Magdalena Mielcarz in Quo Vadis?

Here is a video of Magdalena Mielcarz from Quo Vadis?. There is no actual nudity in this scene but Magdalena is gorgeous. There is a long scene near the end of this film where Magdalena is topless while tied to a bull. Unfortunately there is very clever use of her hair to cover up. She also has a very hot non-nude scene in Sotto Falso Nome (Le Prix du Désir) with Anna Mouglalis.

Quo Vadis? is an epic based on the book of the same name. This clip is from the extended TV version. There are a lot of unknown extras naked in this film during all the orgy and torture scenes. Malgorzata Foremniak, who you may know as Ash in the movie Avalon, also has a lengthy nude scene. The shorter movie edition is missing this scene and a few of the others.

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just wanted to know if it's just me, or the download link doesn't work? i get an error message when i click on the link. and when i left-click and try to 'save it as', it says the file doesn't exist...?