May 28, 2019 Rumors

We’re hearing that season 3 of Glow will be available August 9. Both Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin are supposed to have nude scenes this season.

Unfortunately, we also have some bad news to share. Apparently Starz has changed their mind and have now decided to cancel Now Apocalypse.

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Someone asked about Swamp Thing.

From a review of the 2 episodes sent to critics

Other than some swearing and a little extra intensity, Swamp Thing could have aired on The CW, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Has there been any news on The Mad Whale, which supposedly had Camilla Belle's topless scene? It was filmed over three years ago now, I can see it's on some Arabic TV service but nowhere else


I would like to hear more about this as well


Maybe being in limbo after James Franco was accused by multiple former 'students' that he tutored in acting about being inappropriate or putting them into roles they weren't comfortable with? Since he had produced The Mad Whale.


I really tried getting into Now Apocalypse, but it was just too much. Even the great nudity couldn't save it.
I'm very excited for more nude scenes from Alison Brie. She's been a huge favorite since she first appeared on Community. Sadly, I have a feeling GLOW's cancellation is imminent. Netflix seems to be scrapping most of their shows after the third season.


GLOW is a solid hit for them and they kept Orange is the New Black long enough. They want to keep their viewers for as long as they can and they won't be able to do that if they cancel the shows that works. They won't be able to attract talent to make those shows either.


Glow was almost cancel after season 1 due to its poor ratings (Published in the Wall Street Journal and titled "At Netflix, Who Wins When It's Hollywood vs. the Algorithm?"). The creatives convinced the higher ups to ignore the metrics, since it had a lot of buzz with the critics.


Subscriber retention is a big deal for Netflix. If you're signing up to watch one particular show or season, and then canceling, you're hurting the chances of that show being renewed for another season.


@Vita19a I have heard of only two of those shows. Netflix has a bunch of shows it spends no publicity on (more often than not because they're cheap and very bad) which explains why they end up cancelling so many of them.

GLOW had more publicity than any of those shows, had considerably better reviews and was produced by Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange is the New Black. That's why she and others could convince Netflix to overlook the metrics. If the show's quality stays high, it could last 2 or 3 more seasons.


Actually Netflix model is to cancel shows quickly so subscribers have new content to engage them:

The Get Down, The Characters, Atelier, Hibana: Spark, Disjointed, Gypsy (rumour this would have been saved if they cancelled Glow), Girlboss, Seven Seconds, All About The Washingtons, The Good Cop, Everything Sucks, Multiple non-sitcom comics shows.


Partly it's because of their algorithms, and partly because of how they structure the deals for their shows. Their research shows that anything beyond ten episodes in a season doesn't add anything to viewer engagement, so no point in commissioning any more episodes than that. And they structure their deals so that each season gets significantly more expensive, to the point that anything beyond three seasons isn't worth it on their end.

Traditional television would have back end revenue streams like syndication or DVD sales (especially useful if it's from a sister studio) to help provide motivation to keep a show running. Not to mention using it as a cornerstone to build around and use to advertise other shows (essentially why NBC kept The Office around those last couple seasons, or why Modern Family is being dragged out long past what should have been its death rattle). But Netflix wants exclusivity to the point that they stick clauses in contracts that don't allow shows to migrate elsewhere for long enough that pretty much guarantee the cast and crew will move on and never do another episode for a different outlet. That also means selling reruns of Stranger Things to TNT isn't going to happen, even if they produce 60-70 episodes instead of 30.


Not surprised about "Now Apocalypse," since the show had zero ratings. Starz dumped the remaining episodes in the hope of generating some interest in the show, but it failed.


Euphoria screenings have started

Review embargo probably ends after the official premiere / Q&A at the festival in Austin next Thursday.


They compared Euphoria to Thirteen with diversity.


Leila George was braless in Animal Kingdom


Alison is my boo but Betty has one of the most unbelievably perfect bodies I've ever seen and a gorgeous face. I'm a little frustrated that it's nearly 2.5 months away (instead of end of June)...but, I'm super psyched! Thanks for the update.

Out of curiosity, without giving away too much about your source, has whomever you've heard from about season 3 actually seen any of the said nude scenes or are they working off of what they've heard?


I wonder if we will even be able to see the Mektoub sequel with this news.


I'm sure there will be some distributor that will show it just to cash in on the controversy although it is unlikely that it will be seen by a full-on art house audience considering its length. I'm just wondering how much did Kechiche got from auctioning his Palme d'Or trophy to get funding and I think it's very unlikely he'll get a chance to make that third film if it's the same shit all over again.


This is the Best Gift from Alison Brie to us in years...I hope Brie Larson develops a mindset like her!


They're both Friends too....


My Days of Brie... if only.


Yes, they hang out every Sunday to eat French brie cheese with her friends Gabrielle Union & Brie Gabrielle. Of course, Brie Gabrielle is the president of their club...


New nudity from Betty Gilpin is one of the best celeb news stories of the year so far! I can't wait for that! Stunningly beautiful lady.


The cancellation of Now Apocalypse is no great loss, as far as I'm concerned.
The show sucked!
And Kelli Berglund, despite having really nice tits, has a really unattractive face. Plus she's a shitty actress!
Roxane Mesquida has incredible tits, not least in season 1 after her pregnancy.
But we've seen her naked SO many times... old hat.

Re: GLOW: I hope for frontal nudity from Betty Gilpin - hope she rivals or tops her unforgettable scene in Nurse Jackie.
Especially after that disappointing scene in season 2...


Thanks for sharing!


So much negativity is so unnecessary here


Rec, do you know what was cut from Sweetbitter S1 ep 3? Last year your calendar had it as confirmed nudity with the red dot.


Yesss about Alison and Betty, and Noooo about Now Apocalypse - it had wonderful nudity from Kelli Berglund (one of the best of the best from this year) and I hoped for a clear butt shot in S2.


Just a reminder Alison Brie talking about season 3 of Glow on the red carpet:


I wish every actress had a mindset like her!!!


Niiiiice. Will either Alison or Betty be nude in a sex scene? Too bad about “Now Apocalypse,” but we got some great nudity. It seemed popular to me but I guess not?


Any nudity from Julia Stiles or Roxane Duran in season 2 of Riviera?


Nothing from Julia Stiles. Roxane Duran has a scene in episode 5 I think, but no nudity, I think she wore pasties.


India Eisley's new film Adolescence is coming out next month. Someone here mentioned that she is supposed to be topless in that.


she was very sexy in look away, seeing her topless again would be great.


I am hoping for some high quality Alison Brie boobage.


This time...We're gonna settle for nothing less than multiple Full Frontal Nudity from both!


That's a shame, sometimes the main characters step back on the nudity in second seasons and we get some good stuff from guest stars.

I'm sure Avan Jogia will have a decent future career based on his performance.


Anyone else on the show supposed to have nude scenes this season?


*crosses finger for Ellen Wong*


if Knives Chau shows tits, I'll be really happy


I want Sunita Mani.


That's the one I want too, AD.