June 10, 2018 Rumors

Strange Angel premieres on CBS All Access on Thursday. There is a naked woman during some ritual in the first episode. Amara Zaragoza fka Tamara Feldman may be playing the priestess.

Also, we mentioned Josephine Langford was cast in the Less Than Zero Hulu series a while back. Apparently this role is getting recast for whatever reason. We’ll keep you updated.

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Any Goliath details? I’m dying for more (and clearer) Tania Raymonde and anything from Olivia Thirlby.


Wait, Olivia is on Goliath? How did i not know this? *starts hyperventilating* ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!


Except she absolutely is. It isn’t hard to google the cast list. She plays Lucy Kittridge.


Billy Boy with Melissa Benoist opens this week. Can you confirm whether those reports of heavy sex scenes with her were real or not?


Dakota Fanning in Viena and Fantomes?


I was wondering myself. I mean it is at least two days ago since the last time someone asked.
Btw what about Emilia Clarke?


Yeah, and recapped again gives us update after same question is asked.


And Recapped already knows some guys here want information about Viena and Fantomes. But that will probably not change the time they will give you information.


Billionaire Boys Club - Rated R for language throughout,
drug use, some violence and sexual content.

From that rating, nudity (Emma Roberts as an example) is unlikely. We'll see.


Antje Mönning in Der Geschmack von Leben (2017)

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wow those pointy breasts look awesome 😀


See people, this is the way of showing full frontal the natural way, see its manageable. For all the comments parodizing us like we want close up shot of spreading. This is on the same level nudity as the male full frontals. So next time you all want to write its not possible to show female genitals without bending over, and spreading and etc..etc... just remember this. It's as easy as for male.


Yep but you know in USA or UK as example nobody knows how to even called female genitalia correctly so...


You are so brave for taking this stand against pubic hair. I commend you, sir!


A familiar name for those of us who frequent the r/extramile on reddit. She's done some unsimulated stuff before.


Vida renewed by Starz for a secnd season


Any definitive news on GLOW season 2? Trying not to get my hopes up for more Alison Brie nudity.


The New Year's post mentioned us probably getting something from Gilpin. Who I'd much rather see again than more of Brie.


When some title is in nude calendar then we just have to wait for review that will be post before show/film premiere.


Any more info on "Nomis" with Alexandra Daddario?


Any news on Big Little Lies S2? This show has Reese Witherspoon, one of the leaders of the timesup movement and Meryl Streep. If they manage to get nudity in this show, it will indicate everything's going to be alright in Hollywood in terms of nudity in the future.


The decreasing quality and quantity of female nudity did not start with "TimesUp" and is not going to reverse anytime soon. Seeing a pair of tits in season 2 of Big Little Lies won't mean anything. MeToo/TimesUp isn't a "remove all female nudity from entertainment" movement but it certainly has increased criticisms of such content which undoubtedly has an influence on executives and writers/directors who make these things. These criticism were already prevalent and having influence prior to "MeToo" though.


I’m glad you are bringing this up. It is definitely a conversation that has never happened before but needs to.


Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman produced the first season. If they're very much against nudity, the first season wouldn't have had any.


Is the reese withersponn scene a body double?


@dave I wasn't aware Reese had a nude scene in S1. I watched the show and don't remember one. All I remember is Nicole Kidman.


Yep. And she was naked for the same director in Wild. Even did full frontal but that was cut from the film. So nope. She's not averse to it either, whatever some folks would have us think.


And it'd be pretty damn difficult to make the case that Nicole Kidman's against nudity. She's a trooper.


I still find it laughable that Recapped said that all of Nicole’s nudity that wasn’t as clear was likely a body double when we had plenty of same face body shots of her, meanwhile stating that Shailene didn’t use a body double when there were no same face body shots of her.


Indeed. Woodley too (White Bird, Snowdon, Adrift). I think if they wanted to avoid nudity altogether, they would have set the show up with Netflix or Showtime when they made offers for it.


