May 9, 2019 Rumors

Here’s an update to some previous casting rumors that have yet to be announced.

Jessica Brown Findlay is rumored to play Lenina Crowe on Brave New World.

Joana Ribeiro is rumored to play Susan Delgado on The Dark Tower.

Myha’la Herrold is rumored to play Harper Stern on Industry.

And lastly, it was announced that Elizabeth Debicki would play Christina Braithwhite on Lovecraft Country but they are rumored to be recasting this role. Apparently Christopher Nolan movies take precedence and there are scheduling conflicts. This role requires nudity and sex scenes with male and female characters.

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Any news from Amy Adams? To be honest, I haven't any hope, because I think she doesn't like nude scenes. Anyway, I checked out the new movies, I hope Carey Mulligan has nude scene(s) in Promising Young Woman. It's been long time since her the last good nude scene (Shame). Also, I can't wait for Alicia Vikander's nude scene in Earthquake Bird, Elizabeth Debicki's nude scene in her new movie and hoping for nude scenes from Natalie Portman (in Lucy in the Sky), Elle Fanning (in Molly and The Great), Tatiana Maslany (in Pink Wall), Lily James (in Rebecca), Ana de Armas (maybe Wasp Network or Night Clerk), Anya Taylor Joy and Katherine Langford (Cursed)


Charlotte Hope - The Spanish Princess - E2


Mara Scherzinger in Night Out 2018 2 of 2


Mara Scherzinger in Night Out 2018 1 of 2


Do we know if Zen gets nude in Euphoria?


What a wonderful week to look forward to 🙂 . Kate and Ellen in HD with sound, Sydney Sweeney nude debut, Julie Ann Emery nude debut, Hannah Murray, John Wick 3 and the beautiful ageless Halle Berry in some kickass action....Hope everyone is excited as I am!




What's this about Hannah Murray?


Charlie Says, with topless Hannah Murray (among others), comes out on VOD on the same day as MDoM & (supposedly) Euphoria pilot.


Hannah butt as well - don’t forget the butt.


Is Julie Ann Emery confirmed to be nude in Catch 22? That would be great but I missed that if it was.


Yep someone posted a link where she was interviewed and talked about being naked quite a bit in show and how her character is very comfortable with her body. Might have been in one of the last 2 comment threads.


Awesome! I'll go back and look for it


Any scenes from Gloria Bell for Julianne moore... ??? !!! ???


Out on Vod on the 21st.
Less than 2 weeks.
You can wait till then?


I saw this recently, she has multiple topless well lit scenes in the movie. She's topless talking to a guy in bed, has another topless sex scene and there's one moment where she's lying on her back naked in bed, but there's a cat blocking her crotch.




Julianne Moore's tits still look great at 58 years old.


That's what I call a pussy shot!

Thank you, I'll see myself out.


One week.


Any nudity from Zendaya in this?


This looks like what society should have been. I'm just taking bout tits


Yeah I'm gonna be unavailable next weekend lol.


Sweeney's Sweeneys being unveiled will make for a hell of an evening. 😀


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One week?

I do trust in the accuracy of this site’s calendar - but it would be nice to some other/official confirmation.


jinxed it - sorry


Joanna Vanderham - Warrior S1E6


Brightened version, although doesn't help much...


What a waste of sex scene..she could show us more and that could be more charming to watch...


Yeah...too bad. At least we got the other scene, though I'd rather she have gone nude in this one than that one. Hotter to me.


Hi Guys,
Just getting bored of waiting for LGLH Lost Girls and Love Hotels. Is there any chance of releasing it anytime soon?
Or is it worth to wait for her upcoming projects like
Why Women Kill
Lost transmission etc.?

LGLH , someone said coming this summer. Then no further update.


From what I've read on Lost Transmissions, I wouldn't count on it.

As far as Why Women Kill, though, CBS All Access does allow nudity, but people are still skeptical nonetheless. Alex DD posted pics of her in a pool at a house in an isolated location along with a post-swim pic of her in a hair and makeup trailer. If she's filming at an isolated location, that should bode well.


Why would you abbreviate the title then write out the whole thing?!


Dr. No Bond movie inspired me a lot. Its my style I since watched it.

By the way, that was not really the topic was.


thanks for another useless AD post


Not having a go, just giving my 2p's worth .
If a post is of interest to one other member, then it's not a useless post. Imho, it's best to Just skip past posts that don't interest you, rather than make an issue out of them, just as i've had to do with countless stuff about Kate Mara.


Oh I know what the topic was, but as usual nobody has any answers for you, and that super unusual “style” is what stood out more than anything else


This looks interesting..........


i think the last time Carla Gugino was topless was on Sin City 2005 when she was 33 or 34 now she is 47 and we need to see her topless again... !!!


I'd gladly take nude milfy Carla Gugino any day, if she shows anything in this.


Yeah, sorry everyone, it's Kate Micucci in Easy S03E04.


Loool never mind I just saw the KM title and realized it was Kate haha. I saw some early reviews for Catch 22 came out and thought it might have been Julie Ann Emery from screener :p .


