Men, Women & Children Nudity Review

Despite being a movie about sex, the only real nudity in Men, Women & Children comes from Shane Lynch. Shane strips down to her underwear as she gets ready to have sex. A couple of minutes later, Shane shows her breasts briefly after sex. Rosemarie DeWitt is naked in bed in one scene but doesn’t really show anything. Olivia Crocicchia and Elena Kampouris can also be seen in their bras. The rest of the nudity is from porn on a computer monitor.

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a post on imdb regarding Men, Women and Children:

I don't remember there being nudity in it.


Olivia Crocicchia is gorgeous (shame about the last name though). She may have worn a bikini in the film Besties. Somebody did, not sure if it was her.


michelle monaghan in fort bliss?


Clips of naked Michelle are already available on net - she showed breasts and ass.


are they good and clear shots of her?


The scene is a little bit dark, but imo hot and you can see one good shot of her butt and breasts.


Any word about Aubrey Plaza in Ned Rifle? It just debuted at TIFF today. The casting call for her character had a "topless nudity is required for a scene with sexual situations" notice on it, but since it ended up being crowd-funded and casting call nudity requirements are hardly set in stone, I'm skeptical of the film actually having anything.


I too would love to know if Aubrey shows anything. It would be the awesomest if she does.


Shane Lynch is the daughter of nudity hall of famer Kelly Lynch.


are you sure Shane Lynch isn't from the irish pop group boy zone lol