June 7, 2018 Rumors

Julia Jones is supposed to be nude on Sunday’s Westworld. The scene is pretty dark however.

Also, there’s some slight pokies from Ella Purnell on the season finale of Sweetbitter on Sunday.

And last week we wrote that Kelli Berglund had been cast in Now Apocalypse but weren’t sure what role. Can now confirm that Kelli will play Carly who is the lead female role. Carly is a part-time webcam performer and has a couple of sex scenes in the series.

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Any news on Dakota Fanning, Evan Rachel Wood, Olivia Luccardi in Viena and the Fantomes?


Lulu Antariksa in What Still Remains?


Any news on Stana Katic?
Absentia was kinda upsetting..


Hanna Alstrom from 'Kingsman' naked in "Ted - Show Me Love"

Speaking of 'Kingsman', have any pictures of Sophie Cookson naked in 'Killer Joe' surfaced yet?


She’s in a lesbian flick with Carice van Houten so hopefully she shows some with her in that.


Which lesbian flick? I see nothing like that on her Wikipedia page


The Glass Room. Based on the novel by Simon Mawer. Only just wrapped shooting.


Hopefully Carice does too. It would more than make up for her staying clothed in I Am Not A Bird.


Ella Purnell @ "Sweetbitter" s01e06 (No nudity)



any new update on Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno nude clips ??


Vida Finale
Tits from Mishel Prada, Melissa Barrera, and Maria-Elena Laas
Also some ass from Melissa


who the hell are these no names?


Nice topless debut by Mishel, but there could have been more from Melissa. There's a coyly shot sequence at the start of the episode where she undresses and puts on a towel without anything being shown. And considering how long the scene where she's lying down naked with a guy goes on, the shots of her butt and breasts are pretty fleeting.

I don't even remember seeing Chelsea Rendon in the finale. I think she ends the season having shown nothing, in spite of saying in at least one interview that her role required nudity. Considering the same thing happened with Ella Purnell on Sweetbitter, I suspect Starz made some edits to both shows.


They sign on for multiple seasons. If the contact includes nudity it doesn't guarantee they will be naked in season 1 or any season even. It just means that nude scenes can be written for their character and they will be expected to perform them.


Mishel was great! Glad she got her tits out.
Chelsea wasn’t in the finale. She never said she was going to have nudity, just that nudity in general was in the scripts.


Can't say anything about Ella's lack of nudity but I think Chelsea is probably more a fault of a shortened season. Most seasons on Starz are usually 10-12 episodes. Chelsea's character arc definitely seemed to be moving forward where she was getting more confidence and part of that would be getting more comfortable with her body like was talked about in the previous episode. Had the season been longer she probably would have had a nude scene and I think if the show gets a season 2 she will.


Ella Purnell's played a good game with the stinginess of sweet bitter season 1 now all I can think about is her naked body and - um - keeping each other warm.
And since we're throwing all our wildest desires in as potential developments - any nudity from Zooey deschanel, Alexis bledel, Natalie Portman, liz white, Caitlin Moran, Zadie smith, Linda cardellini, and flora Shedden?????


Any news on caity Lotz?


In a general sense or is there anything specific from her coming up?


Any Upcoming nudity from her


She's totally gonna go full frontal on Legends of Tomorrow next season.


But nobody is nude in legends of tomorrow till now..


Next season is XXX R Rated 18+.


Any news from Eva de Dominici or Alexandra Daddatio (Nomis)?


Catching up here.... Zendaya's role in that pilot, does it involve nudity or not?

Also, my old question again.... anything new out there about Newly Single & Molly Quinn?


I'm crossing my fingers for Zendaya nudity. It'd be quite the pleasant surprise.


Charlotte Vega in Provenance???


Watching trailer is almost sure she will be nude on movie.


I saw Welcome to curiosity yesterday on uk itunes. And I must say that they cut sex scene with Kacey Barnfield that was in all trailers for this film.


I received answer about this scene: "They are on the DVD/Blu-ray extras - available from HMV and Amazon in the UK from Monday 18 June"


Just the UK? Why do they do this to us?


Anything from Amrita Acharia?


Dammit! They also cut a Medea Novak full nude scene from the Slovenia film "Inferno" (2014).

At 52 seconds, that scene doesn't exist on any DVD 🙁


Ouch, always sucks when that happens. Just think of all that footage sitting on some hard drive somewhere.


Anyone notice Dakota Johnson topless in the trailer for Bad Times at the El Royale? At 1:37, a lot of people in a field, she's on the far left with her top open and you briefly see her full boob. I know she's done lots of nudity but she's hot so I'm not against more from her! (Plus the movie looks fun)


Sure, that's Dakota Johnson?


It's a bit hard to tell. Doesn't really make sense for that to be her in the context of the rest of the trailer.

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That’s clearly some kinda trance / delusion sequence so anyone could be doing anything


Leem Lubany @ "Condor" s01e01 (No nudity)



Eréndira Ibarra not going naked in Either of Sense8 seasons will go down as the mosy saddest parts.
She looked beautiful in season 1 and 2,not sure what happened to her for this finale however


SHe could have been nude. Guess, she didn't want to do it.


