Lizzie Nudity Review

About an hour into Lizzie, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny have a heavy makeout session in the hay but remain clothed.

At around 84 minutes, there is a long scene where Chloë is naked so she doesn’t get blood on her clothes. We see Chloë’s breasts and ass as she does Lizzie Borden things and then cleans up after. Later, as Chloë walks up the stairs, we might be able to see full frontal but it is dark and shadowy.

At 92 minutes, Kristen follows suit by getting naked so her clothes remain blood-free but she only shows her breasts.

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Hi Recapped,
Is there any more info on Eleanor Tomlinson's topless scene in Colette? Did we get a good view of her breasts? Or are they covered up in some way?


According to Mr Skin Chloë is not naked in The Miseducation of Cameron Post:

(0:02) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard begin making out.
(0:05) Chloe Grace Moretz making out in the backseat with Quinn Shephard fingering her. Moretz has her panties taken down under her dress.
(0:21) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard making out. Moretz on top with Quinn Shephard’s left breast visible.
(1:00) Marin Ireland begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in a dream. Then Emily Skeggs begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in bed and then fingering her. Both full clothed.


Don't expect anything from the Democratic/feminist/libtard Chloe. She will never show nudity. The bunch of Hollywood's feminist actresses killed female nudity on screen.
How many of them will downvote me? I'd say... 30 or 40? lol


Chloe already has a nipslip from a movie plus a slight seethrough from some red carpet-type photos. Still, my downvote is more for "libtard" and for trying to use feminist and democratic as pejoratives.


Honestly, what is the point of comments like this?


fully clothed sex scenes are the worst.


Couldn't agree more.


Is there cunnilingus?


I couldn’t recall who Quinn Shephard was, so I looked her up. I remember her from the TV show Hostages. She’s really cute - looking forward to this movie now.


Not surprised considering it screened on Monday and Recapped hasn’t posted anything since Monday.


Quinn Shephard Nice


I am underwhelmed as always.


Anything soon from Lea Seydoux?


I really hate repeating myself but I really would like an answer.

Rachel Keller and Amber Midthunder (and Aubrey Plaza if you're into her) on Legion (FX).


Legion? The entire first season had no real nudity. I don't have any solid info, but I wouldn't get my hopes up...


Rachel Keller showed her butt in the first season


Like I said, no real nudity.


Showing ass in a movie scene counts as real nudity.


Go showing your butt in public and while the cops are cuffing you keep protesting that it wasn't real nudity.


Louise Bourgoin in L'un dans l'autre (2017)


Bless French Cinema


She’s like the French version of Alexandra Daddario. I like. 😀


I find her very likeable.


Anything in 120 bpm(Adele Haenel or Aloise Sauvage)?


Terminal with Margot Robbie just got a distributor RLJE Films. I think it’s one that buys specialty niche films that go to streaming because they don’t have mainstream appeal. They bought Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99.


Emanuela Postacchini @ "The Alienist" s01e01


Does anyone have pictures of Aisling Knights nude scene in World of Hurt? According to some old comments ( she seems to have a great nude scene in the movie.


no luck...but still searching....if anyone can find the clips,please post it....


Stacy Martin in Redoubtable (2017)