My Days of Mercy Nudity Review

Kate Mara makes her nude debut in My Days of Mercy with multiple topless sex scenes. Ellen Page is also topless in these scenes.

First scene:

About 1 hour in Kate and Ellen are dancing in a trailer and start to make out. The scene then cuts to a long shot of them in profile as they take off their respective shirts. Ellen is topless first, then Kate removes her own shirt and bra. Great, well lit view of both their breasts from the side.

The scene then moves to the bed. Ellen is forcefully using her hand on Kate. Good view of Kate’s left breast and some bouncing too. Decent view of one of Ellen’s breasts as this is going on as well. This scene is decently lit and shot from the waist up.

Second scene:

About 10 minutes after their first sex scene, the pair return to Ellen’s character’s home and start going at it again. Hard cut to the two in bed, both topless, taking turns using their hands on one another. Full views of both their breasts, bouncing, nipple sucking. Decent lighting. It’s something else!

Third scene:

Cut to the next morning and the two are laying together naked in bed in the morning light. Brief glimpses of both their breasts as Kate tries to get up several time and they wrestle a bit. Clearest lighting of any of the scenes.

Fourth scene:

Kate and Ellen are talking over Skype. Kate’s character leaves the webcam on as she goes to to take a shower, teasing Ellen by stripping off her shirt after she leaves the frame and moves back into it. Nothing to see, but Kate is topless.

Fifth scene:

About an hour and a half in and back in the trailer. Ellen is topless as Kate straddles her. Kate is wearing a nice dress and uses her hand on Ellen until the latter climaxes and they both start laughing. Good lighting in this scene. Long, bouncing view of Ellen’s breasts.

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Any information on when "My Days of Mercy" might be made widely available in any form?


Thanks for the news mk! Whose nipple gets sucked?


(0:02) Jennifer Lawrence turns around in her white nightgown and we can kinda see her breasts through the fabric.
(0:18) Left pokey on Jennifer Lawrence as she is making breakfast.
(0:37) Michelle Pfeiffer being screwed by Ed Harris on the couch. She is in his lap and we see thighs and stockings with her dress pulled up.
(0:39) Michelle Pfeiffer opens the door in her bra.
(1:00) Jennifer Lawrence looks down at her top and looks like her nipples can be seen through the fabric. It’s her POV.
(1:08) A tad of cleavage on Jennifer Lawrence lying in bed after sex the next morning.
(1:09) (MALE) Javier Bardem buns as he jumps out of bed naked.
(1:16) Jennifer Lawrence in shower. Just see pregnant belly and partial shoulders.
(1:29) Nice cleavage on Jennifer Lawrence after she falls. Lots of cleavage during the course of this sequence.
(1:31) (MALE) NAKED GUY sitting on the edge of the tub. Might see his buns.
(1:37) Jennifer Lawrence sitting on the floor with her legs spread trying to deliver her baby.
(1:42) Close cleavage on Jennifer Lawrence holding the baby.
(1:45) Jennifer Lawrence takes down both straps of her dress showing great cleavage as she prepares to feed the baby who sucks on her right breast. Can’t see nipple though.
(1:48) As Jennifer Lawrence is knocked to the floor, everyone begins trying to grab her leading them to pull down her shirt giving us multiple looks at her breasts.


Any update on jennifer lawrence's nude scene in Red sparrow or mother?


She shows her boobs in mother! according to MrSkin. So there you go. 😉


Anything in Outlander season 3 episode 1?


nothing.....hope we get something in future episodes...


Does anyone know if Kaitlyn Dever gets naked in Outside In?


hope she'll show something...


Well...that escalated quickly


Is there a nude review of the movie "Mektoub, My Love" somewhere? I read there is a lot of sex.


Chloë Moretz in I love you, Daddy? I know there's some bikini scenes, something more?
Eve Hewson in Papillon?


It's not Louis CK's style. So incredibly unlikely.


Alexander Daddario's sex scene is really hot, but I'm surprised at how bundled up she is through the whole thing.

I've read interviews with her talking about how cool she is with nudity. I know the movie is supposedly a pile of shit, but she probably didn't know that while making it. A Wiilliam H. Macy directed edgy, raunchy female comedy. I'm surprised she just didn't go for it.


We have to wait for We Have Always Lived in the Castle and/or Nomis for a possible new Daddario nude scene. She's not the type who would get naked for a comedy.