Luce Review

A little over an hour into Luce, Naomi Watts steps into the shower and we see her topless briefly. The very next scene, Naomi shows her breasts during a very dark and brief sex scene.

A few minutes later, Marsha Stephanie Blake strips off all her clothes in the school lobby and prances around during an episode. Marsha shows everything but might be wearing a merkin. We then see part of this scene again from another angle as it is shown on a laptop.

Finally, at around 97 minutes, Andrea Bang shows her right breast during a sex scene. It’s not very clear if Andrea shows nipple or not however as the scene is shown from someone else’s point of view.

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April 5 confirmed for Warrior then, Recapped?


Didn't they said it will air after GOT?


They did say that, but it's on the calendar now and one of the cast tweeted this back in December


Here's to the red mark next to Warrior 102 meaning even more Vanderham nudity.


Confirming the sad news - Mrskin added “To The Stars” to their Sundance no-nudity list.


Doesn't mean they actually saw it.
Probably just stolen from the earlier commenter like they did with their reviews.


To be fair here, we steal their reviews all the time.


Movie "Aniara" received an R rating for strong sexual content and graphic nudity. According to MrSkin we can expect nudity from many actresses.


Donnybrook has an early screening tomorrow (February 7) at IFC Center in New York, if someone wants to check it early (tickets are on sale). Limited theatrical release on February 15, VOD on February 22, as before.


Anything from Morgan Saylor in "Anywhere with you"? Out today on iTunes.


Film used to be called “We The Coyotes”. No nudity but Morgan is in undies/bikini a few times.


Kelli Berglund from Sundance/Vanity Fair interview about Now Apocalypse:

It's funny, the first time I had to do any sort of nude scene was at a party scene. We go to Palm Springs and I end up in the pool chicken fighting topless, and Yuli's looking for me, like oh God, where'd Carly go, there she is drunk in the pool. So that was my first time doing it, not only with the crew but then 40 plus extras.


Might be worth a mention (I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else)
Honey Pot Pie (currently out on VOD) has a few glimpses (mostly unflattering angles) of Jemima Kirke topless in the bathtub.


There goes any chance of live network nudity (not that it was really likely).


Oh, man. We could've potentially had Hailee Steinfeld nudity. I wasn't expecting full frontal but maybe side boob/butt. Oh, well.


Just got back from Sundance and can confirm NO nudity in the following:
- Big Time Adolescence
- To the Stars
- Wounds
- Sweetheart

At one point Kara Hayward does throw her top off, but its shot from the back so you can't really see anything


No nudity in To the Stars?

That's it, Christmas is canceled this year.


You’ve got to be shitting me. No nudity in ‘to the stars’ is a travesty.


Their should at least be a kiss scene


Any male nudity in Big Time Adolescence? Pete maybe?


But. Is. There. The jiggles?


Any kiss scenes an any of these movies?


Anyone have Charlene DeGuzman's butt scene from "Unlovable?"


From mrskin.

The following films are confirmed to NOT have any female nudity in them...

Late Night

Native Son

The Souvenir

Paradise Hills

Greener Grass

Give Me Liberty

Them That Follow

We Are Little Zombies

The Hole in the Ground

The Death of Dick Long

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil, and Vile



The following films also feature nudity, though we have yet to confirm the actresses nude in the film...

Honey Boy
The Mountain
The Wolf Hour
The Nightingale
Big Time Adolescence


they’ve already changed their minds about one of those films:


“(0:25) Emily Arlook in her bra in the backseat of a car.
(0:45) JULES in a sexy photo.
(1:01) Sydney Sweeney in her bra and panties seen because of an open door to the bathroom.”


I think the nudity in Animals may be from Amy Molloy, who plays Holli Grainger's sister - not from Holli herself or Alia Shawkat.

As for Big Time Adolescence, if it was the Sydney Sweeney nude scene from the script I think we would have heard by now - might be Emily Arlook or Brielle Barbusca.


Which character got naked in the script? Think I read that Sydney is playing the main kid’s older sister and ex-gf of Pete Davidson.


She plays the new gf of PD, not the main character's sister. One review I read was getting the actresses/characters confused though


Holly, the character played by Sydney. She is Pete’s on-off gf (not the sister, that’s a different character) but the scene is with the other younger lead.


Surely there's a simple way to confirm who's naked in Big Time Adolescence - "Did the girl have massive boobs?" then it's Sydney Sweeney!

Hopefully we get confirmation either way soon. My biggest worry is that the guy in the scene from the script was 17/18 at the time, not sure whether that would cause the producers to rewrite it. I'm pretty sure that the same age issue was why we never got a proper Sammi Hanratty nude scene in shameless.

As an aside, I've heard a whisper of a rumour about Holly Earl in Once Upon A Time in London. One to keep an eye on


Did they not see To The Stars?


What a great idea from the director of the masterful Burning - he shows the main actress with small natural breasts in one scene and amazing plastic surgery ones in a later scene. Apart from the great job by the surgeon I'm even more impressed by the metafictional fusion the director constructed by showing us this. They arent going away, yet were implanted for the purpose of the film.


They turned Christian Bale into an old fat man, unless they've made a point of giving a woman real surgery for a movie and used it in the marketing and talked about it in interviews, I'm calling bs on this one.


the actress had implants put in just for the film? or are you saying they put fakes over her tits for the later stuff?


She is clearly post op in the second topless scene. There is way to much movement and to much of a closeup to be cgi.


Surely it's more likely it's just damn good CGI rather than an actress legitimately had surgery for a part in a film as well as the the crew likely having to base shooting around the size of her tits?


I don't know. If she really wanted implants, it would be a great way to get someone else to pay for them, especially if she didn't want to do it the old fashioned way by being the girlfriend of some old rich dude until he pays for them. At the very least, she could deduct them as a business expense on her taxes. If she got audited, just show the auditor the movie.


Sebastian Stan, Jamie Bell, & Margaret Qualley Team With ‘Donnybrook’ Filmmaker For ‘The Chain’.

Let's hope they start a trend...


Mr. Skin's review confirms no nudity from Alice Englert (or anyone else) in Them That Follow. A shot of her bare back is apparently the closest call. Still no word on To the Stars. I think they usually post a full Sundance recap on the Monday after the festival closes, so hopefully we can expect that soon.


Their recap is up now. Looks like they just re-worded this site’s Luce review. Not much else interesting that hasn’t been posted yet.


Naomi Watts never disappoints. She truly is an eternal beauty. Hoping that she delivers in the Got Prequel as well


She even let Sean Penn suck on her nipples in "21 Grams (2003)."


That's a highlight alongwith her lovely stuff from Mullholand Drive


As predicted, some brief toplessness from Madeline Wise in tonight's Crashing.
Also Pete Holmes ass, which I don't think anyone was asking for.


Short reminder. "Wij" premieres this month.


Will you share more info about The Witcher, please?


Anything from the German series Dead Ends? Releases Feb 26th. Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) is the lead, she has done a little bit of nudity before.
Trailer here has male nudity -


I am from Germany i can rip it on the 26.02


Does anyone know when "The Favorite" is coming out in bluray?


March 5th


Anything on Crypto?


Charlotte Vega in Provenance.

Charlotte Vega in Provenance

Sorry for the quality, I guess it's not that simple to rip movies from iTunes as I thought. Hopefully someone uoloads it in better quality later on.


No need to apologise over quality, you've done a damn good job for the community! 😉


Anything on "Eva and Candela"? It's been out for almost 3 weeks but no reviews in regards to the sex scenes. It should contain strong lesbian sex scenes.


Dry Start of 2019. Nothing Interesting Comes Up except Outlander.