Lizzie Nudity Review

About an hour into Lizzie, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny have a heavy makeout session in the hay but remain clothed.

At around 84 minutes, there is a long scene where Chloë is naked so she doesn’t get blood on her clothes. We see Chloë’s breasts and ass as she does Lizzie Borden things and then cleans up after. Later, as Chloë walks up the stairs, we might be able to see full frontal but it is dark and shadowy.

At 92 minutes, Kristen follows suit by getting naked so her clothes remain blood-free but she only shows her breasts.

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Hi Recapped,
Is there any more info on Eleanor Tomlinson's topless scene in Colette? Did we get a good view of her breasts? Or are they covered up in some way?


According to Mr Skin Chloë is not naked in The Miseducation of Cameron Post:

(0:02) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard begin making out.
(0:05) Chloe Grace Moretz making out in the backseat with Quinn Shephard fingering her. Moretz has her panties taken down under her dress.
(0:21) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard making out. Moretz on top with Quinn Shephard’s left breast visible.
(1:00) Marin Ireland begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in a dream. Then Emily Skeggs begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in bed and then fingering her. Both full clothed.


Don't expect anything from the Democratic/feminist/libtard Chloe. She will never show nudity. The bunch of Hollywood's feminist actresses killed female nudity on screen.
How many of them will downvote me? I'd say... 30 or 40? lol


Chloe already has a nipslip from a movie plus a slight seethrough from some red carpet-type photos. Still, my downvote is more for "libtard" and for trying to use feminist and democratic as pejoratives.


Honestly, what is the point of comments like this?


fully clothed sex scenes are the worst.


Couldn't agree more.


Is there cunnilingus?


I couldn’t recall who Quinn Shephard was, so I looked her up. I remember her from the TV show Hostages. She’s really cute - looking forward to this movie now.


Not surprised considering it screened on Monday and Recapped hasn’t posted anything since Monday.


Quinn Shephard Nice


I am underwhelmed as always.


Anything soon from Lea Seydoux?


I really hate repeating myself but I really would like an answer.

Rachel Keller and Amber Midthunder (and Aubrey Plaza if you're into her) on Legion (FX).


Legion? The entire first season had no real nudity. I don't have any solid info, but I wouldn't get my hopes up...


Rachel Keller showed her butt in the first season


Like I said, no real nudity.


Showing ass in a movie scene counts as real nudity.


Go showing your butt in public and while the cops are cuffing you keep protesting that it wasn't real nudity.


Bless French Cinema


She’s like the French version of Alexandra Daddario. I like. 😀


I find her very likeable.


Anything in 120 bpm(Adele Haenel or Aloise Sauvage)?


Terminal with Margot Robbie just got a distributor RLJE Films. I think it’s one that buys specialty niche films that go to streaming because they don’t have mainstream appeal. They bought Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99.


Emanuela Postacchini @ "The Alienist" s01e01


Does anyone have pictures of Aisling Knights nude scene in World of Hurt? According to some old comments ( she seems to have a great nude scene in the movie.


no luck...but still searching....if anyone can find the clips,please post it....


Stacy Martin in Redoubtable (2017)


Any word on who gets naked in Altered Carbon? Half the reviews of the show released yesterday were in near apoplexy about the amount of nudity.


I hope that Recapped will provide us with the details on who else gets naked besides Dichen Lachman.


+1 for your use of the word apoplexy


I'm not just a pretty face... 😉


Dichen Lachman is topless a couple of times... an early trailer had her nipples in it (seemingly by accident)


Honestly, Dichen is one of the most underrated beauties in all of Hollywood. I don’t believe it’s possible to make her look bad (even in The 100, she looked amazing even though she was covered in mud and dirt). Hopefully this is the role that gets her more recognition.


