May 30, 2019 Rumors

Netflix is currently casting for a new show set at a ballet academy called Tiny Pretty Things. All of the student roles require expert ballet dancers that must be comfortable with nudity and sexual situations. The casting notice for the director of the academy and the older sister of one of the students also mention nudity.

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You had previously mentioned other roles on Condor that had been cast and required nudity, do you have any info on the role that Rita Volk was cast as for the show?

Had asked previously but any info on possible L-Word reboot casting?

Also can't remember if said thanks for the update on Hightown, are there any roles being cast that might have nudity? And any rumors on who they are looking for to play Monica's character's ex?


Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but the opening scene of the first episode of Amazon's "Good Omens" adaptation features a glorious butt shot of African actress Schelaine Bennett as Eve in the Garden of Eden.


I’m guessing because she’s not really known and it was pretty quick that it hasn’t been mentioned/posted about, but, yeah, it was quite a butt.


Do we know anything on season 2 of Insatiable?


Leila George (D'Onofrio) - Animal Kingdom S04E01 - Braless Pokies


Something from Katee Sackhoff and Selma Blair in Another Life would be nice. Blair is most likely as she has been doing a few topless modeling shots recently.


though she's done nudity in the past, it's been "barely there" kind of nudity. Would love to see Katee Sackhoff do a proper nudity


Selma Blair did full frontal Nidity in Storytelling. She was only showed from the side but it still counts.


Blairs got nothing to show. Booo


Any nudity in the upcoming Shaft sequel?


Full frontal nudity from Sam Jackson and Richard Roundtree.

That's why it's called "Shaft."


He's gonna get that snake out of his motherfucking pants.


how often you are going to ask that?


Is there a limit on asking stuff? If so, there's a whole load of Daddario posts that need deleting, and some 'where are the Gloria Bell clips' too.


It was posted a day before also. And yes, I don't need those recurring Daddario questions in every post Recapped makes as well. Once a month should be enough


So you're flipping out over two posts. Got it.


My second time asking. I forgot where I posted it the first time.


in this same post. >:(


Ha! Whadduyaknow. Yet still no answers.


Does anyone know when Wij (We) is going to be released in DVD? It's a Dutch/Belgian film that premiered in some festivals during 2018.


The clip with nudity was posted some weeks ago here.


I checked out the upcoming nude scenes. Here is my list;
*Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) -yeah, We still don’t know if Zendaya has nude scene, to be honest I haven’t hope about it-
*Riley Keough (Zola and Earthquake Bird); Perfect woman. Can’t wait for her new nude scenes.
*Alicia Vikander (Earthquake Bird)
*Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale-S3); I don’t know if she shot nude scenes in this show, but I’m expecting new scenes.
*Elle Fanning (The Great); It’s really sad and bad that we don’t watch this show until 2020. Can’t wait for Fanning nude debut.
*Alison Brie (GLOW-S3)
*Ella Purnell (Sweetbitter-S2)
*Laia Costa (Only You)
*Elizabeth Debicki (The Burnt Orange Heresy - Lovecraft Country)
*Margot Robbie (Dreamland)
*Bella Heathcote (Strange Angel)
*Erin Moriarty (The Boys/Driven)
*Shailene Woodley (Untitled Drake Doremus Movie)


Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) in Dark Season 2 (June 21st) is my #1 hope. Potential lesbian stuff as her character is implied to be a lesbian seductress. First season had nudity from 3 different actresses so the creators aren't shy about nudity. Please god.


Fanning? I'm gonna need details there Detective.


It's his wish list


It’s not wish list. You can find more info in this web site, Recapped


Are all of these movies going to release this year except the The Great....?


Anything from the upcoming Shaft sequel? Theres supposed to be brief nudity and sexual content.


Odelya Halevi has been cast on Why Women Kill I think as the ex of Alex DD’s character.

She’s a gorgeous Israeli, but she dodged nudity in a sex scene in Good Girls Revolt. So I’m gonna scale down my nudity expectations for that show.


Outstanding. Best nude show on tv. Hopefully we get Chelsea this time.


So "Flesh and Bone" 2.0? If so, then I would love to see (already mentioned here) Sarah Hay in some role. I miss seeing her naked.


Glow season 3 premier officially Aug 9, spot on from the last post. Hopefully a trailer soon.


Seeing this tonight

General UK release in early August


Is there any chance of nudity from Mackenzie Davis any time soon?


Her character in Terminator - Dark Fate has a naked time travel/fight scene, but there’s no confirmation of how much is shown. Articles/social media posts of the footage screened at CinemaCon mentioned her being naked and say things about the scene being “R Rated”, but the pessimist in me is guessing it’s going to be an ass shot at best until the final movie is out and actual impressions are out.


Thanks for the info. She has done ass shots a couple of times, hope we get a proper boob shot


I know we have all moved on from it by now, but I just want to say that all the nudity and sex of Ellen Page and Kate Mara was soooo worth it. It took way too long to come, but lived up to the hype.


