June 18, 2018 Rumors

A while back we mentioned there might be some surprise nudity coming up on Westworld. Spoiler alert, that’s coming up on Sunday’s season finale of Westworld. As shown in the episode preview, Tessa Thompson is naked from behind. The scene is very dark and no face is shown but it is probably not a body double. Rumor is they might show Tessa from the front briefly but her whole body is covered in shadow. However, there might be a very brief shot from the side and although Tessa’s body is covered in shadow again, you can make out her butt and right breast.

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Catherine Walker in The Delinquent Season (2017)



After seeing both episodes of Strange Angel so far, Bella Heathcote, as she always does, has my balls buzzing like a hive of horny ,angry bees. Any good news you have to share there Recapped would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone have any clips/caps of shaileene woodly from Adrift and also Paula Patton from Traffik


You very rarely see a girl riding a guy in PG-13 movies.


Lucy who? All I see is that guy from teen wolf and some unidentifiable female.


I'm guessing there's nothing in Goliath S2 ?


Gozo with Ophelia Lovibond is available on Amazon + iTunes FYI


It's only on Amazon US. Tried to buy it but they only take American credit cards linked to an American address. I'm convinced there's a better shot of her breasts from an image posted on here where she's lying next to her partner.


That sucks, maybe you can pay with a gift card bought from some other site? I'd buy it myself but I wouldn't be able to rip the clips etc.


Just watched S2 , its meh and absolutely no nudity in it ... 'cept if you like male dick ....


i meant for Goliath S2 ...


It sneaked out quietly! Been out since June 8th, hoping for hd caps soon


The have been online for almost a year now, but this is the best quality:

Ophelia Lovibond Nude In Gozo



@Basher doesn't seem like there's that much else to be seen then, you get a full view of her tits in the clip I posted.


There's also a shower scene and another sex scene (not sure if that's clothed or not).


Thanks qixman!!


@qixman Thank you for the extra vids.


just 4 quick vids in a zipfile, hope this helps https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/rxr5X7Ta/file.html


@qixman so in other words nothing to see.


@ qixman so in other words nothing much to see.


@qixman Thank you for the extra info!


I got the film on itunes and can confirm that there is 2 brief bedroom scenes and 2 brief shower scenes. The first bedroom scene is incredibly short and dark with just a quick glimpse. The 2 shower scenes are also incredibly brief, you get a quick shot in the 1st one and slightly longer in the 2nd but both only a few frames. The bedroom scene previously posted has been edited and shows slight less with the complete topless breast shot completely missing so only glimpses are shown


@Shibs The shower scene is a separate scene. As Parzival says, the nudity is brief. I haven't seen the movie, but I have seen the caps from the shower scene. The other sex scene is near the start of the movie. The main character's girlfriend walks in on him and Ophelia. A few of the reviews mention it, but none specify whether there's nudity to be seen.


@shibs - seen caps of the topless shower scene, very brief glimpses of tits. that main sex scene has apparently been re-edited though, not as much seen in the version on itunes/amazon vs the leaked clip.


How do you know? Have you seen the movie? This is the only video I can find
https://vimeo.com/276288079 she's clothed at the starting, but there's no shower scene.


Spoiler alert: if you check carefully the last nude scene from Westworld (before the final episode), you can see that there is black girl naked couched on some kind of bed from the last shot of scence thank to some reflection effect of the Windows. I bet this is Thandie Newton. So 2 theories have to be shared:
Because of all the Havey Weinstein scandal and similar stuffs, either the directors decided to cut off some nudity from the girls (and that would be supported by the choice to put more front male nudity from the main cast in the very first episode), either there will be another extended version of this nude scene because what would be the point to have Thandie Newton neked off screen without even seeing here or mentioning her in the scene


Jesus Christ people really need to lay of the conspiracy theories. You can clearly see that someone is across the hall working on another host when Arnold is talking to Teddy. That happens in almost every scene when they are in the lab. Yes it could be them showing Ford working on Maeve since he was telling her that he created her and she was his favorite. This show loves little Easter eggs like that. One main cast member shows his dick and all of the sudden it’s Weinstein’s fault, but in this same damn scene you’re talking about they show nothing from Teddy but have Dolores full frontal and you still feel that “2 theories have to be shared.” That was Evan’s best nudity in the show so far. Just be happy and wait for Tessa’s wonderful ass.


Many producers have cut male gaze style, pointless nudity, etc, from productions since the metoo mob made itself known. We'll just never know. Westworld wouldn't be excluded. No other way to explain the total drought we're seeing now, imo. The chill in the air has to pass. It will eventually. Until then, everyone will remain super cautious.


Westworld Season 2 started shooting in July 2017 (and they wrote out the season before entering production). Months before Weinstein. You're paranoid.


I believe the idea is that such scenes were cut during post production, which has been on going since shooting began. Episode 10 only finished post production on May 31st.


Come on Kelly, you've shown it before. And you still got it, don't get shy now.


If you watch the episode, you can clearly see her nipple briefly several times during the scene.


Can't tell if this is the censored version or just bad quality. The version I saw on the Paramount website shows nipple quite clearly for a brief second.


Looks blurred to me.


You can't top Altered Carbon !


Katheryn Winnick in Speed Kills? She has a sex scene with Travolta.



For disappointing so many people in terms of nudity...Lagertha is not going to VALHALLA...


I bet it will be an implied sex scene and they'll cut off just before they start to fuck (clothed, of course).


from the trailer,it's look like a clothed sex scene..we all will be pleased if that sex scene contains any nudity from her( least case ASS or most preferable'll be TITS n ASS)...But i won't keep my hope much as she's already a nudity dodger....


Probably clothed ... not holding my breath . I'd love to be wrong tho!