Sounds like Dichen will be more than topless:

“Then there’s the nudity where I’m completely naked. I’m completely naked, from head to toe, and you see everything,” she reiterates with a laugh, “So when you’re fighting naked with a weapon, and there are pieces of glass which aren’t glass but silicon pieces that turn in sand when they break, it’s very slippery; the entire floor feels like you’re walking on ice…”

...Lachman admits that there was an initial psychological hindrance on her part to get over the nudity, and credits the progress to her on-screen character, who “would have no problems doing that”.


oh i hope it will be better than anything she did so far ....


man I hope so, had a long time thing for Dichen - even bewbs will be awesome, but if she's really fully nude I'll probably need a few days off work! 🙂


I made an account on this site just to say this,i'm so dissapointed in the atmosphere of this site in the last couple of months that it's a hazzle even coming here because of the same 2-3 assholes who post the same useless drivel over and over and over again in all the articles and they still aren't banned even though they bring absolutely nothing of value to this site,that's why i prefer checking out other nudity sites even though they come later,i hope something is done with this because it's absolutely unbearable,i'm glad the possivility of a forum has come out so that maybe the people like me who only want to read about upcoming nudity scenes or gifs and not vomit inducing drivel can finally enjoy being on this site again .


I joined recently too (after following for a long time) because of that and the talk of a forum. If they're going to have a forum and NOT moderate it, that would destroy the site, trust me. We all know the names that are going to ruin things and exactly how they're going to ruin things. There are plenty of places on the internet for different types of conversations and topics. Go to those places for those things. It's *NOT* censorship to enforce rules.


Interrupting conversations/arguments with banning only one side's comments with reasoning, and proof, and letting the other side write their stuff however they want is *NOT* enforcing rules, but the worst type of censorship. Also I'm all in for a forum. With that everythign could be sorted, and there could be a thread where resaonable people could discuss all of this. I mean without banning opinions.


Identity politics from either side are fucking toxic nowadays and I'd rather not have this shit anywhere but so is censorship. In order to have the censorship you want you got to have people who want to enforce it and usually these people are either assholes or worse, dogmatic moral crusaders.

I'd rather have that mere annoyance than a forum that will be enveloped by bitterness and hate the identity politics nutjobs could potentially bring if they control the community.

The solution is simple, after a number of downvotes just hide the post automatically. If people want they can click and still read it, if not they ignore it,


Maybe define drivel?

For instance, I personally have tried to post things that, I think, are relevant and interesting conversation regarding female screen nudity but not everything I post is about a specific nude scene, per se. Are you saying if all the people aren't speaking directly and exclusively about actual nude scenes that have or will occur, then they should not post anything? That's not sarcasm, I'm actually curious if that's what you're saying.

How do we know what constitutes drivel? What's drivel to you... is maybe not so much drivel for me, or others.


Heres's another tip. Ask yourself "Have I already complained about this topic that I'm going to complain about?" and "Have I complained about it 15 times already?"

If so... then yeah, maybe you should stop posting.


here's a tip. you should stop posting.


The number of upvotes should clearly show how sick people are of the whining from Dave993 etc. Hopefully the site admins take notice and do something about it. I know these comments are moderated, a couple of weeks ago I replied to a vimeo post of "Veronica la Very - Damsel-In-Distress" with a gif I'd made of just the money shot of her walking up in the nude and punching the guy in the face. My post was blocked by the admins. Personally I loved the scene, total baller, but in hindsight I can see how controversial that could be, and recognise it was probably more trouble than it was worth.

Anyways, my point is that there's clearly oversight here, and hopefully something gets done soon to filter out some of the repetitive nonsense from the whiners here.

Keep up the good work Recapped, btw, your news is always welcome!


I hear you. I posted that original video, Damsel-In-Distress, and also thought it was a fantastic scene and clever short! I was also surprised by some of the comments.


Totally rad clip!


The whining about the whining is just as annoying.


No, the actual whining is worse, because it serves no real purpose besides venting for a couple of guys who think they are the ones being discriminated against. This is not a political forum, it's not the Congress floor and it's not a Hollywood movie studio board room. It's a small celebrity nude news site. Complaining about this issue here, over and over and over again, does nothing to change anything for anyone.


I don't know anywhere where pervs can discuss the politics of nudity. Just like here everyone whines if the topic is brought up. If anyone knows a good place for it please share.


