Katherine Heigl in Side Effects

Well here is the first of those exclusives I mentioned earlier. There are two scenes in Side Effects where Katherine Heigl kinda gets naked.

In the first scene, Katherine dances around and strips. You see a brief peak at the side of her breasts and bit of her left nipple. Then, as it fades to black, you see the top of Katherine’s butt as she takes off her panties.

Then there is the ‘love’ scene which is mostly just making out in the dark. You only see the top of Katherine breasts from the side. It then switches to an angle behind Katherine and you see most of her left breast from the back side. In the commentary, the director (a woman of course) mentions that they were gonna cut this scene but instead they just settled for a shortened version.

Although I’m sure it will spread around (please credit this site), clips of these scenes are only available on capped.com due to the very high cost of the DVD.

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i am very strange about see that pic i don’t belive is it true


It seems to me that we haven't really seen any more than in some of those photoshoots she did a few years ago. There were several shots of her topless with a hand over the nipple or side-view from the back.