Those jiggling boobs are still playing in my mind, not gonna lie


Hmm. Good nudity usually makes coming quick.


Alas the "brief nudity" in Domino wasn't Carice van Houten. Just some random. So much for months of snooping. 😀 But such is this life. It is what it is.


But it's full frontal.


The nude woman is Helena Kaittani.


My friend and I were having a discussion about the most unexpected nude scenes of all time. We were basically talking about people that we never expected to see get naked. One of the names my friend mentioned was Shiri Appleby. She had that guest role on season 2 of Girls. I totally forgot that she was on that show. I had to go back and rewatch her nude scenes. They were pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind if she did another nude scene in the future. According to her IMDB page the last thing she did was an episode of Law and Order. Does anyone know what she’s been up to?


Sarah Silverman In Take This Waltz was totally unsuspected. I had no idea she was hiding that body under there.


Autumn Reeser should definitely be on that list for her scene from The Big Bang. That scene came out of nowhere. And to make it even better, when the Blu Ray came out there was additional footage of her sex scene. Doesn’t get much better than that.


I’ll add some more:

Alexandra Daddario (the girl from Percy Jackson doing jaw-dropping, well-lit and somewhat lengthy nudity )

Bryce Dallas Howard (not only naked, but even a voyeuristic, semi-closeup of her bush)

Hayley Kiyoko (ex-Disney star and indie pop singer engaging in a raunchy threesome)


Alison Brie. I thought for sure she would be one of those nevernudes. Now if Nina Dobrev would just do the same, I would die happy. But I have a feeling she's a true nevernude...


Nina sure talks like she's ready to get nekkid. i just keep hoping she means it.


Kate Micucci in Easy, I mean who saw that coming and that they would be so perfect, and a FFM 3some scene to boot.


Sarah Silverman doing nude scenes as well was quite surprising, I am thankful.


Another great unexpected nude scene was Reese Witherspoon in Twilight.


Diane Farr. Avoided nudity her whole career, used a body double in Californicaton, and then randomly went full frontal in a low budget movie in her mid-40s.

Also Kate Micucci, though that one's less surprising in retrospect. I think she was probably always willing to do it, but just wasn't thought of for those type of roles.


Diane Farr already took the plunge (full frontal nude debut) in About Cherry (2012) but wasn't getting the reputation bump because the way it was shot left too much room for doubt.

Recapped's review opines "it does indeed look like she’s bottomless."

A later update added a relevant clip that shows: 1) Yes, that's Diane Farr. 2) Heather Graham pulls down Diane's pants. 3) No panties. 4) Looks like a shaved mound to me.
Still frame:

View post on


Sasha Alexander was pretty unexpected. Never had any her entire career, had turned 40 and was already on a regular show on TNT. Seeing her show up on Shameless and with multiple nude scenes was a surprise.


totally. I loved her since her cameo in FRIENDS, pleasant surprise to see her nude in Shameless.


Analeigh tipton, i loved her in 2 night stand and while shes not a huge name, her being naked for 70% of a movie was a very nice surprise.


Lake Bell


Ashley Greene in Rogue is definitely the one for me. I remember watching the episode and being absolutely shocked and amazed at what I was seeing.


Good choice, I'd also add Katie Holmes due to her fame and image at the time of the Gift. Anne Hathaway also.

With all the hype and leaks about Euphoria, I'm hoping we get something sexual which shocks like the Shiri cum wipe scene


Definitely one of the most unexpected. Who knew we'd be seeing her take a load on the chest from Kylo Ren


Gonna be a looong couple of weeks waiting for these 2


Starlord, man.


Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney


Adapted from a YA novel, with a producer whose most notable credit is a series that has aired on Netflix for three seasons with zero nudity? Call me skeptical, but I fear this could be closer to The Society than Flesh and Bone, with the nudity part of the casting notice being more of a "just in case" than an actual requirement.

But hey, I hope I'm wrong! And as long as we're talking dream casts, I'll gladly co-sign on Julia Goldani Telles and throw in a vote for former ballerina Katie Findlay.


Handmaids Tale is in less than a week and 6 episodes (half of the season) were made available to critics. Anything from Yvonne or Alexis?


I hope the casting director of "Tiny Pretty Things" takes a look at Sarah Hay for the role! She could be perfect.


Emma Dummont is perfect for the role, she's an expert ballet dancer.


Emma is set to play the 1990s edgy & sexy anti-heroine Razor. Hopefully it will be R-Rated.


Yes, please since The Gifted is done.
Can we also reunite her with Julia Goldani Telles who is also out of a job?
And maybe Sarah Hay as the older sister.


Anything on Olivia Cook?


Dibs on one of them being Margaret Qualley. Just because.


Is it true that Emma Appleton has replaces Millie Brady as Renfri in The Witcher? If not, do you know who is the new Renfri?