Midsommar Review

Near the end of Midsommar, Isabelle Grill is lying on the ground naked in a room surrounded by 12 other fully nude women of different shapes and sizes. Isabelle then has sex while the other women cheer her on.

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I watched the first episode of The Last Czars on Netflix and there's a bunch of nudity, including full frontal.


Skimmed quickly first episode and didn't notice any full frontal (male or female). It must be super brief or... but there are tits.


There is also a sex scene with full frontal in ep. 3.


There is female full frontal including visible labia at 21:47 min into ep. 1.


I'll check it. Thanks.


Male or female?


The movie was already released in theatre (in france) but still no news about Virginie Efira in Sybil. I know there are several sex scenes with her real boyfriend. How explicit are the scenes? Any chance of unsimulated sex?


Next episode of Strange Angel?


please read my post at the very bottom...


So which shows coming out this year have a good chance for nudity?

2) The Boys
3) Sweetbiter
4) Watchmen
5) Orange is the New Black


So the producer of Lost Girls and Love Hotels also confirmed that they are waiting for fall festival lineup. Interestingly, Carice Van Houten was the one who asked the question on Instagram. If the movie is any good then maybe TIFF is a good possibility, if not that then at least LA film festival. This also means that the guy on reddit was probably lying about the "legal limbo".


LA Film Festival is now defunct.


Well that sucks, because I have my doubts about it being selected for TIFF or Venice. Hopefully, some other European festival like London.


If a movie like Burying the Ex, a zombie romcom, can get a Venice Film Festival premiere, I don’t see why a movie like Lost Girls and Love Hotels can’t.


Venice is a possibility. Not only because of Burying the Ex... but they also premiered Prevenge (a pregnant woman takes orders from her baby to kill people). So either Venice likes quirky horror or they're into niche films. And with the success of Crazy Rich Asians, there's now a renewed appetite for Asian stories, so something like Lost Girls and Love Hotels may suddenly find itself 'hot right now'.


I'm sure Joe Dante being somewhat of a beloved genre director had something to do with it getting into the Venice Film Festival. Whether it gets in or not, it's going to be a lifetime before this thing is officially released.


Well... I saw MIDSOMMAR. What an evil, fucked up movie. From the Hereditary director. It plays happy, uplifting music when terrible things happen. I'm still disturbed. The sex scene? Like the description says. Pokies on the young red head. At one point, a naked lady goes up and pushes on the dude's ass to help him pump. Another lady holds the virginal girl's hand and looks into her eyes and sings to her while she's getting pumped. Then she turns and sings to the guy. The movie....just lingers with me. Not because of that sex scene, lol. If you like slow building, atmospheric, psychological horror, no jump scares, and some seriously fucked up shit (yes it gets gory), go see it. I'm still deciding if I liked it or not. Its very well done. Very well researched. I'm no expert, but the "paganism" in it feels authentic and genuine. I'm sure any pagans here would be offended at that, based on what happens. lol.


Only pokies? Isn't she fully nude? Are the other naked women just unknown extras or also some of the Swedish actresses?


@HighHardOne she's fully nude, but laying on the ground. She spreads her legs, but it obviously doesn't do a "plumber shot" angle in between her legs. All the girls standing around them, about 12 of them, are fully naked. Maybe 3-4 are attractive. The rest are older/flabby.


Damn no bush shown on isabelle grill?


@TK2012 unless I'm remembering wrong, she's laying on the ground the entire time, and you never get a good shot of her bush. Just tits, sides, legs. Its not an erotic scene, by any means. I'd agree with a film critic who said its one of the most graphic sex scenes in a major movie, recently. See this for the horror aspect, not a short sex scene.


Thanks for the update. That is the most news I've seen in a while as Lola pictures who made the film has been silent as the grave.


Do we know what nudity is in Zeroville?


VoD it looks like


Is Sabina Gadecki getting naked in this?


Watch the #Sweetbitter two-episode Season 2 premiere July 14 on @starz.


Hopefully Barbie Ferreira gets naked at some point in Euphoria, but if not, at least we have these:

Barbie Ferreira



That's gonna be a no from me dawg


From a recent interview with her-
"Most of my sex scenes I’m fully clothed, or even if I am showing something, it’s all just so talked through. You talk to her and then you talk to her again right before it. I signed off to do a lot more nudity; we just realized I didn’t even need it."


That's a damn shame when they decide nah no nudity even if the actress is willing.


Elle Fanning's pokies from Teen Spirit (slow day, ok)



Between sisters, Elle and Dakota, it could become a race to see who will actually shed their clothes first onscreen. My money is on Elle as she seems more willing to go the nudity route. Hopefully, that comes soon . . . for both, of course.


Please forgive me but I really honestly didn't realize how perfect Elle's tits are. I am paying attention now though.


The Last Czars is out tomorrow on Netflix 🙂


Kaley Cuoco is adapting The Flight attendant. Could she finally go nude?! Dare I dream?!



I would be happy even with semi-naked or non-nude but super steamy sex scenes. We haven't really got that from her. It's a thriller btw, not a comedy and I've partially read the book


If it's going to be on Warner Brother's streaming service, I highly doubt it. That synopsis doesn't inspire much confidence.


Being on a streaming service makes it more likely to have nudity not less.


Being on a Warner Bros streaming service it actually puts things 50/50 for nudity HOWEVER Greg Berlanti is developing this meaning it'll likely be more CW non-nude flirty comedy and not a HBO frisky entertainment drama.


Looks like a potential sex scene with Antje Traue in King of the Ravens.


I hope she will finally have a proper nude scene


Is anything known on Mrs Fletcher?


Thanks recapped! Does Isabelle grill show bush? And Is it full bush?


Anything on Dakota Fanning And Gal Gadot?


Maybe she'll be topless in The Alienist...


Best chance for Dakota will be Sweetness in the Belly which is supposed to come out sometime this year. The book has a few sex scenes and/or nude scenes that will hopefully make it into the film without being cropped or clothed. If Viena and the Fantomes ever comes out of the legal bind it has been in for the past few years, there are rumors of nudity in it.


Check the New Years post for the bad news about Viena.


I saw that one, but that movie has had many changes and edits since it was filmed in 2014 that what version of it, if any, will make it out to view, who's to say. Even if the scenes do not show anything, they look to be some of Dakota's best sex scenes to date, so for anyone that is a fan of her, they will still be hot. As the saying goes; expect the worst and hope for the best and you will never be disappointed.


Wow!! That's so fucking sexy! Such a fine-ass girl.


Shame nothing from Florence Pugh, but frankly any nudity in this is a pleasant surprise as I was going to see it regardless - looks kickass...in a terrifying, unnerving way.


Has Pia Mechler done anynudity?


Anything about "47 Meters Down: Uncaged"? Sistine Stallone, Brec Bassinger, Sophie Nelisse, Corinne Foxx...


Absolutely no chance for anything besides some bikini stuff.


Ashes in the Snow (2018) , Bel Powley and extras.



Any info about nudity in next episode of Euphoria?


I already said it many many times - when some title/episode is in nude calendar, the review of nudity will be posted before film/ep will premiere. Ep 4 is in calender so review will be posted somewhere this week and there is absolutely no need of asking this question. Just patience.