Linda So in Love Actually… Sucks!

After teasing you for weeks with non-explicit nudity from Sexual Chronicles, here is Linda So all kinds of naked and giving a real explicit blowjob in the uncut version of Love Actually… Sucks!

“Everyone asked why it was so real. The secret is: It was all real!” says director Scud with a smile. “Linda So was at first concerned if she was going to be able to do it -– she was. The scene took five takes to film, and Haze Leung quipped, ‘One more take and I would have cum.’ When we were done, Linda and Haze collapsed in laughter. They are real professionals.”

Linda was also nude in the previous Scud film, Amphetamine. Sherry Li aka Sherry Lee, who had nude scenes in Glamorous Youth, is naked here in several scenes having sex with her character’s brother. Unfortunately, all the sex is simulated. Lareine Xu and Celia Chang also have a shower scene together but you can only really see their asses behind the frosted shower glass. And as with every Scud film, there is a ton of male nudity.

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please post all the sex scenes of this movie.....


fuck me ahahahah


can we see the sherry li scenes as well?


wow can you suck my cock as well? 🙂


that's really stiff acting at the end (pardon the pun)


Gotta love scenes that are like

"Yup, just screwed for 2 minutes and ended with a blowjob, time to play darts."


#Brodo why can't all women be that co operative?


Thanks for the video.Post the other actresses from this movie,if possible.