March 26, 2019 Rumors

The first season of Hanna premieres on Amazon on Friday. We’ve skimmed the first 6 or so episodes and there’s nothing interesting from Esme Creed-Miles.

Speaking of the original Hanna, we’ve skimmed the script for the Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet lesbian film Ammonite. The script has some pretty descriptive sex scenes and actually has words like ‘vaginal lips’ in it. Of course that doesn’t mean there will be any nudity but there are also other interesting scenes like when Kate spies on Saoirse bathing.

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Can we expect anything from Stana Katic in the season 2 of Absentia?


There's a quick sex scene in the first episode and you can only see her face, so it looks like not gonna happen.


"A look at life for a group of high school students"
Seriously sounds like the most boring show ... no thanks, give me dragons 🙂


The original Israeli show, described as a thriller (ran for a season in 2012) followed the aftermath of a kid being killed outside of a club. It was set in the 90s and the main characters were the teens who witnessed the murder. Not sure how faithful this take will be, but the original had a teen who gets involved in pornography only to be haunted by body dysmorphia, a young gay man who finds a home with a much older couple, a girl who suffers abuse as well as low self-confidence because of her weight, and an amateur chemist who concocts new drugs to numb them all to their lives.


Their marketing would be better served if it said, "A look at life for a group of high school students in which Sydney Sweeney shows her tits".


and add "and maybe zendaya, idk youll have to watch to find out"


Who is the girl Zendaya is in bed with? Can anyone tell?


The trans girl played Hunter Schafer.


One More Week 🙂


Who cares?

Warrior ep 1 is next Friday - that's all I'm interested in.


All well and good when you've seen one of them.


Why not both?


Any chance of nudity from Hanna Ardéhn in Quicksand?


There's always a chance...


Any nudity in tomorrow's Osmosis?


Yes, there is some.


Nothing from Kiki Layne yet? If Beale Street Could Talk is on Hulu is anyone is feeling helpful.


Clip has been online for 3 weeks - it’s pretty dark though.


Stray Dolls (the movie that "Olivia DeJonge shows her butt in" according to Recapped) premieres April 27 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Don't know when we can anticipate a VOD or theatrical release, but at least the ball's rolling on that one now.


Also any info on Olivia's film undertow ?


There are a lot of sex scenes in this movie.


What episodes does Joey King get nude in “The Act “ ? If she even does


Any of the remaining episodes is plausible for some skin - her character has just discovered the internet and started seeking attention from men. But if you’re looking for the scene that like Joey King describes Patricia Arquette guarding her, that already happened, and no dice.


Information about nudity in The Beach Bum? Female nudity?


You might find your answer looking at the IMDB full cast list.


It seems like we would have heard detailed reports from SXSW if it was anything other than topless extras. I'd love to be proven wrong, though!


Wow! We are in a lesbian movie renaissance! It seems every major actress in Hollywood is doing or has done a lesbian movie in the past few years.


Sophie Turner has just outed herself as bisexual. I'd lose a bollock to see her in a hot lesbian scene!


not surprising...does this mean maisie williams will admit to it soon too? being as those 2 are basically lesbian lovers already.


case and point


Not just movie, obviously. 😉


Anything in Another Life with Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair & Elizabeth Ludlow? Thanks!


A script uses the term vaginal lips!? That seems weirdly and unnecessarily descriptive. I'm kinda surprised Ronan and Winslet read a script that was that pornographic and still signed on.


Seeing that Kate has done lots of nudity i'm not surprised she's signed for this movie. Saoirse has stayed well clear of sexual stuff, so she is a bit of a surprise! This "bathing scene" could be anything tho. A glorious Emelia Clarke GOT type scene with a great view of t&a or a bare shoulder and calfs letdown. I very highly doubt we'll get a nude sex scene, but some full on kissing along with a Saoirse would be great. Oh, and Saoirse needs to go back to brown or red hair. The blonde look looks awful on her!


Kate previously said that she was going to scale back on nudity, though. But I guess she's one of those that can't resist getting naked.


It's only worth it if it's award winning material, pornographic or not


Speaking of Alex DD, for anyone curious if she might show anything in Lost Transmissions, the Tribeca site describes her supporting role as a spoiled pop princess, which explains the silly long silver hair she has in the movie So I wouldn’t count on her showing anything for that movie.


For the love of god can someone post "My Days of Mercy" gifs like COME ON


Oh my god, kid. The thing comes out in just barely over a week.


I mean I hate Ellen Page so much that it doesn't bother me that much that we haven't seen this.


Fine, I'll ask. Why do you hate Ellen Page?


Just listen to her.


I follow her, I've heard her talk a lot. I still quite like her.


To each his own, I suppose, but at this point, I don’t understand why anyone would want it spoiled with something as low-quality as the tease that we saw here. You’re not going to be able to make anything out with that.


pretty sure nobody was asking for that low quality of a tease


At this point I just want it to come out so I can stop hearing about it. This and the Alexandra Daddario one.


Agreed - maybe we should have a separate Alex DD section. Seems every new thread starts with a question about her.

Given she has shown the full goods whilst right in her prime I find my interest in her almost zilch and reckon everything else nudity wise is going to be a big let down.


Totally agree Amorph. Wish people would shut up about it.


I'm with you. All this My Days of Mercy and Alexandra Daddadio stuff is so freaking annoying.


They'll shut up when it's actually released. Til then people have something to look forward to in an age when many anticipated scenes end up being disappointing.


I dunno man, ADD’s scene from True Detective still gets posted on Reddit about every 18 minutes. I find her positively bland, but eh, nothing I can do about it.

This has been a hell of a wait though, and Kate Mara is easily one of my all time favorites since... like 2007 or some shit. I’m sure I’m not alone.


Ever since the Layover disappointment I've just grown numb to whenever I see Daddario mentioned on here.


Let’s not kid ourselves. The Layover was a disappointment of our own doing, despite the fact that it was clearly going to be a shitshow. Should have known better than to trust 4chan. At least we have proper confirmation on Lost Girls and Love Hotels.


Pretty sure we've only gotta wait a week or 2 more til it's on VOD. The only footage we've seen so far looked like it was recorded on a potato so I'd rather wait for the VOD release


I'm gonna ask nicely again rather than be antagonistic like others on here. I fully agree. Please post any and all footage of MDOM. I as well as others would like to watch it. @jflobo


It's because you and @cronkspit opted to be antagonistic in the last thread that the full clip wasn't posted. Maybe consider the possibility that your posts are hurting your cause rather than helping it?


I wasn't the antagonistic one. Cronkspit made the comment that he didn't have the footage and that he was a liar. Don't drag me into that. I asked nicely and I mentioned that I had wondered at points whether he didn't have the footage. I asked a question and it started that whole thing.


I'm gonna ask nicely again rather than be antagonistic like others on here. I fully agree. Please post any and all footage of MDOM. I as well as others would like to watch it.


Maybe 3rd time will be a charm.

Does anyone know where exactly, will we be able to watch MDOM on April 6th? "Available on VOD" is vague to the point of being meaningless.

The fact that Lionsgate hasn't shared that information, or otherwise promoted this film doesn't bode well for those of us that aren't @jflobo.


lol VOD almost always means everywhere online like iTunes, Amazon, etc

This is basically a pointless question


It's Lionsgate so probably your typical Amazon, Fandango, Google Play, iTunes etc


oh my god! I can't believe you've already read the script! How can you? Don't believe it, can you send me the screenplay?


Lol you must be new here.


I'm not, actually! I'm just jealous of him!