March 21, 2019 Rumors

The OA Part II is out tomorrow. The only rumored nudity is from Jason Isaacs’ love interest who we think is played by Irène Jacob. Apparently there might be some nudity during a sex scene and dance sequence.

On Sunday’s Now Apocalypse, Kelli Berglund has a masturbation scene in a bath tub and Roxane Mesquida has a sex scene in a hot tub.

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If Beale Street Could Talk is available to rent today if anyone feels like taking screencaps of topless Kiki Layne. It's a really hot scene (and excellent movie).


It looks like Fleabag season 2 is airing in England now though it's not coming to America (Amazon) until May. Any chance for nudity? Phoebe Waller-Bridge has come oh so close in the past.


Hasn't she technically been topless before in the TV series CRASHING.

4 episodes in on the 2nd season and she is looking to bed a middle-aged woman and/or a priest. Doubt she will show anything though as she seems to enjoy being a massive posh cock-tease tbh.


Well she did go fully nude in a play once. Haven’t found any pictures though :/


(1:33) Full frontal breasts and bush on GROCERYGIRL. We see buns too as she poses for a painting.
(1:36) More breasts on GROCERYGIRL.

I wonder if this report from The Sunlit Night is accurate. In the book, the character who's painted naked is Jenny Slate's sister. I can't find out from reviews or IMDB who plays her sister or the grocery clerk, though.

The reviews make the movie sound pretty bad (and the book is ho-hum) so I hope it somehow finds a distributor. Jenny Slate is very hot.


Starz is releasing the entire 10 episode second season of Vida on May 23. For what it's worth, Melissa Barrera said in a recent TV Guide article "there's a lot of sex also in Season 2."


Main show I’m waiting for with nudity!!


In other (sad) news - College, with Jessica Sula & Amy Forsyth (among others) has not been picked up to series by Amazon. One of the actors confirmed it on Instagram. At the time of the casting rec mentioned that almost every student role required nudity. So that sucks & boo Amazon.


Damn that sucks. That was the new show I was most looking forward too.


Not surprising (as there hadn't been news about that one in months) but still brutal. Especially if Amy or Jessica had a nude scene in the pilot, since we would have at least gotten that much back when Amazon was putting its pilots online.


Jessica Sula would have been nice to see. Amy Forsyth is pretty flat, though.


Not everyone are into big boobs, though.


yeah, small boobs are best. also shes gorgeous so this is sad news.

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Not gonna lie. I wanna rub that cute little nose of hers.


Amy Forsyth might be small boobed - but her face is stunning - I drooled over her while watching in Hell Fest!


Might be a bit late, but the first episode of Warrior is being screened for free tomorrow night at various Alamo Drafthouses - if anyone fancies an early preview of Jo Vanderham's nude debut (the show is meant to be quite good as well).


Anyone got anything on Yung(2018) or know where I can watch it? Thanks!


More Kelli

The bath scene from ep 3 (the one posted earlier is from ep 9)

Topless camshaw in ep 4


Kelli doesn't do much for me.
Her breasts are lovely but her face is meh.


Anyone see Vita & Virginia? Apparently it's supposed to have at least Elizabeth Debicki's tits


This was posted in vola


What is the vola link?


Teasing bastards


a long shot of them in profile as they take off their respective shirts. Ellen is topless first, then Kate removes her own shirt and bra. Great, well lit view of both their breasts from the side.


whats this supposed to be a clip of?


Look! It's the Holy Grail! Or rather, a grainy picture of one shard of the Holy Grail.


Is this what I think it is?


To whoever has the full version for the love of God at this point don't bother releasing that dogshit potato quality cam recording. It'll be much better us waiting a few more weeks for the real HD deal.


Lol wut....Jflobo posted that below


What's that ?? If really want to show us something jus give it..just don't crop the bottom half n teasing again... idiots..


Gift horse. Mouth. And he was just proving a point that he wasn’t lying.


yup i didn't knew that some conflict happen below..later i saw that..and @jflobo i don't know about others but i really want to see those clips..can't wait for 5th April..and to all guys "please,appreciate his efforts as he posted some tease a long ago and we should believe that he has all the clips from the movie."..that's my opinion..really appreciate if u post those clips @jflobo..


Irène Jacob delivers all the goods in The OA S2. And she does so in her 50s. God bless French actresses.


Nice! What episode?


Aces! Got any screen caps to share?


Annasophia Robb in Act?


It's funny how we're all so obsessed with nude scenes and then Kelli Berglund has 6+ topless scenes drop in one day and we get almost nothing.


Watched The Dirt on Netflix and the initial reports were right on nudity, which amounts to quick bits from glorified extras. Truthfully, I don't know any of the ladies in the movie except Leven Rambin, who doesn't only not show anything, but has pretty much one minute of screentime in total.


Anyone know if there is any nudity in Savage Youth? It just got a trailer and comes out in April.


No nudity in it.


Zendaya has surprise guest role in The OA s2. No nudity ofc.

Hopefully we get some Euphoria news soon.


It would be great if anyone could share something from the new episodes of Now Apocalypse


Damn Bree Davenport!


I'm not a Berglund fan, never seen her before this show, but I gotta say that is one of the hottest shots I've seen in a while. Thanks for posting the gif!


It's actually at the end of a longer fantasy scene, where she's topless having sex, but the dude was distracting from Kelli - I thought just this solo part was much nicer.

the fantasy bit

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can you post anything worthwhile from Roxane..a GIF or pic. thanks !


I hate to be broken record but I'd love info about the Glass Room. The closest I've seen to any kind of confirmation of nudity was some Czech post about Hanna Alstrom's ass. But it'd be great to know for sure. And at this point surely someone of the many who've posted about the movie on Czech and Slovak reviewing sites could answers on this specific. 😀


I'd love to see more of Hanna's ass!


