Newness Nudity Review

Laia Costa meets her new boyfriend through a Tinder-style app in Newness and proceeds to get naked a lot.

00 mins – Very quick flash of an uncredited topless woman.
17 mins – Laia shows her tits & ass during sex.
19 mins – Laia shows her right breast briefly in the shower.
21 mins – Laia is naked again while having sex.
25 mins – Laia’s boyfriend has his hand down her panties and is rubbing.
59 mins – Laia watches an uncredited topless stripper give her boyfriend a lap dance.
60 mins – Laia’s nipples can be seen above her bra as she is having oral sex performed on her.
61 mins – Laia makes out with an uncredited actress during a threesome.
70 mins – Laia is topless while changing.
83 mins – Laia shows her ass during a sex scene.

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Where did you get this? If there is a copy of this out why isnt it available anywhere?? This is maddening.


Ive got a screener.


Will you share a little more with us? Something a little more topless? Please! 🙂


The screener I have doesn't include any of the nude scenes.


based on this shot and the earlier leaked shots, it seems like they may have covered the nudity


Damn, is that a bad sign, or is it common practice with screeners? Thanks anyway...


No Fifty Shades news?


Sexual Content:
- Frequent and sometimes detailed portrayals of sexual activity, with breast and buttock nudity.
- Some sexual portrayals in the context of BDSM (bondage and discipline / dominance and submission / sadism & masochism).
- Breast and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context.


Trailer for "When The Street Lights Go On".

I think that in the original script the couple in the car (Peltz is the girl) are made to strip by the gunman. Guess that's why Rec said a nude scene was a long shot.


So... there will not a nude scene in the final script?


Yes, they strip until they "are wearing nothing but their underwear", or something like that.


Did the little hours get a distribution deal out of Sundance? Any idea when it'll come to theaters, or Vod or something


Bought by a company called Gunpowder & Sky. Apparently a digital-first distributor so should be on VOD at some point.


Any news about movie "thumper" with eliza taylor and lena headey? Release date or anything...


I wonder if Reese's full frontal scene from Wild (2014) will ever be released?


I'm also sitting here waiting for the deleted nude scenes from Allison Mack in Marilyn (2011). We got a bit of side boob but that was about it, even though the screening reports suggested a couple more scenes with clearer nudity. Of course you can't even buy the movie anymore so it's unlikely unless the director uploads it somewhere lol


Was it confirmed that she really did go full frontal and it was cut, or was that just a rumor?


I heard about it from one than one person during test screenings.


Anything on the movie, The Archer, with Bailey Noble and Jeanne Mason?


The Path is really just pissing me off


Elizabeth Debicki may get nude on Breath(2017).Her character has a lot of sex scenes in the book on which the movie is based on.


Alice Eve has a few movies in post production/completed that could have nudity potential. Seeing as we'll never see her cut sex scenes/full frontal nudity from the 20 mins lost from Crossing Over, I'm hoping one of these newer movies deliver. Any info, Recapped?


She had a full frontal scene in Crossing Over? I didn't hear about this.


Yep. According to the director she did full frontal nudity, had a sex scene with Jim Sturgess (her bf in the movie) and the sex/nudity scenes between her and Ray Liotta were longer/more explicit. All of this content was lost when Weinstein had 20 mins cut out of it. Apparently the test screen audience complained about the amount of nudity.


Wow, I had no idea. I would love to see those deleted scenes.