Idk if anyone has mentioned this but possible nudity from Anne Hathaway in "Serenity". There's a scene in the trailer where she disrobes and it looks like they edited in panties, suggesting she isn't wearing any in the actual film


theres another scene with jason clark checking bruises on her body, looks like the same cg blue bra and panties. Doubt she'd go full nude but hey who knows


I want to see her ass. Looked great in the bit we got in Sex and Other Drugs and fantastic in The Dark Knight Rises.


Looks like CGI to me as well in this scene. Love me some Anne H boobs!


She hasn't been naked in a quite a while - maybe it's time again?


There is a show being written right now that has 40+ sex/nude scenes in the first two seasons by 10+ main characters both male and female ( 5+ each). The show will have 4-6 seasons and should be ready to be shopped around by the end of the year. It is a dark fantasy action/drama mixed with elements of Sparatacus, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.


I’m writing a show with 100,000 nude scenes in the first episode.


It is a comedy/noir think piece with elements of Around the World in 80 days and Born on the Fourth of July.


The show wil have 27 seasons of 2 episodes each and will be shot by the end of this month.


Is it a "Barney & Friends" reboot? That sounds like the Barney I know ...


Could you see a role played by my favorite actress (i.e. the one my initials are for)?

Also, is it all straight sex or is it a mix of straight along with lesbian/gay sex?


Mostly straight, but some others is sprinkled in at the moment....And to be honest I don't really picture Alexandra for any of the parts... I could put together a dream cast list but it wouls soley be based on the physical appearance of the actor or actress based on the time period this takes place in...


as well as how I picture the characters looking


I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but on the off chance you're not I'm going to assume you're talking about The Witcher. There's over a dozen sex scenes in the games, and apparently the books are even more graphic.


It couldn't be The Witcher because he said it's been shopping around, and The Witcher is already picked up by Netflix


In the unlikely event that you aren't talking out your ass I'm going to guess it could possibly be Dune?


Not Dune, since there are already working on big screen film adaptations with Denis Villeneuve at the helm.


Let us know when you finish writing it!!!


not trolling....I am the co writer on the series....its not Dune or The Witcher....it's an original adaptation from a public domain characters...and Im sure IF we can find a production company and buyer that it's going to stir up some controversy.


Everbody knows when you write a show you dont just write the pilot and shop it, you write AT LEAST the first 2 seasons.


If you'e telling the truth ..

it's a very smart move, imo. Producers are not realizing, for obvious reasons, that NOW is just about the very best for an indie produce to make an erotic movie/series, particularly one that has A LOT of great female nudity. Of-course, I realize that sounds like a nudity lover just clamoring for female skin.. but no, actually. I have a lot of movie industry/business experience myself and it tells me that NOW is the time for this, believe it or not. It's that age old business saying.. when the whole crowd moves one way.. go the OTHER WAY. 😉


The people here amaze me.


The show is extremely unique. It's storyline is written in a way that hits all the points in current media... a diverse cast ... feminism ... strong male and female leads... equal nudity from both male and female characters... it pulls many different eras of history that spans 300 years... the nudity (IMO) isn't crucial to the story and could be written out of tamed down but I think it would take away from the shock and twist of doing this series in a way that has never been done before. I also think this is the perfect time for a series like this with the popularity of other shows in the same genre that has been highly succesful. As for your comment spyral... the sex scenes and nude scenes are similar to Banshee/Game of Thrones/Spartacus scenes... The world we have created is very free with nudity/sex because of how the story progresses through the seasons and because of the imminant danger most of the cast is in for the entirity of the series. Obviously it is going to be a couple years before theres a possibilty of it being on a network but my fingers are crossed.


Tell us a bit about the sex scenes? How explicit? Good luck to you!


I’m tottaly obsessed with her ! My milly


Does anyone have any information where to look NU ( first episode was shown today, 08.06.2018, in French service).

More info - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7420880/


English Subtitles anyone ?


Let us know if you find any. Im interested to know what theyre saying as well!


search Nu S01E01 on ygg


Google - Nu S01E01 FRENCH HDTV


Two first episodes are avaliable in OCS a vod french app, but I think that soon will be published in many free streaming webs...


But it's in french and only airs in france. Do you know any streaming webs that might have it?


Emilia Clarke! Emilia Clarke! Emilia Clarke! ?


Oh, for crap's sake just go rewatch her already numerous nude scenes!


I’m done with that pal


Man, you're in luck. In the the 2 days since you last asked, she's signed onto 6 projects full of nudity.


Gimme the source please?


"Clarke has signed on to do four new films and two new series, both of which will feature the Game of Thrones actress doing full frontal nudity and performing explicit sexual acts." -from an article on Variety published earlier


I can't find the article. Can you share the link?


I hear it's going to be brutal anal and creampie ass spread.


Tell me the List?


I’m excited about the one she signed on to with Vivid


Kelli gone blonde for that role - fingers crossed

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Any further details on Tania Raymonde in Goliath S02, scheduled for release next Friday?