Lie With Me in HDTV

Here is a brief snippet of Lauren Lee Smith from one of the more talked about scenes in Lie with Me. This is from an HD source so it should be slightly clearer. We will eventually get around to doing all the clips again from HDTV.

The full screen version also aired at the same time and that appeared to be pan & scan with no extra top and bottom detail.

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wished she would go down on me


Excellent movie! It's a MUST! Get it in your video club ASAP, or buy it or sth! I really enjoyed it!



First time around and so far so good, recently I have the chance to see this movie -Lie with Me- and I most say: You have to see it! ASAP, is absolutly delightfull!, after seen Chiristy and The L Word or even XMen you never imagine Lauren portraying a character like Leila as she does!, is just fantastic!, a very tastefull, well done, love story, with a french air and summer colors plus great performances!. Excelent choice for any time.

Best wishes to all,



plz i rly need it