Lady Macbeth Nudity Review

Florence Pugh has lots of sex scenes in Lady Macbeth but the nudity shown is rather disappointing.

03 mins – Florence removes her nightgown and we get a long shot of her ass and some sideboob.

10 mins – More ass from Florence.

16 minsNaomi Ackie shows her ass and maybe more.

20 mins – Brief right breast in the bath from Florence.

22 mins – Now Florence’s left breast is shown during a sex scene.

25 mins – Florence is topless but we only see a bit of sideboob during a sex scene.

28 mins – Naomi glimpses Florence having sex through a keyhole. There may be some brief nudity from Florence.

29 mins – Florence shows her ass briefly while getting out of bed.

45 mins – More ass from Florence getting out of bed and some right sideboob too.

58 mins – Florence is nude in bed while embraced with her lover but no actual nudity is shown.

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It could be worse


...It could be raining.


Well, that's disappointing.

But I am loving all of these updates. Keep it up, recapped.


So Basically ASS!