November 1, 2018 Rumors

Earlier this week we reported that Lily Collins was rumored to be cast in Spinning Out. Well apparently Lily is no longer attached and they are recasting again. Maybe third time’s the charm.

And a couple of weeks ago we mentioned that whoever they cast as Madam Putin in The Great may have some nude scenes. Well they have now cast Charity Wakefield in the role. Phoebe Fox is the other female lead alongside Charity and Elle Fanning.

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Has HBO revealed if there's nudity in any future episodes of Camping?


According to HBO tv-ma no nudity in episodes from 4 to 8.


I remember people asking about Haley Pullos next movie "No Good Deed" as expected it's a Lifetime film and been renamed Sorority Stalker and airs next Saturday.


RIP to the Masala Desi forums. With Ruffah moving all his content behind a paywall a month ago, it's getting harder for us perves to find everything we want for free as easily any more... 🙁

6 seems to be promising and its very similiar to xossip.....but cant find anything as good as md....



I was mildly bummed that we never got to see anything from Agent Deborah/"Danielle" on The Sopranos. No longer!


Yeah Christofer gave his best shot for a threesome with her and Adrianna but i guess it was too much for Adri...


WOW! That's a welcome surprise from Lola. She kept them hidden for a long time.


So I was watching Look Away and thought the receptionist looked hot so I decided to look her up. It's Kristen Harris who IMDB says has a nude scene in Passionflower. I can't find the scene posted anywhere but the movie is on Amazon and is free on Amazon Prime which I currently do not have. Was wondering if someone could help me out with this please.


Thank you 🙂


I skimmed this and all I saw was an out of focus breast in a mirror for a split second.


Do you have any info on the TV spinoff of American Satan, Paradise City? Know the movie had nudity and hoping the Showtime series will too especially since former WWE diva Natalie Eva Marie posted that she was part of the cast.


Tali Shalom-Ezer's #MyDaysofMercy has been picked up for distribution in Germany by Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH, with no release date being given as of this moment. ???????


One small step for man...


Melissa Saint-Amand, I believe it was her, brief breasts in 'Haunting on Fraternity Row'


This thread seems to be a bit boring these days. So to make things interesting I’ll post this question. If you you replace Halle Berry in her epic topless scene in Swordfish who would it be? My vote is for Jennifer Aniston.


Natalie Portman. No one even come close.


In case you don't know, there was nude pics of natalie portman taken by a paparazzi many years ago :


What a glorious day this was. Shortly after she turned 18, too. This was the 2000 equivalent of Emma Watson having crystal clear topless beach shots hit the Internet, at the height of her Potter fame.


If Barney is in the minority for not getting the Halle Berry love, I'm in the minority with Natalie Portman. I don't get it. At all. In any way. If my life depended on explaining why other people find her attractive......I'd be a dead man.


I'm probably in a minority of one, but I've never found Halle remotely sexy. I just find her really bland and a bit cold.


This came out around prime Jennifer Love Hewitt. That would have been glorious.


The role was originally offered to Jewel Kilcher, who turned down the role because she didn't want her tits out in a movie. She talked about it in an interview with Howard Stern.


Mid 90's Winona Ryder


Jennifer Love Hewitt. One of those “I can’t believe we missed out on that one”.


If there was a hall of fame for making and maintaining a career off of once having great tits, never showing them and having zero acting ability...JLH would be the president and dictator for life of that particular hall of fame.


As we know, its all in the eye of the beholder.
A mate of mine thinks Scarlette Johansson looks like a bag of spanners.
Florence Pugh won't be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated anytime soon, but for me she has bags of sex appeal.


Going way back to the likes of Jane Mansfield, there's always been a place for such 'actors' in Hollywood.


Jayne didn’t have any problem showing them off though. You might want to google those


Florence Pugh is topless in Outlaw King:"Anyone skipping through the movie might even struggle to pinpoint the exact moment – unlike an earlier sex scene where Pine's co-star is topless.

During this sequence, the camera lingers more on Pugh than it ever does later on Pine's orb and sceptre. "Either people think they can't comment or everyone expects women to get naked. Either way, it's double standards," Pine noted of the lack of reaction to Pugh's nudity, and it's hard to argue with that."


Hey throwaway654321, did you figure out if you're going to see My Days of Mercy on Sunday?


I hope he does. We have been waiting for so long.


Any chance the nudity in the next episode of Ray Donovan is Lola Glaudini?


Possibly. Ray supposedly finds a sextape of Lola Glaudini on a phone, watches it, and then deletes it.


It's his current fix and hoping we get to see some of it, thank you 🙂


Anything in 'A Private War'? Limited opening today and certified for brief nudity


Medici - The Magnificent ep 3/4 nude scene are out. I noticed that they have boobs and butt from body double, but nudity from Mastronardi is always covered and also I think (can someone confirm that? Thanks) they erased Synnove Karlsen's tits (that scene is so unrealistic). But these two actresses made nude scenes in the past. So, what was happened in your opinion?


Anything from Ivana Baquero in ‘High Seas’ (Alta mar) on Netflix?


Just read a brief synopsis and the show containes intrigue, lies and LOVE. They're only just starting production and it will air next year I'd happily lose a nut to see a hot T&A scene from the smoking Ivana.


Any update on Anne Hathaway in Serenity. New trailer out this week.


Any news regarding nudity in "The Last Kingdom" season 3 due on Netflix on Nov 19th? Particularly the role of Skade who is played by Thea Sofie Loch Næss.


Just to further emphasize on my curiosity. In the books there are several rather important scenes where she is naked, and she's my favorite thing in Norway right now. So, yeah.


Does anybody know if there are more pics fron Jewel in the tube? Or any other celebs?


The "Spinning Out" role must require nudity. It would explain why everyone keeps dropping out.


They would know what the role required before trying out.


Some try to negotiate their way out of it.


Hoping for AnnaSophia Robb to be cast in Spinning Out...that ass in skating outfits would be glorious.


Anybody know anything about the Brazilian film Intimidade Entre Estranhos(Intimacy of Strangers) with Rafaela Mandelli? Premieres in December I believe but is already playing at festivals.


Just googled Charity Wakefield and all I can say is jawsus...


she's f hot 😀


I know this is probably a long shot knowing her non-nude track record except for a nip slip in "Pretty Woman," but does anybody know if there may be any nudity in Amazon's series "Homecoming" for Julia Roberts? I know it has a rating of TV-14. I figured I would ask for the hell of it, but I feel Roberts may NEVER shed her clothes even for her craft. 🙁


It's actually TV MA, they did the samething with Jack Ryan.


Its out on Amazon now. Skimmed it and didn't see anything