Loveless (Nelyubov) Nudity Review

Loveless aka Nelyubov is a Russian movie that won the Jury prize at Cannes and has quite a bit of nudity from its two female leads.

At 13 minutes, Maryana Spivak shows part of her ass as she puts her pants on after going potty. Then at 26 minutes, Maryana shows her bush briefly and more ass from the side as she is about to get waxed. Lastly, around 39 minutes in, Maryana is naked while having sex. The scene is super dark though so you can’t really see much. Maryana then gets up and walks to the window giving us a dark view of her ass. Maryana is then in the kitchen and we see her full frontal nude as she walks back to the bed. Maryana then shows more of her ass as she is on the bed. Finally, Maryana shows her breasts and bush briefly as she gets on top of her lover. The scene ends at around 47 minutes so there is almost 8 continuous minutes of Maryana naked but with bad lighting.

At 32 minutes, Marina Vasilyeva also has a super dark sex scene where we see her breasts. At 107 minutes, Marina is shown in her underwear from behind in the bathroom. Marina then removes her bra and we see her right breast briefly. Marina’s character is visibly pregnant in both of these scenes.

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Addison Timlin said in an interview that she has an extended nude scene in the upcoming movie Submission.


Anything on Newness or Demonios Tus Ojos/Sister of Mine? What about Under the Silver Lake?


Demonios out on DVD in Spain end of September


Molly's Game, The Deuce, Girlfriend Experience s2 - all premiering at TIFF next month.


someone can buy body of deceit on amazon and than uploaded.


Give me the movie link


Why? What kind of scenes does the movie have?


Good to hear. What about another Russian (Cannes2017) movie called "Krotkaya", eng: "A gentle creature"? Any nudity in this?


Seriously what's wrong with my post? Why all the minuses? Because of european cinema, the best cinema in the world? Seriously recapped, all the trolling should be dead.


no streaming available 🙁
DVD/BluRay no release date 🙁


Does Kristanna get naked in the movie?


Got episode 6 leaked.


are there any leak with good quality video & audio ? abc's link both are horrible better wait for next sunday


Chappaquiddick and Mercy/My Days of Mercy were added to TIFF, hopefully we get some positive Kate Mara news :).


Is it too early to know anything about Jessica Chastain in "Molly's Game"? Or Emilia Clarke and the rest of the cast in episode 7 of "Game of Thrones"? How about any news concerning Lili Simmons in "Ray Donovan"?


Did anyone found The Deuce?


Bump. If anyone's seen it, what's in it nudity wise?, full frontal, bush (real hopefully not merkin!). Thanks.


Holy shit, that's Hayley Kiyoko in a raunchy threesome.


Too bad Hayley has really let herself go. Her belly is a boner killer. #truth


This scene is even hotter than that Kate Micucci/Malin Ackerman threesome.


The movie is actually out on Blu-ray in Russia. Here's the video if someone wants it. Credit goes to Minuta.


thanxs mate for the link...


Thanks. Thought the movie might be out in Russia already but couldn't find anything.


Here's a couple of unrelated shots of Marina Vasilyeva from her Port magazine editorial. She's cute.