March 11, 2019 Rumors

SXSW is pretty much a dud so far. There is no nudity in the following films:

The Art of Self-Defense – Imogen Poots
Mickey and the Bear – Camila Morrone
The Peanut Butter Falcon – Dakota Johnson
Run This Town – Nina Dobrev
Yes, God, Yes – Natalia Dyer, Alisha Boe

Also nothing interesting in the first couple of episodes of the Hulu show Ramy.

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In only 3 weeks the German movie "Never look away" will be released on DVD/Blu-ray. There are some great scenes of Saskia Rosendahl and paula Beer (her nude debut).


Cannot wait to see Saskia Rosendahl - been crushing on her ever since "Lore".


Saskia Rosendahl had a great full frontal nude scene in The Missionary which never went to series.


There’s an idea for a post, recapped. All the nudity we coulda had. I’m intrigued. Bring on the misery of what could have been.


tell us more. she has a great ff scene here aswell. and one not so sexy


Paula was already naked in mini series Bad Banks.


But "Never look away" was shot before "Bad Banks".


Didn't know that - I was looking by release date.


So what are the chances, in percentages, of Zendaya showing the following in Euphoria? One breast, both breasts, butt, lower frontal? I'd say 35, 30, 40, 2.


I'd say 15% at best for two reasons: 1) She comes from a somewhat conservative family and always has her dad around. She's never been a wild child, loose cannon like Bella. 2) She's rather flat chested as shown in the nipslip photos


I did a quick scan over the past few days to see if Amber Heard's ass was shown yet, and... even if it has been, it's not a bad one to see again:


Too bad she's a psychopath.


Yeah I was talking to a friend who was like "refuse to see Grindlewald because of Johnny Depp" and I'm like "um... that's fine and all, but you saw Aquaman last month, so......."


I got called out by people over her false claims of abuse even though I'm not a fan of Johnny Depp. Still, what she did to him is fucked up.


yeah, but didn't he beat her up?


Other way around. She staged it for publicity, and damn near cut his finger off among other things.


You'd have to go back more than a few days to see when this was first posted - and there's still the suggestion, based on the original mrskin review, that they CGI'd out her thong.


Trailer for Long shot with Charlize Theron:

Think there's any potential for nudity?


I'd say it's a long shot, at best.


What about addison Timlin News ??


Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union in L.A.'s Finest ?


Zero % chance of nudity. Sadly I don't think we'll ever see the Alba goods.


Because Alba and Union don't show the goods...


What gets me is it's a spinoff of a PG-13 movie and was developed for network television. What about that screams "packed with nudity!" to anyone? I get that it's on a premium service, but absolutely nothing about it makes it seem like there's nudity in its DNA.


Both Bad Boys Movies are Rated R.


It s possible that the serie is delayed because of the accident the last days of the shooting


Haven’t seen this but believe Kayli Carter is topless during some parade-like scene with other hippies. Hannah Murray might also be topless in a scene with Manson.


May 10 in cinemas, May 17 on VOD.


Is there nudity in Olympic Dreams? Alexi Pappas writes and stars in this and she did show her breasts in the last movie she wrote and starred in (Tracktown).


Emma Greenwell in trailer for Starz show "The Rook". Airing this summer, might be worth a watch.


Who is the other girl?


I think it’s Catherine Steadman


According to Cinemax's tvma there is nudity in upcoming episode of Strike Back. Sadly no nudity in next 2 last eps.


Ky Discala will be nude you see it in the preview to episode 8.


After her final appearance this past Sunday, can we pour one out for Emmy Rossum on Shameless? It's probably the greatest nude role ever...she came in as a highly coveted never-nude and then brought the heat for 8 seasons, getting naked every year. What a legend.


The author of lost girls and love hotels liked a tweet asking her to confirm the festival submission, so looks like Post production is finally over and if the movie is half decent, we could get it at Cannes.


Cannes? We're talking about a Z-list Cannes section, right? cuz this sure aint coming anywhere near the official selection, un certain regard or directors fortnight...


I know, right? People equate the Cannes Film Market with the festival, but they are NOT the same thing.

More than likely it will premiere at like a Sonoma film festival or Dances With Film fest. Like at best, TIFF might show it.


Pretty sure @TheManFromCannes will be there.
Hopefully he posts festival reviews even if LG&LH isn't shown.


Ok, I think I Will go To cannes!


I wish I could, but that’s too far for me. If it makes it to Toronto, that would be much more accessible for me.


I have 7h with car for Cannes, but I hope it will release in Cannes and Toronto! lol


Good luck getting a ticket, unless of course you are a badge holder - those things are just so easy to obtain. I'm sure you'll have no problem.


Anything from Joey King in “ The Act” ?


What about Olivia Taylor Dudley in "Canary?" Considering the filmmakers and the fact that she was dating the director - maybe there's a chance.


Heh. I was betting that because I brought it up on watchitfortheplot it would be mentioned here.

Odds are good, really good I think. But Coatwolf movies don’t exactly come out fast (their second film still hasn’t come out and that was shot over 4 years ago).


Well at least My days of mercy is coming out in less then a month


Any information on episode 2 of Now Apocalypse? I know that it was screened on Sundance.


Anything in Book Smart?


Probably a dick at best


i have only one question...when will be 'Wu Assassins' airing and can we expect nude debut from Katheryn Winnick ?
Really hoping for her nude debut..


Good luck with that.


Emmy Rossum see-through in Shameless final episode :

Emmy Rossum See-through Shameless final episode


Better than nothing, i guess


Thanks for the update though. Have you heard anything about any other roles that Nina Dobrev might be in the mix for? I keep hoping that she'll make good on her tease that she wants to break her nudity blank!


Are there any hot scenes worth a look in any of those? Sex scenes?


Nope. Maybe Natalia with her hand down her pants.


Natalia Dyer was always a 'hail mary' at best, but still disappointing.


To be fair the short film version literally had her frigging herself off, it wasn't far off to think we might get a little something more. Disappointing news


From what I'm gathering, the only nudity might be of an explicit photo she receives from a man via IM which leads me to suspect it's a dick pic...