June 27, 2018 Rumors

The second season of GLOW is available on Netflix on Friday. MK confirms that Betty Gilpin shows breasts and butt near the beginning of episode 7.

Also, unconfirmed but believe there is a locker room scene in one of the last two episodes and there might be some brief nudity in the background from one of the minor wrestlers. Alison Brie maybe shows pokies as she’s talking to Betty during this scene.

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Has Superfly appeared online anywhere?


Who is supposed to be nude in Superfly?


Super Hot Andrea Freaking Londo!


Sadly but no, and I doubt cam version will pop out anywhere now, so we will have wait till digital release in September.


Scarlett Johansson has a new dark role in Rub & Tug. It says she has a "fiery romance" with another woman.


I read that too and got semi-excited. But then I looked up the woman she's playing and it turns out she was a big burly fat lady who wore men's clothes. So odds are Scarlett'll be wearing some prosthetics.


Hi guys. Anything on Charlotte Atkinson?


Any nudity from Amalia Holm in Blackpills series Playground?


Have you seen this short?:



Yes i have seen it! It was brief but awesome nudity from her! Thank you!


Claire Foy in "Paranoïa" and "The Girl in the Spider's Web" , Hope to see Claire nude soon !


Paranoïa is just the French title for Unsane, and there wasn't nudity in it.


Anything on Felicity Jones?


She just got married.
Congrats to the happy couple.


Nothing from the first episode of Power and it doesn't look like there will be anything in episode 2 based off previews for next week.


Don't panic guys, i've seen a screening of My days of Mercy and it's everything your hoping/waiting/dreaming for.


I am worried because Mr Skin only has it listed as brief nudity, which it had for Duck Butter, which had a lot of promise, but ended up being a huge disappointment considering how much the nudity was talked about. Are there long shot of Kate and Ellen or is it just wuick shots from the side? Just breasts? Or do we get any ass or bush?


its well lit, 3 scenes, and no bush but everything else in very good detail, close to the camera.


There's no bush or clear ass (although they are nude on the bed). There are long enough and good shots of both kate and ellen's breasts with decent lighting. Great kissing and moaning scenes. Scenes are incredibly hot for any fans of kate and ellen and will be well worth the wait.


hows the sag? anywhere near the level of katie mcgrath.


Tongue involved in the kissing scenes?


mercy and Camming... are Kate Mara's breasts as nice as we've all imagined? This one is almost too good to be true


Yes Kate's breasts were fantastic, some nice big dark nipples and nice sag to them (like her esquire pics hinted at). Some quick nipple licking action as well 😉


Where is it showing and why hasn’t anyone taken a pic yet?


When will it be released?




Where? On VOD or/and on cinemas?


Is it actually releasing tomorrow or are you kidding?


@Celania Yeah, that's what I expected but I was keeping the hope alive. 🙁


I don’t think he’s being serious


Any current thoughts on "I Am Not a Bird?"

I dread that it's going to be a load of artsy bullshit.


There’s a possibility of whatever nudity there is being weirdly lit and quickly shot.


I wish people would stop asking about it at the moment.


Probably a good idea. We wouldn’t want people to start creating elaborate fantasies in their minds only to be upset with other people when reality doesn’t match what they had been obsessing over.


Some people have higher standards - sometimes to a fault -
and do not go gaga over mediocrity and declare Merry Christmas first chance they get!


Responding to and criticizing someone else's excitement? Why?


YAK, you could've said "happy hanukkah" for all I care - I was reponding to and critizing your excitement for something that I thought was meh.


You are a true hero.


I apologize, I didn’t realize anyone would be triggered by the word Christmas. Obviously your parents - oops, I mean Santa - are still spoiling you with everything your heart desires each year. Cherish this time. When you get older that may change and then you can yell to your parents and Santa and anyone else about how disappointed you are that you got socks as a gift. I would hate to ruin this special time for you by throwing that phrase around so carelessly. It won’t happen again. Happy holidays!!


