March 18, 2019 Rumors

Rumor is Alicia Vikander has been cast in the film Green Knight. The role will likely have some nudity.

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Some good news from Emilia Clarke after all the rumors that she was against nude scenes in the future


Which she never was. An another cast member's comments (Sibel) was falsely attributed to her.


I find it funny coming from someone who took it up the ass for money , and now suddenly to be taking the highroad on this


Was it her? Always thought it was Esme Bianco.


Esme Bianco always made the most sense. Her character was created for the show to fill the sexposition role of being naked while people talked about stuff. They started to give her more screen time at which point it would be understandable from her to believe that she wouldn’t need to get naked anymore. But there really wasn’t much use for her other than that and she was killed off shortly after.


Esme Bianco has a hot sex scenes in season one with Alfie Allen... !!!


I get a lot of c**p for having done nude scenes and sex scenes. That, in itself, is so anti-feminist.

It took me way too long to figure out what the uncensored version of c**p was.


Miranda Cosgrove getting a sex scene in '3022'
let's hope she shows something.


Spaking of HBO, their upcoming show Undoing with Nicole Kidman is looking to cast someone in their 20s for Maya (or Maja). The role requires nudity.

I just finished the book this is based on, You Should Have Known. There's no sex or nudity (or characters named Maya/Maja) to speak of except for one scene. A character named Malaga removes her entire shirt to breast feed. I'm guessing that's the required nudity.

Really good book BTW


I am still reading the book. So far Nicoles character has a sex scene with her husband in the book. She also changes robes after shower in the gym. Same scene has nudity by another woman. Plus Maya is probably her husbands mistress. The book is not fifty shades of grey so it cannot have graphic porno sex scenes IMO. But Nicole is looking ravishing lately esp. on the shooting set. It would be shame if she does not go nude in this. I have not finished the book but there may be other sex/nude scenes by her too. I hope she goes full nude as the her red hair will match her bush!


Saskia Rosendahl & Paula Beer from Werk ohne Autor (only the best bits, since there's more nudity in it)


Saskia's ass is an absolute work of art! Wow! What a woman.


BTw, dont be starting any merkin rumours here. Nothing to be said about that, just enjoy it. Its pure


Saskia Rosendahl is probably a merkin....Paula Beer isn't.


First off - thank you!

second - I followed this film nudity and film wise since Venice. And promoted it heavily via nudity sites. WHen I was it in december in the cinema, I thought it was the best pure nudity flick in years, now when i see the clips again im even more sure. Thanks


sweet jeebus that's hot!!


We miss this scenes in Hollywood movies... !!!


Now this is what I call a full frontal. Very rare nowadays.


Such scenes of female full frontal are now not only rare in Hollywood but in european movies also. I'm surprised, wow. I wanna see this movie.


Damn, Saskia is a cutie


Werk ohne Autor German bluray is out of the internet


I mean on the internet it was released today


Based on information from the site below, Wij will be released on DVD in october 2019. It's quite a long wait.


It's already out on VOD in Belgium. Not sure about Holland.


Do you have the website or is it just on one of their cable platforms?


According to their Instagram, it's out on Telenet.

View post on


Have you seen it? Any pics/caps?


I was told by someone from Belgium, so no I don't have any caps.


Gentlemen, start your engines. Joey King speaking in an article about The Act, which premieres on Hulu tomorrow.

For The Act, King had to do nudity for the first time, and in those scenes, she said, even though Arquette wasn’t in them, she took over, making sure monitors were turned off and the only people watching were the people who absolutely needed to be there.

“It was so amazing,” King said. “Because I didn’t know what to ask for, I didn’t understand, and it was a big deal, and I was super nervous. And to know that she was in my corner and was fighting for me, it just felt so good.”


No thanks. Save it for a role where she doesn't look so decidedly unattractive.


Another article states that it's actually a semi-nude scene where she cries in the bathtub, so I'm getting the impression that she got nude to do the scene, but that there may not be any actual nudity once the scene airs if that makes sense. I feel we may be in for a disappointment.


If that’s what the original article was referring to, then I think it’s already aired and there is nothing - see Sully’s post below


Yup, aren’t gonna see shit


And of course it’s a weekly show. Every other one is all at once but this one


She’s supposed to have a sex scene in a cinema bathroom in one of the later episodes - don’t know if it’s clothed or nude.


Any time an actress who has gone to great lengths to avoid nudity makes grandiose claims about how "nude" they are in an upcoming movie/TV show....always ends in disappointment. My finely tuned bullshit detector is going off like crazy.


Skimmed through first 2 episodes and nothing.
Joey has a bath scene in ep 2 but her knees are blocking the goods.


im very skeptical when i see things like this. There is plenty of times where a celebrity will do "a nude scene" and have comments like that but in actuality nothing is shown on screen. Examples that come to mind would be natalie portman in Hotel Chevalier, and Sofia Vergara in Bent. Its a big deal to them on set, but nothing actually shows to us.


Even if there is visible nudity here, I'd have a feeling it's of the unpleasant variety considering the subject matter of the show.


Natalie clearly showed her butt in "Hotel Chevalier" and everyone was talking about it.


more like side butt, and she had already shown butt before. Idk about you but i think most would agree that boobs are more significant then butt in terms of nude scenes. (unless youre keira knightly)


It wasn't just side butt, it was full on butt


Lol. A million people might see your tits on their tv screens, but we can't have a few extra people on the set.


Bit of a difference, seeing as those those million people aren’t right there in the room with you.


And the crew members definitely get an eyeful, seeing much more nudity than what gets shot then kept after editing.


