing someone I "know" naked. So even though that scene in Mektoub was crazy hot, I'd never heard of the actress before, so it wasn't as exciting as lesser nudity from someone I've seen in a lot of movies. Or maybe that's just how my mind works.


That's EXACTLY how my mind works too!
We live in the era of the internet and stunning women barring all (and doing much more) is just a click away. Seeing a hot, known actress doing a nude scene is so much more of a turn on.


+1 Watching hollywood flicks with regular actresses make them look familiar, and makes them even more desirable when you know they never show much skin. There are some actresses you expect they would never show anything, like Sasha Alexander, and then you get that special scene one day out of nowhere. That Kate Mara scene with Ellen Page...shall be a good one.


Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow is still tops for me. I didn't expect much but that scene in front of the class was really hot.


Second that!
A ff shot with the camera a bit nearer and it would have been up there with the best of any year.


Meghan Rienks, Karrueche Tran and Sasha Pieterse in The Honor List


The new Halloween sequel/reboot/remake/reimagining/whatever has nudity according to the MPAA rating. Will likely be some unknowns or extras but I can hope for Virginia Gardner or Judy Greer.


Some grey pubes from Jamie Lee Curtis would be fantastic


Yeah, nudity from the major players would be a nice surprise.


Has Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) ever been nude?


On Instagram she posted a pic with one of her boobs out. I think taxi driver movie posted it.


Nope, unfortunately. She’s hot as fuck but she probably won’t do nudity ever


any news about halo of stars ?and undertow


Anything from Jessica Henwick for season 2 of Iron Fist.


as great as that would be... no chance you're getting female nudity in Marvel shows.


Well, no nudity, but something like this from any of the others Marcel shows would be terrific!!! Obviously, this is from the Punisher and it has less limitants.



Amber Revah in The Punisher had one.


I don't remember her showing anything...


She showed her ass in punisher ep5


ok so i saw killer joe at the theater and i didn't take any vids or pics. The scene is right before intermission. It is very long and Orlando Bloom asks her to undress. She is eventually undresses and you can clearly see her boobs and she takes off her underwear but she blocks most of her bush. She puts on a dress and you can get a clear view of her bush and I'm positive that its not a merkin. That is the only nudity she has in the whole play. I expected more but I'm glad we got what we did


what was her bush like? able to see her labia at all?


You didn't try to take a picture with your 12" iPad Pro? 🙂


That first topless scene was missed on the original Skin report.