How come?


For whatever reason, I want to see it for myself at whatever film festival it ends up at so I can be ahead of the report on it.


Gotcha - fair enough.


Yeah, I'll be keeping my expectations in check -
don't wanna be disappointed, like I was with the recent Betty Gilpin scene!


anything on the movie Tully? Caps of Traffik?


Jessica Chastain in Woman Walks Ahead?


Anyone see “In A Relationship”? How is the Emma Roberts & Janet Montgomery make out?


Nothing in Tau?


I love Maika Monroe but sadly no.


She does have a shower scene - but alas nothing is shown.


Power S05 starts this Sunday. Any news about the nudity this season?


All that hype for THAT?!!!


All what hype? He told us about the nude scene and we got exactly what he told us. And she looked fucking great.


Underwhelming and meh were my initial responses to Betty's new scene and I'm in love with Betty Gilpin! We're pretty fucking far from the greatness of Nurse Betty, wouldn't you say?
And about the hype - it's not MK who created the hype - I mean the hype (both before the scene dropped AND after) by some of the people on here - "Wow. Merry Christmas everyone" -
hyperbole much?!


Yeah but you were hoping for full frontal, which was clearly a pipe dream. Life's hard, son.


@U-haul the advanced hype that's been building for weeks? Did I miss all of that?


Yeah, I was imagining full frontal from Betty even though I in my heart knew it would never happen, given the fact that GLOW is femalecentric show like we touched upon earlier. But I bought into the advanced hype that's been building for weeks on this site - I hyped up the scene in my head -- I shouldn't have.


That was in reference to both the Betty scene (which I happened to think was great) and the Addison Timlin stuff. I’m sorry you were so devastated by this “hype”. I hope you can make it through this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers


Who are all these people who are constantly hoping for or even expecting full-frontal? We rarely got full-frontal even in the heyday of celebrity nudity. We’re certainly not going to get it on a girl-powery Netflix show, guys.


I'm glad you like Betty's scene - happy for you.
Timlin's stuff is... all right, I guess.


I was disappointed at the news of no decent boob shot but that ass more than made up for it. That ass is spectacular. Definitely a "Merry Christmas" moment for me. Put it this way, with any future Betty Gilpin nudity news, I'll be hoping she shows that great ass as much as I'll be hoping she shows her huge tits.


Same. If we didn’t have the Nurse Jackie scenes i would be upset, but since we already have great views of her tits i am more that happy to have this amazing ass and profile shots. Just wish we got something out of Brie.


Wow. Merry Christmas everyone


No word on that background wrestler nudity in the locker room?


So, nothing of Kate Nash and no one sex scene in GLOW S2?


This is a great day.


Yeah wish we could have had a more frontal view of Betty's breasts but still a good lengthy look at her butt. Plus in ep 4 she is a couple of scenes wearing bra and panties with an open robe and she looks amazing.


For anyone wanting a better look at her tits, here's her in Nurse Jackie back in 2013:



Getting a solid look at her ass after only a brief one in Nurse Jackie more than makes up for the briefness of the tit shot here. She is PUT TOGETHER.


Brie nips.


Wow – Get this woman on a superhero franchise ASAP.


Killer Body, Porn Asssss 🙂


This is an amazing bare ass scene. Sure better look at her amazing tits would be great, but holy shit what a butt.


Her ass is just as nice as her tits. Wasn't expecting that.


A fucking angel.


I wish there was better view....but that body is terrific.


What a fucking body.


Does anyone remember the show flesh and bone. It had some great nudity. The star war sarah hay , a ballerina with big tits. Any news on her. Her insta page is a great eye tease.


Pretty face, great tits and dancers legs to boot. Definitely a favorite.


I love Sarah, big fan of her - normaly I'm not into big boobs girls (sorry Alex DD), but she's my favourite big boobs girl, I totally love them. From her two upcoming films only Braid kind might have something, but I doubt. Think we have to wait for new films from her.


