March 1, 2019 Rumors

Here’s our final Sundance 2019 review roundup.

Around 70 minutes into This Is Not Berlin aka Esto no es Berlín, Klaudia Garcia is naked as she applies body paint to herself and other guys. Clear view of Klaudia’s breasts and brief out of focus bush. Then, Klaudia is nude again along with another woman and five guys as they’re pulling another guy down the street. Full frontal again but Klaudia has a bunch of words in red painted on her body. Later, Klaudia shows breasts and ass as she has sex with one of those guys.

Rhianne Barreto shows half of her butt early on in Share.

Honor Swinton Byrne has a very dark sex scene about an hour into the The Souvenir where you can maybe see something. Probably just sideboob though.

And there is no nudity in Selah and the Spades.

Stay tuned as we may have some SXSW reviews next week.

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Any Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones news?


Any possible naughty stuff from Florence Pugh this year? I saw her yesterday doing one of those close-up talking to the camera promos for her new movie and was struck by how gorgeous her face is close up. I also like the fact that she's not bothered about carrying a few extra pounds. She's gorgeous and sexy just as she is, so i hope she stays that way.


Couple days ago I watched Lady Macbeth and, even seeing already her nude scenes, I was struck by how beautiful and great actress she is. And since that day, I watched The Outlaw King, King Lear, The Commuter, Malevolent and about to watch Marcella. So yeah you can say I have a crush on her (not to mention via twitter she seems as a super cool chick) and would love to see her naked asap again. And PS, I don't find her chunky at all.


TIL: Pugh is carrying 'a few extra pounds'.

To take a stab at your question -- It's March, so yes, there's 9 more months for her to be cast in something that requires 'naughty stuff' from her. Her horror movie Midsommar (August release) might give you something.


She's said she's "not going to diet to get roles" so she's aware that going by Hollywood's standard's she's a bit over weight. A reviewer for her latest film Fighting With The Family said Florence has "chunky thighs" so that's the kind of crap she's going to have to deal with as her star rises.


Jesus Christ. What asshole wrote that? "Dude, she's chunky I wouldn't bang her!"


Apparently My Days of Mercy has been delayed to May 17th by Lionsgate 🙁


Same date now as the UK release from Signature Entertainment. Most likely the same for the German release as well.


Leak 'em if you got 'em.


That sure as hell didn't take long! Although I'm not surprised. This thing will never see the light of day.


That movie is just never coming out. And the guy who has a copy refuses to release it "for our own good" or something...


I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually have the whole thing. Either that or the actual nude scenes are watermarked with some way to identify that its HIS screener and he doesn't know how to obscure it


I don't think so, I think he recorded it himself. He mentioned driving to Madrid to see it ...


Has anyone seen the Brazilian film "Divino amor" by gabriel mascaro? He passed the festival sundance. I saw some comments and said that the sex scenes were explicit. Is actress Dira Paes naked?


Any video for the short film 'Pink Lemonade' ?


Keeping my fingers crossed still for Zendaya nudity in "Euphoria" any word?


So only male nudity on Shameless


I'm excited about the prospect of Kathryn Newton getting topless on the upcoming Netflix show "The Society." Recapped said her character has a sex scene in a script for one of the later episodes - and the casting call had some kind of nudity requirement.


Any nudity from Rachel Keller please?


Don't know about The Society but Rachel Keller's brief topless scene in Write When You Get Work is now out.


Kathryn Newton is the only possibility thus far, according to recapped's script reports.


I don't know why everyone goes by script it can be a clothed sex scene it could be implied sex scripts get changed all the time because of camera shy actresses


I'm going by what recapped said about one of the scripts as well as the casting call for the show having some kind of nudity requirement. Putting two and two together, it sounds like there's a good possibility that Kathryn Newton will be the one who gets naked on the show.

I am aware things can change, however.


This is a long shot but is there any additional nudity in the extended edition of A Star Is Born?


Apparently Can You Keep a Secret has started test screenings.


I can't believe no one from here's asked her if there's nudity in it yet. 😀


I did so on her instagram, she blocked me.
I didn't do anything vulgar at all and even I wished her a great & safe 2019 regardless if she replies.


Damn, hope you're joking.


Anything about Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Love Death + Robots"? I know: it's an animated show... but the last trailer has some live-action scenes.


Any news on AD's newest in-production film, 1 night in San Diego?


Her set photos are quite promising here


I get the feeling that this is going to be one of those super low-budget indies that sit on the shelf for about 27 years.


This movie will probably get released before we even get a peak of a Lost Girls and Love Hotels trailer. That's how this timeline works.