Is that Julie in Catch 22 @le_sigh? U got any more goodies to share 🙂 ?


"Das ende der Wahrheit" is now in German cinemas. Any detail about Antje Traue's sex scene? Does she show anything in that scene?


Nope, YouTube reviewer PlanetFilmGeek said there is a undressing scene but it's above the neckline. Sorry.


Thanks, quite expected. I also think that in Dark season 2 she won't show anything. I started to think her previous nude scenes had body-double or CGI...


anything interesting from the society


No. Even the "bra scenes" are brief, poorly shot, and completely tame.


Kate Micucci topless twice in Easy S03E04.
Elizabeth Reaser (spelled Raeser in the credits) butt in S03E05.
Rest of the nudity was from a bunch of other people I don't care about.


And male nudity although that might be the smallest penis ever


Lindsay Burge brief in ep1


those are some amazing nipples.


I was not expecting a pair of tits that perfect from cute little Kate. Hot damn!


Very nice


Hot lesbo scene from Sophia Bush in ep 3. The other girl is topless, Sophia kisses down her chest.


Somme caps plz?


thank you! perhaps a gif or video? 🙂


No nudity from Sophia, but this is still really hot.


Figured Sophia wasn’t going to show anything.


We all figured as much - Sophia Bush knows what she's worth and is not gonna give it up for a guest spot on "Easy". Too bad 'cause she's def the most attractive of the girls this season.
Elizabeth "massive forehead" Reaser is a boner killer.
Kate Micucci has really nice breasts, but her face is not attractive at all.
Too bad Kiersey Clemons is not in season 3 - she's hella cute.


Or maybe she didn't feel like *this* was the right role to do it.


There have been actresses in Sophia's position who have gotten naked in guest spots. I think in her case, it's either body issues or she's a prude.


Reaser and Micucci are both very sexy. Sorry they don’t live up to your standards.


I meant "too bad Kiersey Clemons is not nude in season 3".
She was nude in season 2, but she had stickers over her nipples - doesn't count!
And she had a make-out scene with Jacqueline Toboni in season 1, but she kept her bra on.


Kiersey is in this season - she’s in a scene with a topless women (that I haven’t identified) in episode 3.
Congratulations, your post was only “almost” completely wrong (you are right about Sophia).


Other girl is Jacqueline Toboni I think


What is your favorite nude scene since Alexandra Daddario? There's been a lot of good stuff - a lot of surprises. For me, it's actually Hayley Kiyoko's threesome on that HBO show "Insecure." Not so much her nudity as the scene overall. I wonder if the upcoming Sydney Sweeney stuff can top it?


Naya Rivera posted a decent topless boob shot on her Instagram. Hopefully this is a good omen for the next few weeks in general


Did the uncensored pic of Dianna Agron turn up? Granted she's since gotten it out in that movie plus there's the leak, but that shoot with Brian Bowen Smith seemed to have disappeared. Incidentally that photographer also commented on the Naya pic: "How could you without me"


Wich Dianna Agron pic?


From the photographer's website

Are any of these Naya or someone else of note?


Hoping for something from Annabelle Wallis after seeing The Loudest Voice trailer.


Caylee Cowan sunrise in heaven?


Will Brave New World have nudity? It is for USA network. Ever since Paramount Network showed tits on "Yellowstone" I've been waiting to see when another basic cable channel will.

Speaking of of "Yellowstone", will there be nudity in season 2?


Anything on saoirse ronan?


I guess we'll all learn together if there's nudity in Easy tomorrow.


Two women show their tits in episode 3 and Kate Micucci is topless again in episode 4.


Old school. Only about 10 hours to go.


There is someone I’d suggest for Christina Braithwhite on Lovecraft Country, but she’s already booked. 😉


I doubt Alexandra Daddario has exclusivity on Why Women Kill so she could book this role if scheduling allows.


I don’t know if being a series regular on two shows simultaneously is viable for an actor.


some of the actors sign an exclusivity deal/non-compete clause, which means they won't promote another network/show (hence not being on one). Also, many upscale dramas take 2 weeks to shoot an episode, so, 2 a month. 10 episode show would take 5-6 months before that actor is wrapped and free to do other things


Rufus Sewell alternated Victoria and the Man in the High Castle. Laura Linney is switching back and forth between tales of the city and Ozark. Steve Carell is doing a drama on Apple, and a space force comedy from Netflix. Given the short seasons of shows nowadays, it's doable


I’m not so sure. In theory, yes. In reality? Different matter. These streaming platforms may have seasons of 8-10 eps, but they shoot for a lot longer. As a producer on Riverdale said, they shoot for 8 days for $2mill. Where as 13 Reasons Why eps cost $5mill and shoot an ep in nearly a month. It’s why they often look more cinematic than their network rivals. If you’re a regular on two of these, that would be your entire year booked.

Sewell was only in the first 5 eps of Victoria S1, probs due to his High Castle S2 commitments. And he could take the gig due to the nature of his Victoria character. He guested in Victoria S2 in eps 2 & 3.

Linney’s Tales of the City is a one and done mini series, so it wouldn’t affect Ozark. But even that mini shot for 6 months.