November 11, 2018 Rumors

We’ve been asked a couple of times about the upcoming television show P-Town on Starz. It seems like the show may have been renamed to Hightown recently and it only has a pilot order. The character Monica Raymund is playing has a shower scene in the script for the first episode. One of the other leads they’re casting is an exotic dancer that does extra stuff on the side and that role requires nudity.

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How do people find the TV ratings (like TVMA) for episodes weeks in advance of their airing? I’m looking specifically at Outlander


Outlander is from Starz, and they don't show tvma. Only HBO and Showtime do that.


I'm not sure Starz or HBO but Showtime has it on the bottom of that episode's page on their site.


Do we know anything about season 2 of SMILF? I know Claudia O'Doherty supposed to have a recurring role plus still have hopes for Samara Weaving and Connie Britton.


Dude, I love Claudia. She cute as a button and hilarious.


Vanessa Bayer of SNL will be producing and starring in her own Showtime series. There's been a pretty good run of nudity on their more comedic shows lately (Kidding, SMILF, I'm Dying Up Here) so here's hoping we get something.


Not sure why, but Vanessa does it for me.


Me too. I've had a crush on her since she first showed up on SNL in 2010. Hope she joins Jenny Slate and Kristin Wiig on the sadly short list of SNL ladies who get naked on camera. (The list doubles if you include the leaked nudes of Abby Elliot and Casey Wilson.)


Oh fuck yes. That’s basically a blank check for nudity “Your own tv series on premium cable/streaming - but it’s like a drama too, but not unfunny”. We getting tiddy.


Hey guys!
There was a short film released in 2017 called ‘Yes God Yes’ starring Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things) and it was about female masturbation. So now they are adapting it into a feature film and along with Natalia they also casted Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why).
So does anyone has any idea if it will have nudity.
And if anyone is following this project, any recent update will be appreciated!


Saw it on either Vimeo or Indieflix a while back. Can't remember which. No nudity.


He's asking if the feature version will have nudity, not the short.


It looks like Signature Entertainment picked up My Days of Mercy for January 21 VOD release.


Excellent. *insert Mr. Burns here*


That's the best goddamn news I've had from this site in a long time.


I hope, if that’s just a UK VOD release, it gets uploaded a lot faster than some other recent stuff like Katie Says Goodbye.


That's still a dam long wait. But if we get HD without having to settle for cam rips, then he'll yeah. Set the timers and save the date.


Good, good... On December 18 we'll get All About Nina and a month after, the same with My Days of Mercy. Very close to each other.
By the way, all good things come in threes. What will be the last one...? Fingers crossed for Lost Girls and Love Hotels (I Am Not a Bird).


Great fucking news! Also it says "This work was passed uncut." 🙂


Do you maybe know if Sabina Gadecki will be naked in new season of Narcos?


Maybe my Interneting skills are way off today, but I couldn't find any evidence of this. Would be nice, though. She's hot, but sort of disappeared after Entourage.


Is she even in the new season?


Yes. She said that coupe times on her insta story, but it sounded like 1-2 eps gig.


This might be a huge strech, but ... L.A.'s Finest with Jessica Alba? Any potential?


If an actress doesn't want to do nude scenes that's certainly her prerogative. But Jessica Alba is such a prude it's actually a turn off.


Why do you say she's a prude?
She's clearly been happy enough to show off her body bikinis and let them focus on her ass, wear skimpy outfits etc and bared her ass in Killer Inside.
Apparently, her parents and grandparents were pretty religious and Jessica said she didn't want to go too far in scenes incase it offended them.
She's also got young children, so I can fully understand and respect her readons for never going fully nude
BTW. I've just had a quick look at the Killer Inside scene for the first time since I got a blu ray and 4 K TV. I'm now 99% certain its Jessica. The big lips, even from the side, and along with the rest of what i listed seal it for me.


There's more chance of finding Elvis and Michael Jackson alive and well running a nightclub on Mars.

She's showed her bare ass and that was surprising enough and also done some cracking bikini scenes in movies. So, though I'd liked to have seen more I'm happy enough with her movie stuff. And then there's Dark Angel. She really was uber hot in that!


"There's more chance of finding Elvis and Michael Jackson alive and well running a nightclub on Mars."

So you're telling me there's a chance?


When did she show her bare ass? Not that shower scene in machete where they edited out her underwear?


I think he means in the Killer Inside Me. That could've been a body double too though.


Yes, pn a quick look the way it was cut made it look like it might be a body double, but iv'e slowed the scene down to frame by frame and I'm almost certain it's Jessica. She has quite a distinctive shape to her nose and everything,- nose, face shape, skin tone, hair, arms, ass shape and size and even they way she was moving you can see is identicle and close up. Every single body double I've ever seem has been blatantly obvious as well.


The Killer Inside Me


Don't forget The Sleeping Dictionary


that was a body double unfortunately


What about Now Apocalypse from Starz? Any script details as well?


Is there something interesting in first episode of sally4ever?


Catherine Shepherd and Julia Davis have a sex scene. But the T&A is from body doubles.


Just a few quick flash of tits and ass from body doubles.


Any more info on 'All About Nina' with Mary Elizabeth Winstead?


A gif was put in the comments section a while ago.


I still want those sex scenes.


Very insightful.


Any clips of Gemma Arterton in Vita and Virginia?


It's not released until 2019.


I'm sure someone owns a time machine