March 14, 2019 Rumors

On Sunday’s Now Apocalypse, Kelli Berglund might be bottomless during a doggy style sex scene where she is also using a vibrator. The guy then discovers her other toys accidentally and lets Kelli spank him with a paddle. Eventually they orgasm together.

Intercut with those scenes is a threesome involving Roxane Mesquida, Jordyn Chang, and a guy where they’re all naked. Roxane might also be nude in a sex scene near the beginning of the episode.

There is also a rumor that the show has been renewed for two more seasons.

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Any word on nudity for American Gods season 2?


Any news on Too old to die young, Refn announced that it will premiere on 14th June.


I heard Taylor Hill is in a few episodes. Hoping for something there


Nudity for 2nd week running on MotherFatherSon


Is it a cock again?

6's Helen McCrory nipples...


Kelli is indeed bottomless, but unfortunately there is absolutely nothing to see, thanks to strategic hand placements & camera angles.


That’s unfortunate. Anything from Jordyn Chang in her threesome?

Also, does Recapped know anything specific about the nudity in the upcoming Diablo Guardian?


You do see Jordyn's nipples peeking above her bra a few times.


Sad 🙁 . Was really hoping for a good ass shot from kelli.


please post GIF if can, what about Roxane ?


Roxane is topless in the beginning & in the end. Gfycat is acting up for me, so here are pics.

View post on


Can you post the Kelli Berglund pics or gifs


thanks ! she looks hot


Here is an old pic from young haley atwel.


I'm pretty sure this is an authentic leak. It's possibly from her prom night in 2000 or 2001. I could be wrong but I think this is the real deal. A photo from back when she was 18.


It's not fake Om, she's literally posted the top half on her Facebook before...


There was also some censored or non nude preview leaks of Gemma Arterton, Maggie Q, Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Olsen. And there was a list of leaks that came out before them that predicted all of them (with accurate details) except Hayley. It listed Beckinsale, Portman, Loken, Larson, Kunis & a whole new set of Jen Lawrence from a previous boyfriend as well.


Hayley Atwell does not show her nipples in her movies or series... !!!
anyone knows why... ??? !!! ???


Actresses don't owe us anything. They can just decide to do what they want without any explanation. Atwell doesn't do nude scenes because she doesn't want to. She can change her mind if she decides to. That's all we need to know.


A no nudity clause.


Petty spite: She said at comic con type of presentation that she won't do nudity just to fulfill the directors "little fantasy" in a very condescending/judgmental tone.


Can't speak to the tone, but here's the full quote "It often involves me just going: “I don’t think she would be naked in this scene. There’s no need for that and I’m not doing it just to fulfil your weird little fantasy.'" Is that petty spite? Or does it have to do with the context or justification of the scene?


sounds like a bit of both


she has a surgery scar extending down from her nipples. You can see it in some of her earlier leaks and a little bit in the picture above near her pinkie.


ffs that's not her in the bath tub picture, someone ban this troll ^


Yo Random_Guy99 and bobofromyellowstone, she literally only has one other leaked photo and it's of her must be thinking of someone else


Theres a bath tub shot with the ass shot. Look it up


She doesn't have a scar buddy, she doesn't even have " earlier leaks " , you're trippin'


Look up her bath tub shot


So she had a reduction or implants? They don't look like fakers to me but reduced gazongs are harder to tell.


If you're talking about that bath picture leak, then that's not her BOB !


she had reduction as a teen. She doesn't not do nudity because of "directors", that's her excuse. She is embarrassed of her scars and her dark nipples. I'm surprised no one here remembers her other leak. Everyone thought it was fake because of the scars. Now we know the truth.


she posted a cropped version of this on IG saying it was a TBT to when she was 18... not quite sure where this fuller version came from.


While I'd still love to see her jugs now, it'd have been even better to have seen them then. Whoever got to at the time's a lucky bastard.


One I caught that interested about "The Dirt".
Assuming (hoping) she means this quote " The film starts with a graphic scene of drummer Tommy Lee, played by Colson Baker (a.k.a. rapper Machine Gun Kelly), performing oral sex on a groupie until she squirts a six-foot geyser across the room and everybody cheers."
The Actress, Erin Ownbey, is pretty cute and was topless in a terrible horror movie called "Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil"


A disappointing nude scene , from a nobody , in an otherwise disappointing season ...


Strike Back is so disappointing, the new team (except the russian female) are still the worst crap ever not a surprise that they only ordered one more season.


I have scrolled through all the episodes of the 8 tage series and there is nothing interesting. Typical modern german series, lots of male full frontal nudity, explicit gay sex and topless extras in one episode. There is one sex scene with Christiane Paul topless but it is difficult to see her nipples. I am very disappointed.


Lena Klenke strips down to a her underwear including a see-through bra in the 6th episode though -- which is better than nothing 😉


anyone here saw The Aftermath?
i read there are 2 sex scenes for Keira Knightley and she is topless on both of them... !!!


Keira said it is a body double


WHY... ??? !!! ???