I don’t think so. It’s a comedy and the director is her BFF since high school.


Even better, it's to help her best friend... Is there a better cause to get naked?


@Adonis1 -- I believe ADFan's superpower is his extraordinary ability to read Daddario's instagram.


She’s featured a lot on AD’s Instagram.


ADFan really lives up to his/her name lol how do you come up with those info man


Actually to clarify on Lost Girls and Love Hotels, is it T&A from Alexandra Daddario or just T?


From the 2019 annual preview:

"And for the second year in a row, we’ll end this preview with some brief nude scene descriptions of Alexandra Daddario from Lost Girls and Love Hotels formerly known as I Am Not a Bird. Early on, there is a montage of Alexandra having mostly rough sex with various people. Mostly Japanese men, but there are some Caucasians, and one Black man too. There is also a bit with Alexandra on her knees topless, with her hands behind her back as she is slowly bound by rope. Then there are at least three sex scenes with the main actor Takehiro Hira. The last nude scene involves Alexandra stripping down and then lying face first onto a bed while she is tied down by Yasunari Takeshima. There is no full frontal nudity or any lesbian scenes. This is apparently from an early cut so the final release will likely be different. Fingers crossed this movie comes out this year so we don’t have to write about it again next year."


That doesn’t answer anything in terms of what we see.


Thought it was neither


Very funny.


what doEs it mEan?


Rachel Keller @ "Write When You Get Work"


Ah the classic combo of bullshit sex scene and piss poor camera work.
Thanks for sharing nonetheless!


Oh Syd I love you.


Anything new on Freya Mavor? According to German Amazon, the Blu-ray for L'Empereur de Paris is releasing on april, 26. And another project Il était une seconde fois (Twice Upon The Time) was shown on Berlinale.


Strike Back S07E06 there was no nudity at all lol

Atleast cinemax mean this 2 shots here:

She tries to grab her knife it only looks weird on the pictures then she stabs a corrupt police guy, thats it! If that is "nudity" for cinemax then i don't know lol it gets worse and worse.


oh picture are not getting added:


woah, lets try to keep the site classy, this is boarder line pornography.


It turns out there has already been an adaptation of Pop. 1280 and the 1981 movie does have nudity from at least two of its female characters. Here's hoping Yorgos Lanthimos's version keeps (and even adds to) the nudity.


The main provider for nudity in the original, Coup de torchon, is the very reliable Isabelle Huppert, who was 29. It's also a very satisfying dark comedy with a tone quite similar to many efforts by the Coen brothers.


@jflobo Be a legend and post the MDoM clips 😉


I agree! Most of us will be more than happy with the low quality stuff until the hi def version comes out 🙂


Yeah, I'd be okay with low quality for the time being. Could help build anticipation for the real deal.


We drove to Madrid for it and it was so worth seeing it in the theater, you might hate me now, but trust me to hold on for it and not the low quality crap. 1 month, if that release turns out to be bs, we will talk.


I give up. It's not a month wait anymore. Let's just have low resolution videos please.


Is there any chance you could send them on social media in a DM to people who'd like to see them?




You could always just post the clips and anyone who wants to wait for better quality can just simply NOT LOOK AT THEM (what a concept!!). Then those who want to see something (especially after waiting two long years!) just to tide them over the last month will also be happy. Everyone wins! 🙂


Literally as i posted my last reply I find out Lionsgate has pushed the release 🙁 Technically the one month is bs jflobo lol.


Lol I have seen the movie, just the wait to see it again has been so long. The Mercy song has been stuck in my head since :p.


1 month guys. Hold your fap. I think there was a similar situation with the first nude Scarlett Johansson movie. The clips were so dark and low res that it was hard to know which pixel was her tit. We made it that far. Put the gun down! haha


YES. For whatever reason I can’t reply to his post but yes, I'll be happy just to be able to visualize something I’ve been looking forward to for a year... it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying it even more later.



The wedding guest has March 1 release in US maybe someone will post clips


And nothing about Now Apocalypse?


From a review: What sets Now Apocalypse apart from a series airing on Freeform or even network television is the copious nudity. There are threesomes, BDSM, voyeurism, homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual liasions, and even anal sex between a homeless man and a reptilian alien. Yeah, you read that correctly. All of these insane moments could have easily led to something profound but they are hobbled by production values straight out of a late 90s softcore porn flick.


I hope it wins an Emmy


Thanks, I just saw an interview that on the second episode Kelli has an eight minute long sex scene. And they mentioned that there is an episode that they referred to it as the sex episode, mostly because it only shows the characters having sex and nothing else.