June 5, 2018 Rumors

Condor premieres on DirecTV Audience tomorrow night. Leem Lubany is topless during a sex scene but we’re not sure if you can actually see her nipples. There’s lots of sideboob however.

Can also confirm that Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney will both be in Euphoria. Sydney is supposed to have several nude scenes in the pilot. The first is a glimpse of a sex tape. Then there are some nude photos of Sydney up on some website. And lastly, there is an actual sex scene.

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Any word on Anne Hathaway in Serenity? The trailer suggest either nudity or some real shitty editing.


Jessica Lu & Olivia Grace Applegate have a nude lesbian sex scene in their upcoming short film, Pink Lemonade. They both show their breasts and brief bush. Lots of fingering and Jessica goes down on Olivia. Kissing scenes are hot. It's playing at the Marfa Film Festival on July 14th.


Will Claire Foy have any nude scene in ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ ?


Looks like there is a lesbian scene at the 2:16 mark and looks like Claire is being stripped down. So maybe some nudity there.


Probably not as much as Rooney Mara did.


You mean the piece of cloth with fake hair used to hide women's nudity? Her merkin?


There’s absolutely no nudity from Leem Lubany in Condor S01E01. Bare back and a little sideboob, if that. It’s a good show, however.


Can anyone please find the nude scenes in Love Lust and Marriage (1996)?
Its an Indian film... Movie download link will also do.
It stars deepti naval and samia shoaib. There is nudity in the trailer.


there are 2 scenes of butt nudity from christina ochoa in latest episode of Aninal Kingdom..


Is it just me or does it look like her tits got smaller?


Episode name


It's episode 2 of season 3. Don't know the name. It's nothing special and I love bare ass scenes. First scene is shot from afar and she's obscured by a plant. Second scene is extremely brief as she puts on her dress getting out of bed (it's worse than it sounds).


that's true...but in this time of nude scarcity, i appreciate that from her...n i'm also an ass loving person..
waiting for more ass nudity...


Emma Stone's character apparently has an important nude seduction scene in the script for "The Favourite" yet recapped said no nudity from her in the movie - so I don't know.


Emma stone is so hot right now, she just won best actress and she doesn't want do nudity, it doesn't matter if the character shes playing gets gangbanged or she could star in the next lars von trier movie, still she will never show any skin.


Then the scene was cut or changed. It happens all the time especially in today's Hollywood. There are 3 recent examples I know of- IT, Flatliners, and Rough Night all had nudity in their original scripts. I'm sure there has been other recent instances of it happening too.


Scarlett Johansson un rough night or other actresses?


Zoë Kravitz in Rough night IIRC.


Uh....It was originally supposed to have nudity?


When I say the scene was cut I don't mean she filmed the nude scene then the scene was cut but that it was cut from the original script and never filmed.


No, I meant to say that IT originally had nudity?
Seems very unlikely, for a variety of reasons


No..... he means I.T. with Stefanie Scott not the movie with the clown.
I.T. is another movie that got screwed over. I would still very much like to see an open matte version of that though since Stefanie is definitely topless and with open matte i am sure we d see that...


He’s probably referring to the orgy scene with Bev and all of the other Losers that is in the book. That scene hasn’t aged well at all and it wasn’t in the miniseries nor the script for the movie. It didn’t get changed due to casting because it was never included in the first place. Nude scenes do get changed or dropped all the time but that was a bad example because it never existed.


Hi, not sure if this has been posted before but there is a series premiering tomorrow on French channel OCS called
Nu. It's a sci fi series about a detective who wakes up from a coma to find out that society has chosen to go clothes
free. It stars quite a few actresses including Alix Benezech. The series was first announced in January and is supposed to run 10 episodes.


Hoolly shit my man it looks so good. Do you know a way to watch it?


Dakota Fanning has signed on for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as one of the Manson girls. Tarantino movies don't tend to have nudity, but if anyone was going to in that movie - I would've put money on it being a Manson family member. So not totally hopeless?


I used to get an e-mail every time Recapped would publish a new post. Hasn't been happening for a few weeks or months now. Has anyone else had this issue?


Same. Started following them on Twitter instead since they post everytime they update.




same here