I was expecting a little more, but it's okay.


It's Addison birthday today btw, so nice present from her to see her in her birthday suit:)


where we can find the full movie ?


WOW. Thank you Addison Timlin.


Nice to see that body again, since we saw it for the first time seven years ago.


Was hoping for full frontal but those tits still look as amazing as her Californication scenes.


thanks mr.skin been waiting for it for so long..
i expected more though ..Bummerrrrrrrrrrrrr


This is way better than those shitty angles and brief peeks here & there, especially for a butt lover like me.


Good to see the girls again. Between this and Gilpin, this'll be a hell of a weekend for titties.


Can anybody provide link for Kamasutra 3D coz in India this movie is not available anywhere...but I have heard that it is available online in other countries..plz comment


I doubt it will ever see light. There are some ongoing lawsuits with the movie. The producer has already lost a ton of money. And probably the final cut will have less nudity


According to HBO tvma, episodes 1,2,4,5 of Sharp Objects have nudity (with ep 5 having also strong sexual content).


Do we know anything about Betty’s scene? Is it sexy, comedic, or just a matter-of-fact changing-clothes scene?

I know it was controversial, but I liked Brie’s nude sex scene: bouncing, jiggling, dangling boobs which were decently lit. Too bad she’s not doing another.


You'll find out in less than a day pal


For you it is just a day, for me it's a whole year.


Read mk's response - Betty's scene is kinda tame and disappoiting, expectedly so.
And Brie is not nude - already confirmed.
So none of us should lose any sleep over GLOW when it comes to nudity.
I will look forward to tomorrow and season 2 'cause the show is great - loved season 1.


None of us should lose sleep over any nude scenes period.


Yeah thanks.


Aleksandra Poplawska in Kobiety mafii (2018)



I know this is a broken record question but it hasn't been brought up in awhile so I thought I'd try. Any updates on When we can be expecting that beautiful Kate Mara Ellen Page lesbian flick? I don't think there's anything I could be more excited about right now


I think it was the Facebook page for the movie that listed October as the release date...


"One of the minors wrestlers" wouldn't happen to be Ellen Wong, would it?


I'll take Britt Baron or Jackie Tohn 😀


Kinda disappointed Alison won't get naked but at least Betty will 😀

Anything on 'Sharp Objects'?


Don't get your hopes too high on Sharp Objects. Amy Adams has only shown very brief nudity in the past. The character she is playing has cuts and scars all over her body. So any skin she shows is not likely to be super attractive unless you have a thing for scars and cuts.


Oh yeeeeah, baby.


Amara Zaragoza a.k.a. Tamara Feldman in Strange Angel S01E03



I so freaking hope that Bella Heathcote's character let's herself go to wild,sexy, passionate nakedness .Recapped please give a sad little horn dog hope.


When is 'Submission' going to be online?


I'm pretty sure searching for Submission on Pornhub or xHamster will give you plenty of results 🙂


Official release date is next Tuesday - might turn up a little sooner


anything more coming from Kelly Reilly?


She has outdoor bath scene in episode 3. I don't think she shows any nip this time though.


YES!!! can't wait for Betty's scene! Hopefully it's full frontal and lasts a while -- not brief, filmed from the side, and from a distance etc.


It is not full frontal, but the scene does last a while. She’s totally naked in the shower, but sadly it’s only fleeting glimpses from the side and at a distance.


As I dreaded and expected -- it's better than nothing, I guess.
And we'll always have Nurse Betty to look back on!
Thanks, MK.


Wouldn't get yer hopes up.


Muh is probably right - we shouldn't get our hopes up for a long, glorious nude scene 'cause GLOW is a female-empowering show - with an almost all female cast
led by almost all female directors, writers and producers - episode 7 is directed by a woman -
thus the male gaze is kinda low on GLOW!
But hey, it never hurts to hope!