After she had a baby she wanted to ease of the nude scenes, felt less obligated when she could just get a body double and "eat cake" she said...seems mad to say or someone who's done so many nude scenes and naturally skinny but eh it's happened.


@Redacted -- she's certainly got hang ups about her ass. She used a BD for the strip scene in Domino. She shot The Aftermath before Colette (which had a nude scene, albeit non sexual, in that movie). Not sure how strict her 'no more nudity' will be. I guess we'll see.


She was always a bit weird with her nude scenes. Like she did plenty of them but she said something in an old interview about never wanting to show "the lower half" if her ass? Idk.

Likewise despite using body doubles now I could see her doing her own nudity in the future.


Anything from Caitlin Gerard in The Wind?


I guess American Gods season 2 just started. Any chance for nudity?


Lia Marie Johnson in Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan (2019) ?


Nothing, it's a thing she did when she was a kid. You can see it on the director's website. gobucks thinks you're asking about that Cuba Gooding Jr movie.


I was being sarcastic


anyone here saw Gloria Bell?
i read there are many nude scenes for THE AMAZING AND THE BEAUTIFUL JULIANNE MMORE... !!!


yes there are a few


Any skin from Aidy Bryant from "Shrill"?


To each their own everyone, I'm sure when it was reported that Emma Stone was going to be topless, someone said "eww, why". Everyone has their interests and curiosities.


more skin than needs to be on a woman


I’m an open guy ... but ... why?


I'd be down to see her in her birthday suit. Like Kristen Wiig or Sarah Silverman (just using comedic actresses gone nude examples), I'm less attracted to their looks and more so a fan that makes me attracted to them - Bryant is kinds cute and funny, I'd be curious at least.


Totally get that. Same for Kate McKinnon or Vanessa Bayer. Averagely attractive, but being funny makes me really want to see them nekkid.


The hottest SNL women are Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong. Wouldn't mind seeing either go nude.


I think McKinnon is legit hot.


Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, Kristen Wiig, and Sarah Silverman are lightyears ahead of Aidy Bryant in looks.
This is more morbid curiosity like Kathy Bates or Queen Latifah.


There's an amazing amount of nudity in Love, Death & Robots, however I'm fairly certain that they did it all with CGI... 😉


Is the show at least good? Was gonna check it out, nudity aside haha


Only watched five episodes so far. Four of them were great and the other was ok. All very different from each other.


Someone asked about Addison Timlin in the last post's comments. Her film "Life Like" is out on May 14. Trailer is promising and it is rated for sexuality/nudity by the MPAA - but the nudity could be dude ass.


I asked this the other week and didn’t get any response. When will Driven with Erin Moriarty’s first nude scene be released? I can’t find any updated info.


Just three more weeks!


2 more seasons? Wow. This might be one of the best shows for nudity ever if I keeps on going. Got a while to catch up to Spartacus but an excellent start. Starz definitely isn't shy with their nudity in shows.


For nudity yes ! But i'm sure most people watch it for the "plot" . Also the gay scenes are big deterrent for me to watch an episode from start to end ...


Hi Team Recapped, Looking forward to hear from you on
1, Lost Girls and Love hotels release dates or any VOD availability.
2. AlexDD upcoming movies with possible skin.
3. Possible skin in Why women kill, One night in San Diego, Can you keep a secret, We someone the Darkness.

Expecting a feedback , thanks


I think there should be an Alex sub forum on here.


I think he would have already said something about Why Women Kill if he had any info.

As far as the other ones:
Can You Keep a Secret - Possible based on the book
We Summon the Darkness - Doubtful based on the script
One Night in San Diego - Wouldn't count on it


The script that's around for Can You Keep a Secret is strictly PG-13... no sex, no nudity, 1 f-bomb, 6 uses of the word 'shit'. I can't see DD signing on and going what this needs is sex, nudity and more profanity (even if there's a sex scene in the book).


Is that the Black List version or an update?


The one on the Black List was written by a different screenwriter.


I didn’t know there’s been a script going around.


1) Within the next 24 months.
2) See below.
3) Why Women Kill? Maybe, but probably not.
One Night in San Diego - maybe, but probably not.
Can You Keep A Secret? Absolutely not.
We Summon The Darkness -- no.


1. April 1, 2099
2. None.
3. None.


Anything known on Barry season 2? Season 1 didn't have anything so I want to assume it's a don't hold your breathe type thing but can still be hopeful.


Do we think there’s a chance that Grace Victoria Cox has a sex scene in this show? Not necessarily nude but some sort of hot scene.


Apparently she has a topless scene


Producer of Lost Girls and Love Hotels is working with Alex again, hopefully the photoshoot is for the promotion campaign.


Is there any update on the release date? or any VOD etc. Waiting quite a long time now.


Continue to wait.


I think that photoshoot was just for fun.


Please, God, yes.


That would be the perfect compliment to her premiere nudity in the first episode. The only question is how much "bottomless" means we're going to see.


Now that She's Gotta Have It Season 2 has an air date, any word on a DeWanda Wise/Ilfenesh Hadera redux?