Mobile Homes Nudity Review

Imogen Poots shows breasts and part of her ass as she is having sex in Mobile Homes. The scene is pretty similar to the Frank & Lola scene in that it takes place early in the movie (2nd scene) and is set in a motel room. Unlike that scene, this one is well lit and you actually see Imogen have sex for a bit but the scene is a lot shorter.

A few minutes later, Imogen has sex in a pool and she shows part of her ass from the side underwater.

Mobile Homes is currently playing in Cannes.

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Has anyone seen Nicole Kidman in Killing of Sacred Deer? Is she nude and is there a sex scene in it? Reviews mention nude sex scene on bed...has anyone seen and how is the scene like?


Recapped just added a review 🙂


Thanks for the news recapped, I hope this time she's standing up during the nude scene.

Do you know when we can expect to see Olivia Cooke's nude scenes from Katie Says Goodbye? It feels like we've been waiting ages for that one to come out, hopefully the movie will not be stuck in limbo like Viena and the Fantomes.


Last year, Olivia Cooke said two interesting things in an interview:
1/ She doesn't shave her pubes
2/ There would be some full frontal nude scenes in that movie

And months later... HUGE disappointment! The nude review says that she only shows her tits.

I'm afraid she will never show more than her cute tits.


No, similar to Frank & Lola, Imogen is lying down during the scene. But at least she's facing the other direction this time. Also, there's an over the shoulder view for a bit.

And no idea about Katie Says Goodbye, but the director is casting for a movie named Richard Says Goodbye now.


And Gozo. Stuck in limbo for years, knowing there's a confirmed far off release date would be better than not knowing at all.


Tulip Fever officially rated R for sexual content and nudity. Maybe something from Alicia Vikander? 😉


It's very highly likely. Alicia is not 1 to shy away from nudity. Plus it's Weinstein.


Madeline Zima in "Twin Peaks" s03e01


More than 10 Years in Californication... still M Zima Ass is awesome as forkk.... amzing


So who got naked in the first four eps of Twin Peaks?


Madeline Zima and Nafessa Williams.


Dakota Fanning?


I think we have to hope Viena and the Fantomes somehow gets released.


Any Cannes chatter on The Last Witness?


Apparently Grace Van Patten is nude in The Meyerowitz Stories


Alison Brie in GLOW


Wow! I wonder where you got that from.


From the comments of the last (American Gods 104) post


I appreciate you taking the time to answer, but I must let you know I was being sarcastic. 🙂


Sorry if I can sound annoying, but can anyone give any info about Alexandra Daddario's clothed sex scene in The Layover? Thanks


Don't remember much but it's supposed to be a comedic scene.


Comedic sex scenes can be pretty hot. Especially with someone like Alexandra. Do you remember who it's with? Thanks


Matt Barr


I can't wait until the release on VOD. Finally a sex scene of Imogen!!! Her scene in Frank & Lola was a little disappointed for me.

Thanks for the update recapped!


Any info about Jennifer Garner in Wakefield would be much appreciated. How many sex scenes, how long, and good underwear scenes? Thanks!!


No nudity. 23denali posted this link in a previous post


Yes I know, which is why I didn't ask about nudity. Thanks.


Thank you so much, this is great news!