Doing the nudity on GLOW is a pretty good way to do it though...it's just there, realistic, part of the scene...not shot like some fetish jerk off movie. We get nudity, people being nude dont have to feel skeeved out, and are more willing to do nudity.

I know a lot of people get all upset by women complaining about this stuff, and I never used to think one way or the other about it...but it is interesting to really look at movies from their perspective. Like, say, action movies, especially from the 80s. Usually there would be one real female role, who gets to be the sidekick, does nothing much of interest but probably gets to have a random sex scene with the hero she just met (and show her tits), and then gets captured by the villain and gets to watch the big climax chained to a clock tower in her underwear. I mean, after a while that shit's got to get pretty old.


Hey fred, dum dum...you know a topless male is not considered actual nudity, right? A topless male is comparible to a woman in a bikini. Think there's no scenes of women in bikinis in shows like that? We could do this.

So are you one of those guys who just gets so aggrieved at this injustice you write down tons of examples of this kind of stuff? Is life so unfair to you?


Hey muh, thanks for the reply. Actually made me giggle. A favour please - could you share just one link which is the equivalent to any of those I shared below? You know, of topless women being paraded on a family show for the benefit of a heterosexual male audience?And if you have doubts about the credibility of my position, I can post several more links which prove my point. How many would you like? A dozen? Fifty? One hundred? Several hundred? A thousand? Go on, how many?


So why can't I reply to fredp below, what's up with that? Anyway fredp, not to sound insulting, but you seem stupid. You throw out a handful of links and thinks that proves anything...like I couldn't throw you a bunch of links showing otherwise?

I mean, I don't need to know what the disgusting animals are doing in England, they eat food that uses blood as the main ingredient. I'm surprised they haven't eaten each other by now, they're basically like rabid monkeys, it's horrible and sad.


Oh gosh. Another man who has bought into the ‘male gaze’ myth. Semi naked men have been a far, far more common sight in film and television since always.

All year we been treated to news of ‘very brief’, or ‘shot at a distance’, or ‘so dark it’s impossible to make anything out’, or ‘nip patches’ etc etc and yet here in Britain on a family show at 8pm women are being treated to spectacles like this:

That’s apparently a ‘family show’ featuring a segment involving male strippers. Do you ever forsee a time when semi naked women will feature so prominently on a ‘family show’? Even the apparently ‘regressive’ seventies wouldn’t have dared featured topless woman on a talent contest for male audiences.

And it’s not like that is a one off either. Again this is from ‘Loose Women’, a daily magazine show aimed at, yes you guessed it, women.

What’s that more topless hunks to be ogled uncritically? This particular programme goes out at 1pm in the afternoon. Of course it’s totally ok, and if the sexes were reversed it would be totally different. (That’s me being sarcastic for the thicker members of this community).

How about naked chefs on ‘This morning’, (broadcast at approximately 10:30 every day)

And just in case this is dismissed as a case of the crazy Brits and their idiosyncratic ways, how about some clips from Ellen’s show to firther illustrate my point?

I could go and on and on, but I reckon the ‘women are totally more exploited brigade’ are set in their ways, and will reject any further evidence placed before them. Enjoy your nip slips, your 2 second out of focus blurry shots, and your sideboob guys. And remember keep fighting the good fight - don’t forget to complain about the likes of me spamming this board with our facts - that’s the real problem here.


Voice of reason - you’re obviously in the wrong place 😉


Wait have you seen the scene?


Nope. But I'm giving you zero percent chance that it's lingering full frontal. Or full frontal at all. I mean, have you seen the show? That's not what they're going for.


Dang so no Alison nudity 🙁 Oh well, Betty is gonna be great anyway.


Also Kelsey Asbille is shown in a bath towel on tonight's Yellowstone but no skin.
Crossing fingers for something later in the season.


She actually shows brief ass in the shower before the towel scene.


Thanks! Was skimming the stream on their site and must have missed it.


Yay for Betty!
Think they put this up at Friday midnight PST.
Anyone else staying up tomorrow night?