Yeah, we can only pause it and zoom in


Except you don't see them ogling you .... it's not the same


The new movie for Pedro Almodóvar Pain & Glory - Dolor y gloria - will be release in spain on 22 march...
the movie stars Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas... !!!
so we could dream of a HOT and STRONG sex scenes between Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz like we used to see in Pedro Almodóvar... ??? !!! ???


Is there any nudity in Natalia Dyer's upcoming film Tuscaloosa? Her character has a sex scene in the book.


anyone here saw Gloria Bell for Julianne Moore... ??? !!! ???


I just saw it. Moore has two nice topless scenes. The first one she's talking to her boyfriend while sitting topless in bed and the other one she's completely naked lying down but you only see her breasts.

That is one really hot woman!


VERY GOOD... !!!
No sex scenes for her?
and yes Julianne Moore is 58 but she is beautiful, hot and talented... !!!


Oh yeah. There are a few sex scenes and in one you get a long look at her breasts while she lays in her side.


Moore is riding in her last sex scene but she's wearing her shirt.


Any of them is a riding sex scene?


VERY GOOD... !!!
i do not know why they did not release this movie on the oscar season because Julianne Moore could have been get her fourth oscar nomination... !!!


is there anything known about Hustlers with JLO, Constance Wu & Lili Reinhart?


From Variety "It’s set in New York City in the wake of the financial crisis and follows a crew of savvy *former* strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients."

I'd say slim to none with the notable cast and the use of former.


> Lopez has never appeared naked

Guess they missed Money Train. She got naked in her first lead role.


but she was topless before... !!!


Damn, confirmed my fear about Wu just after I expressed my pessimism. Maybe we'll finally get a glimpse of Julia Styles breasts but I doubt it. I'll be happy if it's a good movie with sexy scenes from the main actresses.



Another project to keep an eye on is Hustlers or The Hustlers at Scores. The movie is based on a true story about a bunch of strippers. Apparently Jennifer Lopez is attached as the older lead. The younger lead and other stars should have nudity.


Not going to happen....mark my words, all the nudity will be from random extras in the strip club.


I'm not going to get my hopes up for Constance Wu. Once she didn't get naked in The Feels (a really good movie about having orgasms where Wu has frequent sex scenes), I tempered my expectations.


something to look forward to


Maybe. That quote from here is from last May. Things could have changed - might now be a bunch of non-stripping strippers.


The hollywood reporter review from Sundance talked of a bathtub masturbation scene for Kelli. Only the first 3 episodes were screened there so I suppose it’s in the one coming this Sunday.


Any word on nudity from Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from 24)? That'd be an unexpected treat. Even just a sex scene with implied nudity would be cool.

On a side note, I hope that this show doesn't turn out to be constant nudity from Roxane Mesquida and no one else. I was bummed to see Kelli dodge nudity in last episode's sex scene and even more bummed that all we saw of Jordyn were the tops of her nipples. I figure that models/actresses like Jordyn who aren't that famous will be down for nudity when they're in shows like this. (In before "actresses don't owe you nudity." Obviously, but not the point.)


Can't wait for episode 8? Which will feature characters having sex only


Araki: No, episode 8 is literally, I literally wanted to do an episode of the show where they were just having sex for the whole episode.

Yeah, that’s the one to watch.


What about Natalie Portman or Zazie Beetz in "Lucy in the Sky?"


Taissa Farmiga topless threesome @ 'The Mule'


Fake SKN is wrong.

Just skimmed the movie. Taissa plays the daughter or grand daughter of Clint. So she shows nothing. There 2 "threesome" scenes, one in a motel where 2 girls and Clint dance a bit, door closes and then they leave. 2nd scene is at a house party and 2 girls goes with him into a room, one takes off bra shows tits.


No she doesn’t


Sequel to Green Book?


No, a prequele to Green Lantern.


DC movie about when Batman got chosen to be a Green Lantern Corp member


T-18 days. It's almost there.


If jflobo decided to drop it 2 weeks early, I would drop a nice surprise in exchange 😉 .


I know how weird it sounds that I wont drop it in your best interest, but after you see it in HD, I'll show you all the shitty version and I know how you will appreciate not be spoiled by it.

I'm all ears about that nice surprise, tho


To be honest, I would like to see the scenes now. Please upload them. Either here or give us a link to them. Just add a warning before for those who don't want to see it yet.




Drop it already, nobody feels like they're being spoiled ffs.
And even if someone feels that way they can simply not see the scenes and wait


You can't spoil a nude scene. Come on, man.


What would that be?


Tribeca TV fest will have premieres of Amazon's "The Boys" & season 2 of "Vida" from Starz.


Those 2 shows and Diablo Guardian are the only ones I’m waiting for.


thats good news, shes so adorable and sexy.


And even when she was as bald as a coot.


She has a bald coot?


The Glass Room's out in some parts of Europe now. I've been reading reviews and comments and as the trailer showed there are sex scenes but I can't yet find any confirmation of nudity from either Carice van Houten or Hanna Alstrom. Is anyone in the know about this perchance?


Any information on Black Summer?


Erin Moriarty? Anyone know when Driven will be on VOD?


There's been no news since it was at TIFF.


Fantastic news, I love AV so much! And while we speaking about Alicia - do you maybe know when we can expect Earthquake Bird to be released on Netflix?


Love Hotels with Alexandra Daddario is set to go to Tribeca FF.


Sorry, Lost Transmissions.


We already knew that. Will be a surprise if there’s anything from her in that movie.