Katheryn Winnick by Fabrizio Ferri for Spirit & Flesh

And now for something slightly different: here is a photoshoot of Katheryn Winnick by Fabrizio Ferri for Spirit & Flesh. You may have seen some of these images elsewhere but this is the full editorial except for the cover. And if you look closely, you can maybe see a bit more than intended.

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Any nudity in The Beguiled (2017) ?


hi, anyone knows if Eliza Taylor shows anything in the upcoming movie "Thumper" releasing in Tribeca next month?


So "Billions" is supposed to have nudity on Sunday. Any idea who?


from most to least likely:
1) anonymous strippers at depraved hedge-fund event
2) bare-assed businessman doing something rich people do - getting out of pool, sitting in sauna, exiting fancy glass shower
3) hooker/escort
4) Malin Ackerman
5) Paul Giamatti full frontal
6) Maggie Siff


Ashley Greene and Eve Harlow hook up in next week's episode of Rogue. We're gonna get a Lesbian kiss at the very least


Is that Bono's daughter? The nurse from The Knick?


Looks like you can see a bit of Katheryn's nip in left side of #4.
And #5 is sorta seethru.


I dont see any nipple


See what? I dont see any nudity