Any Screen Caps for The Miseducation Of Cameron Post?


still just playing film festivals until US & UK theatrical release in August, so unlikely


Can confirm that Andrea Londo gets naked in SuperFly. It’s during the threesome shower scene teased in the trailers. Lex Scott Davis shows mostly sideboob, while everything else is strategically blocked. Andrea joins by dropping her robe and hopping in to give us a long look at her great ass and tits as she starts to make out with Lex. The scene goes on for at least 3 minutes ending with both ladies riding Trevor Jackson on both ends. Will work on getting caps.


Superfly’s sex scene is being compared to the sort of all-out sex scenes that we used to get in movies.



Yay! Thank you so much for this news! I was starting loosing hope to see Andrea after that Lex interview, but now I can't freaking wait!


Andrea Londo had a non nude sex scene in Narcos.Shame it didn't have any nudity.
Nice to see you update here


Speaking of blaxploitation remakes - it would be awesome if Alexandra Shipp got nekkid in Shaft (2019)!! She's so cute.


thanks for the confirmation..will love to see that ass..eagerly waitin....Thanks in advance for the screencaps( if u got'em first)..


does anybody have any nude pics of Sarah Dumont, not the old ones. How about some new ones. She seems to be teasing on Instagram


What's up with that Allison Williams lesbian movie?


Julia Jones @ "Westworld" s02e08


Beautiful! Gorgeous woman.


Thanks recapped! any rumors about season 2 of Claws?


If nudity was required, I sure hope Josephine Langford wasn't replaced if she refused to do such scenes. Maybe they could recast her sister, Katherine, instead. Both are hot, but Katherine especially.


Anything from Sharp Objects?


"Most notable is Vallee’s refusal to give in to HBO’s perhaps most famous inclination: displaying nudity for practically no reason. There are shots of Adams naked and in the bath, but it’s told matter-of-factly and without showing everything the way that other HBO series would. It’s removing much of the male gaze in that small move and making it that much harder for you to view her as a sexual object but, again, as a damaged woman with very real internal problems."



Keep in mind;

This is a review of the pilot and the pilot only. Yes, this is a miniseries, but just because there was perhaps a bathtub scene which didn't show anything doesn't necessarily spell doom for the entire project. The bright side is that there are however many episodes after to look forward too.

As much as I love nudity, you have to admit there is at least something to be said for the point they make in the article, which implies that showing breasts or whatever else during a scene of a woman alone taking a bath would be "practically for no reason". Let's be honest guys, it's fairly easy to not show breasts in a scene like that and still imply nudity. The only reason any movie or show in history has shown more in a scene like that is for the potential ratings bump.

But as we know, nudity isn't nearly as much of a cause for ratings as it used to be, considering the current climate. At least not nearly enough of a ratings boost to stop the production companies from being scared. But this looks like a really good, well made, potentially very interesting show. It's looks juicy. Amy's part looks JUICY. Juicy parts yield good results far more often I think than most of you admit on this website.

There's potential here. If, lets say, there is a love scene involved, there might be some chance. There is some modicum of "reason" for nudity in a love scene. Critics may drag it down. But in a love scene I don't think there's a single critic on earth who would say that nudity is for no reason. They may criticize the graphicness or the longevity, but not necessarily the presence of nudity itself. Nudity in a love scene isn't by definition gratuitous. It's vulnerable. It's authentic. It's fucking real. The best actresses know this. I myself am an actor in Los Angeles. #metoo isn't about taking away nudity. It's about not doing it needlessly for higher ratings. It's about not doing it unless there's going to be a safe environment and a high level of repect involved. It's about making sure an actor, man or woman, is comfortable and willing, not pressured. I've met more actresses than I care to admit I've seen naked in a film. More than half of them have a pretty crazy story about how they were pressured into it. Trust me, as a man, hearing them would make even you feel gross.

