Knock Knock Nudity Review

About 35 minutes into Knock Knock, Keanu Reeves enters his bathroom and encounters a wet and topless Ana de Armas. Keanu then turns around and is greeted by a naked Lorenza Izzo. They then have sex but most of the nudity is shot close up and with quick edits. The next day, Ana and Lorenza open their robes and press their breasts against a window in the background while Keanu is on the phone. Knock Knock is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Sasha Alexander in Shameless?


If anything on Sasha it wouldn't be till episode 11 based on shooting schedule and her tweets about emmy rossum giving her love making lessons


I could be wrong and I'm no moderator here, but I believe it's not allowed to discuss torrents here.


full frontal of sienna guillory... it seems the wrong version is on the net, the pivot version which only contains breast but the sky atlantic version has full frontal. anyone have it. please


Just posted in the CNDB picture and video forum. Credit to Zorg.


Anybody got a torrent link to the full ep of the Sky Atlantic version of Fortitude?


Just watched the cam-quality trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5. There is a scene of what looks like Sophie Turner laying down in a bath tub - We only see her head in the trailer, but is it possible we might see more in the show? I'm not optimistic, but it's a thought


At what point in the trailer?


Sheet, the SIenna Guillory full frontal scene is butchered in the online version. It's full frontal in the sky atlantic one, but we don't have it yet! Someone upload please!!! 🙂


Any new on Sarah Silverman in "I Smile Back"? Reviews are already coming in from Sundance.


Supposedly there's a scene where she's "wandering naked" and another where she's examining her tits in the mirror. Don't know if the nudity is shown though.


any news about keri russell in the americans season 3?


Still on basic cable so sideboob and butt at the most


Jennifer Connelly in Aloft?


She doesn't show anything.


We know since a lot of months that she has a sex scene doggy style in the start of the movie. But not bare breast visible.


Nicole kidman's full-frontal in stranger land? Bush or shaved?


uff, dont jump the gun, buddy. It might just be covered nudity.


Any news on the loft this weekend? I know from a trailer a while back Isabelle Lucas looks to be getting naked any others?


Can anyone confirm nudity by Saoirse Ronan in "Brooklyn" at Sundance? An EW article mentions it being a new adult direction for her, "complete with a sex scene to prove it". Can anyone expand on this?