June 25, 2018 Rumors

A while back we mentioned the upcoming FX series Shogun. Rumor is Shioli Kutsuna, who you may remember from Deadpool 2, has been cast as the lead.

On Thursday’s Strange Angel, Amara Zaragoza fka Tamara Feldman should be topless again. The scene is similar to the one in the first episode but there should be better views.

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Alison Brie on TV line podcast seemed to hint that she won't be nude again in Glow so not expecting anything season 2, hopefully Betty comes through!


I think she was just referring to season 1 (for those who haven’t heard the podcast, Alison says she went nude in the pilot and never again)

Also, later in the interview she said there’s a locker room scene in season 2


Yeah I saw her mention the locker room. Precedent for Brie nudes!


Hoping hoping hoping I am.


Lol hopefully you are right. Maybe recapped blesses us with good news before friday.


Guys, I thought everyone already knew it - if a title is in nude calendar we always get review before that film/show/ep premiere. So if Glow is there we just need to wait for today's or tomorrow news.


@recapped Anymore info you can give us on Emilia Clarke in Above Suspicion? Seems like you saw a different version than what leaked.


There is nudity in what still remains?


Any news on 'Newly Single'?


One site said it was getting a limited US release from Aug 1st, but no confirmation elsewhere. No news either on who is naked in it, other than the director himself.


Thanks... So could hear more in a month or so


She gives me a Bono - I mean a boner!
So cute, and so great on The Knick.


Really hope we get to see her nude at some point.


Bono "If you do, it will be the last thing you ever see." (Just Kidding)


I was really excited about this post 4 words into reading it...


I watched the trailer of her upcoming movie Papillon and I have a little hope that this movie will be her nude debut...


A lot of people probably missed this so I'll post it.

Alix Bénézech Full Frontal Plot in Je suis présent (2015)



Support the girls? Its rated r for brief nudity.


"Dylan Gelula pulls down her shirt to display her bra to get the attention of the bar but then there’s a close-up of her right nipple hanging out of it accidentally. Do not see her face in the same shot."


Sydney Sweeney has been cast in a new film called "Big Time Adolescence". There was a nude scene in the original Black List script for one of the main female roles - not sure yet which one Sydney will be playing though.


IMBD has her down for the character called Holly - who is the one with a nude scene in that script.


Here's the page of the script for those wondering:


When will we ever get the Alexandra Daddario news


Judging by how we're getting reviews, I'm 99% sure it will be shortly after I Am Not a Bird will premiere at some festival. If you are asking about I Am Not a Bird.


He probably also wants to know about Nomis.


Not sure if it's changed, but recapped did say they knew nothing about it. From reading about it, Nomis could be a PG-13 generic thriller. It finished post on May 19th... so now it depends when it gets released, there doesn't seem to be a set date yet.


@Basher I get that. I’m honestly not expecting anything from her, but I’m only curious.


@ADFan. For subject matter, sure. For AD nudity? I don't think so. Happy to be wrong though.


The movie is about a sexual predator. Could easily be R-rated.


They just recently had a screening for Nomis - I'm surprised it took this long.


Will Natalie Portman ever do a topless scene?


No. She swore off nudity after the stink people made about her little bit of skin in Hotel Chevalier.


From Portman herself...
"It really depressed me that half of every review on ["Hotel Chevalier"] was about the nudity. It made me think I shouldn't have done it," she told WENN in a report published Friday. "I think [nudity] is beautiful in films, and sex is such a big part of life," she added. "My issue is that I feel it takes something away from what you're doing when the focus is put on the wrong thing. I just don't want to do something that will end up as a screen grab on a porn site." That was from a CBS news article back in 2010.


Jesus she's been saying the "I don't want ppl to see me nude/have sex" for the last 18 years.

I mean she doesn't need to if she doesn't want to of course but hoped she'd have matured as an actress since then


By "maturing as an actress" you mean "why won't she show us her titties so he can touch ourselves to it."


Well Portman had sex scenes in No Strings Attached and Black Swan. Maybe not the type you want, but she's not saying no to these roles. There was also some very tame nudity from her in Planetarium. True, not much to rave about, but better than nothing.


She was caught naked on the beach ... some years ago 😛


Are you asking those of us who came from the future?


Thanks! And, "Hiii Yukio" 🙂


Can someone post Mr. Skin's brightened caps of Tessa Thompson from the Westworld finale?


She's suffering from an acute case of Si deficiency ....