Marco Polo Season 2 Nudity Review

We’re going to start posting more reviews in the next little while. First up is the 2nd season of Marco Polo which is available today on Netflix. We skimmed through the entire season and below is a summary of the nudity.

Ep 201 – Zhu Zhu is topless during a sex scene but her hair is blocking the goods.
Ep 203 – Olivia Cheng shows her left breast.
Ep 205 – Olivia Cheng is topless and has some bondage rope on. Esther Low is topless in the bath. Karishma Ahluwalia shows t&a during and after sex.
Ep 206 – Zhu Zhu comes close to showing nip while moving around in a milk bath. Laura Prats is topless during a sex scene. And there’s lots of naked randoms in a harem.

So while not as good as the first season, the second season of Marco Polo isn’t bad. If you want to see more of Zhu Zhu (Kokachin), check out her nude scenes from Secret Sharer if you missed it before.

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Where can i find SECRET SHARER HD movie for watching/download?


I've got some exclusive "Game of Thrones" news: All of you will be pissed off and disappointed.


There’s upcoming nudity in ‘American Pastoral’. If its true to the book then both Jennifer Connelly & Dakota Fanning’s characters have nude scenes, 2 in Dakota’s case. Its R-Rated for strong sexual material, nudity, language and brief violent images. So it look promising.


Looks like one of them is in a trailer at 1:43. But you don't really see anything.


Thanks! Crossing fingers.


Any news of GOT?


Yeah, they annnounced the directors for season 7, only four guys, so at best it will be a 8-episode season, which means less room for nudity


They haven't started filming it yet. They haven't even finished casting. How do you expect Recapped to know?


I expect the best to give me the best


season 2 is a disappointment


I agree. It's almost as disappointing as the current season of GoT. Yet another TV series that dials back the nudity once it becomes popular.


Thanks for the update!


Any more news on who gets naked in Westworld or Casual S2?


@recapped-- can you post the clips of the above mentioned scenes ?