Sure we don't wanna get our hopes up only to be disappointed, but fuck guys, there's no reason to lose your optimism! Nudity comes out every day. Maybe it's not from who we want but it happens. But come on, there's no "draught". Would the newest "no-name" showing something get me off as much as a new video featuring ScarJo and Alison Brie completely going at it and showing everything get me as excited? No. But seriously, when in the actual fuck has anything like that ever actually happened in mainstream entertainment. And if you say Blue is the Warmest Colour I'd argue Adele Exar-whatever her last name is was probably as unknown to me as she was to you.

My point is, don't shrug it off just because tits weren't shown in the pilot. Like I said, it's a freaking bathtub scene, with her alone. It's so easy for production to shoot that from the shoulders up, if only to avoid confrontation. There really is no actual argumentative reason for it. It's not empowering or endearing, its a freaking bathtub scene. And there are literally countless examples of movies and tv shows that do the same exact thing for a bath or shower scene and then later on show skin under different circumstances.

Don't lose hope friends. Don't lose hope. It's just the pilot.


"As much as I love nudity, you have to admit there is at least something to be said for the point they make in the article, which implies that showing breasts or whatever else during a scene of a woman alone taking a bath would be "practically for no reason". Let's be honest guys, it's fairly easy to not show breasts in a scene like that and still imply nudity."

Yes, it could be said that it is unnecessary to show breasts in such a scene but it could also be said that it is just as unnecessary to avoid showing breasts in such a scene. Should a mans nipples be avoided when he is shown in the bath or shower? It is also really unnecessary to see a mans nipples in such a situation and it can be avoided right?

It is true that nudity almost never has to be shown but the logic used to criticize such content can be applied to anything. Do you ever hear of the gratuitous toothbrushing scene, or the gratuitous taking a sip of water, gratuitous jogging scene, etc. I can go on and on labelling things in movies as gratuitous and unnecessary but no one does because there is no taboo about such things. Sex and nudity are unique targets for such criticisms due to cultural hang ups and taboos about such content.


This is a new conversation that must be had!


From this description, I'm not sure. Is it going to implied nudity or actual nudity that happens to be super tasteful/flatly shot?


I think it is probably implied otherwise the critic wouldn't have praised him for not "displaying nudity for practically no reason."


HBO should really cut this pretentious cunt from their payroll, he doesn't bring anything to the table, he's betraying everything french filmmakers stand for.


Calm down.


I'm thinking it's more Amy Adams who didn't want to get naked.


Well firstly he’s French Canadian, so you know, blame Canada. Plus early reviews for Sharp Objects are mostly positive, so I think his job is pretty safe.


Plus there was female nudity in Wild and Big Little Lies. So he's not averse to it.


And he has those award wins and noms going for him too (Wild, Dallas Buyers Club). HBO likes doing business with these types.


Other than Yvonne in her underwear last week, handmaid's tale has been pretty disappointing so far. The season is only half over though, so hopefully it gets better


Watching Handmaid's tale for female nudity is pretty ironic! 😀


I don't actually watch the show though : )


Thanks for the update and also the calendar has been updated. Hopefully we get some good nude scenes in the next couple of weeks.
Haven't asked in the last couple of updates but any info on casting for the rebooted L Word? Any news on nudity in Pimp or Sharp Objects?


I hope next update be more interesting. How dry spell we are getting on!


Cool, thanks for news about Strange Angel, fingers crossed Elena Satine will be naked there as well.


Does Emma Roberts get naked in ‘In a Relationship ?


You were told before that she doesn’t when you were asking for caps and clips.


In reccaped review she’s showing her underboob i just want that clip thats it


No one mentioned about nudity


Back in the May 21st post, you asked for clips and caps. You were told the movie was still doing the festival circuit, so no clips or caps. SL56509 posted back then that were was no nudity from Emma Roberts. What are you hoping has changed in these few weeks? Unless someone wants to sneak into this movie’s next festival screening you won’t be getting caps or clips. And I’m not even sure the movie has distribution yet, so you could be waiting months until what you want is online.


Well the emo doesn’t showd up


Man u got some sharp ? ?


No, but she has lots of underwear action and a lesbian kissing pool scene (I hope its as hot as it sounds).