We talk about it plenty on ELMS
Just keep it to your own topic. If no one other than crickets respond, then you know you're not sparking any interest, but as long as you don't infect the other threads you'll be fine. The current mods are pretty damned wide in the berth they give to topics and posts.


Shit man if you find out let me know. I've been banned from forums for discussing it.

Like say the idea of Natalie Portman having filmmakers remove nudity from their scripts to the extent of having the director of Closer delete nude scenes after she'd filmed them. Where else can one discuss stuff like that but on a celeb nudity forum.

That's why I love the idea of a forum, I love the idea of it being moderated but I also hope there would be sub forums to discuss politics or whatever on. Like "this isn't the place for that, take it to the _____ sub forum" ya know?

No need for clogging up threads with irrelevant arguments and no need for full on censorship if there are appropriate places to discuss such things.


just seen the Newly Single People trailer with Molly Quinn.... looked like the movie had some nudity & sexual scenes, is it known if Molly's in any of them?


Oh please let there be. Saw the trailer, I really hope it's her, but I don't want to get my hopes up


I don't think the nude chick is her (the blonde maybe) but it looked like there could be a sexy scene (the shot of the dude's head between a chicks legs looked to be a similar lighting to Molly's first shot in the trailer.


How dare actress only show bob and not baginer? Feminist hate man love of baginer.


Dear sir or madam, the correct term is vegana, I emplore you to use the correct scientific terms and not some hanky-panky slang that embarrasses everyone. Thank you.


Correction, cahooter


I will never complain about getting to see Kristen Stewart naked. She's incredibly hot. And Chloe Sevigny isn't too shabby, either. Though until this moment, I thought Amanda Seyfried was the other woman in this movie for some reason. Maybe because she was naked in a movie called Chloe?


Thx for the review recapped.
I don't think that we get any nudity in The Miseducation of Cameron Post.
But still waiting for your review


Can you fully describe the makeout session between Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny ?


did their bobs touch?


Could someone post this so called female full frontal scene from high maintenance because I'm watching this newest episode for the third time and I still only see some boobs and many male full nudity scenes.


Any nudity in Miseducation of Cameron Post?


Read some reviews online...seems highly unlikely.
We may get some clothed sex scenes but I highly doubt any nudity.


Why do people cry about lack on nudity on the comments? Nobody wants to listen to you whine. If you have relevant information or questions feel free to share but dont whine about lack of female nudity in the comment section.


It is better to whine about whining lol


Because female nudity in movies/TV shows is seriously lame today? I'm not surprised people cry about it.


Please stop giving this troll attention.


I’m sorry are you a moderator, or has Recapped bestowed any measure of authority upon your shoulders? Because your only ‘contributions’ to this site are post after post of trying to dictate what represents ‘relevant’ discussion, and attempting to silence other commentators. If you don’t like the contents of these discussions, and they so offend you, why don’t you stop visiting this site?


I think the -10 votes for Dave and the +30 for darkstar represent the overall feeling that darkstar is expressing with his *REQUEST* that people stop giving the troll attention. You don't have to be a moderator or have authority to express a desire for trolls to stop posting. If you think that requesting that trolls stop posting is authoritarian, you might be a troll yourself.

Seriously guys, *THIS* is exactly what I am talking about when I say things like "if you're going to make a forum, it had darned well better be moderatored" If you're going to start a forum and NOT send these guys PM's saying "hey, you're making this place worse with your banter, cool it" and eventually, after a half dozen ignores of your request to behave, eventually temp-ban and then perma-ban them... then *DO NOT* make a forum.

It's a headache-inducing job, but it's worth it. I did it for 5-ish years at clublez and, while headache-inducing at times, as long as you're even-handed and patient, people GENERALLY respond. The regulars will take pride in their community and the newbies will be put in line. Darkhorizons is a great example of a site that regularly has good comments sections *because* they have loose guidelines that are regularly enforced (loose meaning they give a wide berth, but they don't turn a blind eye).
I'd love to see Recapped follow suit, but ONLY if they do it right.
Right now, clicking on the comments section gives everyone a sour taste in their stomach BECAUSE of people like Dave. Soon, we'll cope by finding entertainment in downvoting the trolls and responding with vitriolic replies. Once clicking on the comments section turns into "I can't wait to tell off the trolls" then your site is gone and will turn toxic as hell, kinda like what happened to Cracked from 2013-2015. That site used to be amazing, now it's disgusting.


