June 13, 2018 Rumors

Evan Rachel Wood is rumored to be naked briefly on Sunday’s Westworld. Evan is standing still in the background behind some other hosts and there may also be a peek of bush.

Season 2 of Goliath is available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday. Tania Raymonde, Diana Hopper, and Ana de la Reguera are rumored to all have sex scenes with different people in episode 5. Tania apparently has another sex scene in ep 4 and Nina Arianda might have a sex scene in ep 8. Tania should be nude but we’re not sure about the others.

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No nudity on Netflix's lust stories..


Not surprising. Its a production from conservative India.


India's censor board is one fucked up thing..


We all get shit wrong sometimes.


You're the one to talk. Please...


This scandal shall be henceforth known as GoliathGate. Will celebrity movie nerds ever be able to trust celebrity nudity bloggers again? Remember to reach out for help if the trauma caused by this scandal is too much to bear.


Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, 🙂
No Nude scenes OR Sex scenes in ALLLL eight episodes.
shit this make me so excited LOOOL


Not a fan of recapped becoming just another rumour mill. I'd take only a few updates a year with confirmed stuff, over regular updates with "should be" and "not sure" any day.


I have no objection to Recapped posting rumors and speculation if they're noted as such, but why did Goliath have the red dot (for confirmed nudity) on the calendar? Did they see a scene that was edited out from the official release? Did they get bad information from a source?


I bet his info was accurate but the script he read got metoo'd and the scenes were either cut or never even filmed.


Red dot is confirmed and therefore not just based om script. Must be re-cut


If he only posts stuffs he has seen and knows for sure, it will be so much easier for the studios to figure out who he is.


Why the hell would they care? It is free promotion.


Saw Ocean’s 8 tonight. No nudity, obviously, but I have to say Cate Blanchett & Sandra Bullock still look incredible for their age. Anne Hathaway looks great as always, and her cleavage is on display for most of her screen time.


Saw "Billy Boy" or "Juvenile" with Melissa Benoist. Not one hint of nudity or even sex scenes from what I can see. I noticed on ITunes it's 1 hour 27 minutes...IMDB says 1 hour 30 minutes. Perhaps it was edited from the theater version featuring sex scenes.


Actually, I found a sex scene. Its at 19 minutes.


Who is involved in it?


A woman by the name of Melissa Bolona.



Thanks! She's also hot but it seems she is wearing patches, isn't it?


Yeah I forgot that. My guess is that Melissa Benoist had similar sex in the film that was removed. The only hope is that perhaps the theatrical version is different.


Goliath was a total bust. I don’t think any of the information proved correct - and they even teased sex in the trailer, too! Big letdown tonight.


Looking back at the trailer I didn't see any sex teased. Same scenes we saw from the episodes.


all i'm waiting for the andrea londo nude clip..Thanks in advance for whoever posts...i don't care about the quality as it'll be of cam quality..so just post it....


Where did the information for this report come from? Rare to see recapped this wrong...


Probably the original cut of the season... As someone else has posted in here, BBT had them re-shoot the season after he didn't like the opener. Recapped (I'm guessing) have been going off the original information not aware of the changes...


Shows don’t reshoot seasons because the stars dont like an episode. Shows have budgets, actors have schedules. People on this board should stop making things up.


Someone said he didn’t know she was on the show, you said shes never was. She was.


says the guy who asks for an actress who is not anymore on the show


For example, this guy, who keeps wrongly saying Olivia Thirlby was never on Goliath.