Melissa George in Hunted: Mort

Melissa George shows her breasts and ass briefly in the very first scene of the first episode of Hunted. If only more shows would adopt this strategy to attract viewers. You can actually watch the entire episode on Cinemax’s web site but the nudity is edited out. That’s still better than the version that aired in the UK a few weeks ago where the entire sex scene was basically cut out.

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So where these scenes screened anywhere at all or have they been "collected" from the cutting room floor?


They where screened in Norway.


Thanks, I was looking for this scene. I can't help but wonder why the scene was cut from the BBC version. Since the show airs at 21:00, the scene at the beginning of the first episode would have be right after the watershed. I suppose that's why it was cut. There was nudity in the second episode, but it came later in the program.