I don’t understand why there’s so much hatred to anyone who wants to discuss how cultural, social, and political trends might impact female nudity. Like, I think that’s much more interesting than people spamming the comments with the same questions about upcoming nudity.


Discuss? Maybe. But that's not what you are doing. But you fred and Dave are just complaining. And then you get very defensive when anyone disagrees with you. That's not wanting to discuss. It's venting and spamming.


Really, that's what the site is for? Show me the website charter where that's spelled out, please. Correction: that's what YOU want the site to be for. Others want to talk about other nudity-related topics. No one's stopping you from using the site how you want to use it, so what's your problem?

I fail to see how discussing trends in female nudity on a female-nudity site is "political BS." Seems like you're just really, really sensitive on this subject, which is strange. A forum would be welcome, if only so that people who are interested in discussing this relevant topic can do so without being berated.


Well that is what the site is for. Go spread your political BS somewhere else.


This is exactly why we need a forum.


I don't understand who the hell everybody said there is no nudity in Red Sparrow , the movie is not out yet , why everyboby thinks an R rated movie with nudity and sex in the novel will be a B serie with Hollywood prudish spirit ? I don't understand why everybody thinks that , because Jennifer has said in interview that she was not ready for Red Sparrow after her leaked pictures scandal but she thinks it was right time for her to play more mature woman , so ...
She shows her breast in mother and I think it will be very hypocrit to not respect novel, averybody have already seen her nude , I don't see where is the problem with this movie !!!


no full frontal from Kristen? I'm disappointed...


Thanks recapped.


Rumors going around that Lia Marie Johnson is nude in Louisiana Caviar?


I really fucking hope so, that would be beyond words.


Well That's..underwhelming..again. I like to see Kristen Stewart nude as much as possible, especially in a sex scene. We are not getting that here and haven't really got that since "On The Road". I hope we do soon. For now, well at least we are getting breasts and a heavy Lesbian makeout session. I hope the film gets great reviews. Thanks for the review Recapped. Appreciate it.


Emanuela Postacchini shows ass and some implied nudity on the 1st ep of The Alienist.


Any news on Submission with Addison Timlin?


One of the Reviewer...
This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Denver Film Festival premiere "Submission." In a quick summary, writer/director, Richard Levine adaptation of Francine Prose 2006 novel, "Blue Angel," is a bold conversation starter. I found myself laughing at Stanley Tucci performance as the drowning, some-what famous college professor. Laughing in a sense, of relatability. Tucci delivery of the film's narration and in-head page reads were on point. The entire movie Tucci's character deals with an inner struggle of feeling CLICHÈ and washed-up. His performance comes off very personable. You trust this character...

As the movie progress and the lines of student and teacher relations become blurred, actor, Addison Timlin begins to steal the show. Her performance is not just mesmerizing, but manipulative.

Without saying any more about the overarching story, the scenes between Tucci and Timlin were designed in a way to create a conversation. Sexual harassment, the power within that situation and becoming the clichè you don't think you are, are discussed on screen in several different lights.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the Denver Film Festival screening and would suggest this film to most moviegoers. Enjoy!


Has there been anything said about Emily Bett Rickard's lesbian movie? it was shown recently IIRC


What about Chloë Moretz in "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" and Elle Fanning in "I Think We're Alone Now"? Thanks


What's interesting to me about this is, they are not saying.. 'sex scenes are unnecessary, degrading, etc etc". If this was the 1990s.. that is basically what they would, most likely, be saying. They aren't. In-fact, I notice that they are basically talking about the before and after of the sex scene itself. Hence, a female approach? But still.. there's a sex scene. Doubt it will have all that much of any blatant nudity...who knows, but still. The attitude about it is actually good for female nudity lovers, I would think. It's not a sex-negative attitude.


3 down votes? great. hey thanks.. thanks, a lot. appreciate it. good talk, guys. really... been great. :/


Thanks for review!