Kate Can’t Swim Nudity Review

About an hour into Kate Can’t Swim, Celeste Arias takes some photos of Jennifer Allcott and eventually goes down on her. Jennifer’s top is partially off and we can see her breasts briefly. There are also a bunch of topless photos of random women shown around 43 minutes in and one of them may be of Jennifer.

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I wouldn't count on Sophie Turner ever getting naked in Game of Thrones. Is there any precedent for a child actor growing up in a role and eventually getting naked in the same role as an adult? The first thing that comes to mind is maybe like...Meadow Soprano? But Season 1 Meadow is still way older than Season 1 Sansa, and Meadow never actually went nude. I just can't imagine the show runners asking a girl they have directed since she was 12 to get her kit off.


yeah... i think you're right. Even Morgan Saylor didn't go full nude in Homeland but she did do White Girl so maybe Sophie can do something like that. Highly unlikely though since her career has taken off more than Morgan's


Ironically Morgan played young Meadow on the Sopranos.


wow no new nudity on tv this week, that is rare


Nothing on Power again?


Recapped tweeted yesterday that there's no nudity in tonight episode.


I'll be glad when "Game of Thrones" is over so its obsessed fans won't have any reason to turn every post into a bullshit session.


New trailers for Ray Donovan strongly hints at naked Lili Simmons in the shower, so fingers crossed.


hope that's gonna true...n it's better if she'll show her full naked body doing a sex scene(riding a guy)..she's already made my pant harden before..this time also she'll delivers for sure.....


I would rather see a doggystyle scene. We have seen cowgirl more than once.


I will drink for that!


Any screencaps of Aubrey Plaza in Little Hours, yet? I dunno if it was mentioned in a previous post.

Also, any word on We Have Always Lived in the Castle, at the very least upcoming festival screening rumors?


Anything from Elizabeth Olsen?


Sansa, please show yourself.


We have official nude scene of the year guys in Got ep 5 but it's brief but still makes it up


On second thought this is probably bullshit. Only 3 episodes have confirmed nudity and episode 5 is not among them.


Apparently it's "bullshit GOT rumors" time once again.


but episode 5 is not on the nude releases calendar


Hopefully this is not bs and it involves someone who hasn't gotten naked before.


more info please..


Do go on...


who is it?


From 4chan:

Nathalie Emmanuel: Her character has "sex" with a man (Grey Worm) - episode 2, tits and ass

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers: Soldiers take her clothes off and execute her - episode 3, tits

Sophie Turner: Sansa takes a bath while Littlefinger watches her. - episode ?, tits and ass

Hannah Murray: Sex with Sam - episode ?, sideboob and ass

Emilia Clarke: Changes her clothes - episode 7, tits

Is this accurate recapped?


Sophie T&A? oh man I hope this is true. She is the last one I want to see from the show.


Spoilers, dude. Some of us don't just watch it for the nudity.


A naked Sophie Turner would be the biggest shocker in the show's history.


as long as it's not CGI like Cersei's I would be shocked as well.


Every year the same rumors about Sophie Turner nude debut, but never happens.


sophie turner and emilia clarke seem so highly unlikely but the other three could be possible


Is Emilia that unlikely? She was topless last season and naked in a movie this year.


Emilia has a sex scene in the finale. The others other than Nathalie mentioned above are doubtful. At least leaks haven't mentioned those details yet and the leaks have covered a lot of ground.


Source for Emilia sex scene (with Jon?) in finale?!
ACTUALLY... 'leaks' have mentioned the Rosabell scenario. She is captured, stripped in front of Cersei and forced to take the same poison Myrcella died from... I dont know WHICH leaks are legit or not though since there are SO many.
Nathalie is clearly the only one that is definitely going to happen.
I doubt Sophie will get naked on GOT sadly cause showrunners consider her a daughter. What i KNOW is it wont happen in the manner this guy 'knows'. Now there might be a scene like that but then we wont see nudity... IF Sansa is naked on GOT it will be EMPOWERING with her in CONTROL. Like Sansa seducing Littlefinger (perhaps like Margaery in S2). Most likely to kill him after... THAT is the only scenario i could see happening. I doubt we are getting Sansa / Jon either. and if we are they wont show skin (incest you know... its 'BAD')

Gilly action seems most far out of the way. What exactly would the plotpoint for it be? Sam gets caught and thrown out of the citadel?! Well luckily we saw Hannah's ass at least.


Typical 4chan bullshit. Never believe anything you see there.


I hate it when people make up fake nudity rumors. Why do they do it, what do they gain by doing this?


The confirmed nudity in Comrade Detective wouldn't happen to be Jenny Slate would it?