Hopefully we can see her pussy lips again


All 10 episodes of Now Apocalypse are out on the Starz app!


Anyone got photos?




Thanks. Skimmed it quickly and Kelli Berglund is topless in eps 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10.


any ass nudity from her ??


didn’t see any in a quick scan - but she is in a pink/red thong about halfway into episode 7


wasn't expecting any full frontal but no ass nudity .. little disappointed.


Nothing in 8??
Wasn't episode 8 supposed to be all sex episode?


Not the fabled 8th episode?


Kelli not nude in that one - she’s in a dominatrix/S&M outfit all episode at a sex dungeon.


But sir, after the ep 2 let down and the ep 3 report, I've been led to believe the rest of the season was a bust when it came to Kelli!


no full frontal?


That’s pretty cool. Anything from any other actresses?


Kelli is topless in bath tub scene.


I particularly like her tanlines in that scene.


@jflobo I would really appreciate if you could please link or upload the scenes from My Days of Mercy. I just want to see them now. I really don't care what format I watch them in. Just add a warning for spoilers for those who don't want to see.


I agree, low quality wouldn't bother me. I can get a decent fap out of the potato quality Felicity Jones scene from Servants, after all.


You too? That slightly darker than skin-toned pixel has done some serious damage. I just want something more to look forward to...


Gents, he doesn't have it. He'll wait till it's out then post a shitty version and claim he's been holding it. Then expect us to worship him for not spoiling it.


Yeah, I've been wondering that myself. If he really had it, he wouldn't try and be a white knight by keeping the footage to himself for "our benefit". He'd have listened to us if he really had the footage. Guess this is his chance to prove he does.


I saw your first comment yesterday and it had +15 upvotes. I thought, fine, he's being sincere and clearly other people agree that at this point the just want to see it. I was talking with my friend about releasing it, because he was the one that shot the footage and I would not drop it without asking first because obviously as soon this drops it will be plastered on every website in the world and we had to take that in consideration. He said it was up to me.
But today I see this "Gents, he doesn't have it (…) expect us to worship" shit with you agreeing and apparently +20 people doing the same… Well, I did not drive 1200km with my friends and spend a few hundred bucks (of course I had a lovely weekend in Madrid other than the movie, but still) to have a little smug prick that did not take the time to go and actually go see it say "Gents, I have him figured out, he plans on blablabla". Well then, go fuck yourself @cronkspit, thank you for making the comment you did, because if you didn't do it I could be regretting having posted it a couple of hours ago.
And just so you don't take this as bluff, you wanted to see them undress right? Here. you. fucking. go:


And one of the slickest attempts at reverse psychology goes up in flames.


Thanks mate, I hope you can share more with us!


Excellent! That's actually a fun little tease!


jflobo is my new hero.


For the record, I appreciate the fact that you made the effort and you were consulting your friend.


It makes complete sense to me that you'd want to respect that your friend was the one who recorded the footage. You seem like a pretty reasonable guy so I don't know why you didn't see people getting impatient and then turning hostile towards you coming. One extra thing is don't put too much stock into upvotes on random forums online, people are very dumb and will upvote anything depending on how they feel at the moment.


Jesus Christ, dude. Calm down and get over yourself. We'll all survive - it's not that important.


I agree with what you originally said about waiting. Screw the crybabies.


I forget who said it here, but “hold your fap, men,” was a great line.


At some point (hopefully soon), I'm gonna hop on this site and see a hundred new comments added to the most recent post.

And then I'll know what's dropped.


You spelled hundreds wrong.


That would be a sign for me to stay away. At this point, I just want to watch the whole movie. Only two more weeks!


It’s already a must-buy for me, I’m just feeling a bit blue about the whole mess. Very blue.


Honestly, I'd be down for that too. If only for the buildup. "Available on VOD" isn't particularly specific about what platforms you'll be able to watch it through


I usually adjust my excitement level based on how many comments between checking the site. I remember some of the best ones. Ahhh Ashley Greene


haha yup. alison brie was a big explosion too.


Good times man..i had predicted that..that and Yvonne Strahovski


I think I was the one that broke the Ashley Green news. Boy was that post a mess of a comments section after that.


I do remember the Ashley-Greene comments explosion. The worst is when there’s an explosion of comments and it’s just a bunch of people asking “Any chance of a Maisie Williams/Sophie Turner full-frontal lesbian sex scene in GoT???!!!”


So nothing from Mary Lynn Rajskub then?


Ive had my fingers crossed that Rajskub would do nudity in something for 10-15 years long before she had a kid and back when she was taking random parts in shitty B movies

I have a feeling if she did do nudity at this point it would be quite disappointing. Ironically she's supposed to be close friends with Silverman and she was another one who got naked 15 years too late


I have no idea who this is but every time I see her name I think it's Mary-Louise Parker and it's the biggest bonerkill when I realize it's just some rando


Chloe from 24


Gail the Snail is no rando.

She's also sneaky hot when she gets dolled up.


I have a feeling that the Kelli scene will not have nudity, I believe they oversold the nudity on this show.


Holy shit nope. Best shot of her tits so far.


Watch it be Roxane not doing nudity this week and Kelli does.


Yeah I’m thinking it’s basically going to be the Roxane-Mesquida show as far as nudity goes. Who know? We'll see. It was nice to see Kelli’s boobs in the first episode at least. Looking forward to April 12th when Diablo Guardian S02 drops.


Somewhat agree...I don't think they oversold the nudity of the show as a whole, but I think Berglund may be avoiding it since her first episode. After the case of last episode, I'm cautious and feel this upcoming "masturbation scene" will just be quick and/or vague shots to avoid showing any of her.


Glad to say, I was wrong lol